Zosi DVR keeps rebooting

If your Zosi DVR keeps rebooting itself every day, you need to check some basic things that I describe in this article. This is a common question among users because a DVR or NVR can have a lot of different issues and reboot with no apparent reason is one of them.Let’s see how to solve this …

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Zosi email setup (step-by-step)

The Zosi email setup is very important to receive alerts from the recorder.In this article, I show how to configure the email alerts for the Zosi DVR or NVR.The picture shows an email sent by the NVR to alert that motion was detected in the camera 01. This setup is very common in security devices.Zosi …

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How to run Zosi View App on PC

Let’s learn how to how to run Zosi View App on PC.The simple way to accomplish that is by running the app on an emulatorThe picture below shows the Zosi DVR that sends video to a laptop using an emulator as the intermediary software. This implementation is very simple.You can use the software on your …

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