Hikvision Password Change

A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Hikvision Password

Introduction: In today’s interconnected world, ensuring the security of your devices is paramount. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the password strength of surveillance cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR), and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). In this blog post, we’ll explore a comprehensive guide based on a YouTube tutorial on how to change your Hikvision password securely.

Step 1: Accessing Configuration Settings

The first step in changing your Hikvision password is accessing the configuration settings. Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the configuration panel of your camera, NVR, or DVR. This is usually done by entering the device’s IP address into the browser.

Step 2: Locating User Management

Once in the configuration settings, find the ‘User Management’ section. This is where you’ll manage the users associated with your device. In the tutorial, the presenter demonstrates the process using a default ‘admin’ user, but you might have additional users depending on your setup.

Step 3: Selecting the User and Modifying Password

Identify the user for which you want to change the password. Click on the user, and a ‘Modify’ option should be available. In the presented example, the default ‘admin’ user is selected. Clicking ‘Modify’ takes you to a screen where you’ll be prompted to input the old password and the new one you desire.

Step 4: Password Complexity Requirements

Hikvision enforces password complexity for security reasons. The new password must be between 8 to 16 characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. The presenter emphasizes the importance of making the password complex to prevent unauthorized access.

Step 5: Confirming Changes and User Permissions

After entering the old and new passwords, confirm the changes. Additionally, you can choose specific permissions for the user, determining what areas of the device they have access to. This adds an extra layer of security and control.

Step 6: Finalizing the Process

Once you’ve confirmed the changes and set the desired user permissions, the process is complete. Your Hikvision camera, NVR, or DVR is now secured with a new, strong password.

Video: How to change Hikvision password


Securing your surveillance devices is an essential step in safeguarding your privacy and data. This step-by-step guide simplifies the process of changing your Hikvision password, ensuring that you adhere to the recommended security practices. Remember, a secure password is a key element in maintaining the integrity of your surveillance system.