Zosi SD card info

SD card not detected on Zosi camera (Solved)

If your Zosi camera does not recognize the micro SD card and you get the message “SD Not Detected” this article will help you find the solution.When the micro SD card is not detected you can see the storage Free Capacity and Total capacity listed as “0.00G” as shown in the picture below.Different things can […]

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Zosi Wireless Kit connected and displaying all the cameras

Zosi wireless camera setup

In this article, I show the Zosi wireless camera setup.The process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.If you purchased a Zosi security wireless camera kit but don’t how to configure it, please follow the steps in this article to get the job done. The Zosi wireless camera kitLet’s start by taking a look […]

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Zosi DVR connected to the Internet

Zosi cannot connect to network (solved)

I’ve seen people saying that the Zozi cannot connect to the network and in this article, I explain what can be done to solve the problem. Please keep reading.It could be a Zosi DVR, NVR, or IP camera. The basic principle is the same; each of them needs to connect to a router and the […]

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Connect success message

Add Zosi IP camera to the NVR using the matching code

This article shows how to add a Zosi IP camera to the NVR using matching code.If you can’t see the image from your camera and want to add it to the NVR, this method can help you; It’s pretty quick and straightforward.When the message “no video” shows up on the NVR, you can fix it […]

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Zosi IPC Channel Config Finds Cameras

How to add an IP camera to a Zosi NVR (via IPC Channel)

This article explains how to add an IP camera to a Zosi NVR.The picture below shows 4 IP cameras connected to the NVR.The process is straightforward; you can use the IPC Channel menu to do that.You can have your IP cameras up and running in less than 5 minutes.Connect the cables to the NVRTo have your IP […]

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Zosi View PC Client Remote Playback on PC

Zosi view playback on PC

In this article, I talk about Zosi view playback on PC.You can use the Zozi View PC Client software to watch recorded videos from a DVR or NVR. The process is straightforward, as described in the article.The Zosi View PC ClientHere’s the step-by-step to playback the videos on a PC.Download and install the Zozi View PC Client;Create a […]

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Zosi password error

Zosi Password Error (solved)

In this article, I explain how to solve the Zosi Smart App problem when you get a “password error” message and the “Retry password” button.This error shows up when the username or password is not typed correctly, and to fix the problem, you need to type the credentials again.How to fix the Zosi password errorDouble-check […]

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SPD Zosi DVR reset tool

SPD tool to reset Zosi DVR (free download)

If you want to download the SPD tool to reset Zosi DVR and NVR but can’t find it on the Android store, here I have a quick solution. Just keep reading.If you are not familiar with this topic, let me give you a quick intro to the app.The SPD is the app I use to reset […]

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Zosi DVR out of range issue

Zosi DVR out of range error (solved)

The message “out of range” is displayed on the screen when the monitor or TV does not support the video resolution of your Zosi DVR or NVR. To fix this issue is necessary to change the video output configuration.Every device that connects to a monitor may have the correct setting to avoid video output errors […]

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How to upgrade Zosi NVR

How to upgrade the Zosi NVR firmware

If you need to upgrade the Zosi NVR firmware, this article can help you.The upgrade process is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes.In this example, I show the Zosi firmware update for the following models:NVR_K8204-W, NVR_K9608-W, NVR_K9508-W, NVR_K9504-W.The Zosi firmware update upgrade processTo upgrade the Zosi NVR, you just need to find out […]

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