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Video cameras at workplaces – the advantages they bring and possible cons to avoid 
Safety and security are critical for our time, which is understandable. Daily lives involve lots of risks, and security measures[...]

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What does it take to be a qualified CCTV professional?

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The best professionals are those who fall in love with their profession, and in the CCTV industry is no different especially because it is necessary to keep constantly updated about the new technologies that are available in the market.  

A professional can learn CCTV enough to focus only on the installation of small systems with computer-based video capture cards or he/she can be a specialist that works with large and robust security systems.

You can become a CCTV specialist...

For those who want to Learn CCTV and become a high-level professional, it is necessary a constant dedication to learning the different CCTV technologies. The digital systems are surpassing the conventional analog architecture.

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