Hikvision IP camera on Amazon Echo Show

How to view Hikvision camera on Echo Show (Step-by-step set up)

In this article, I show how to view Hikvision camera on Echo Show devices.By the end of this article, you can have your Hikvision camera working with an Echo Show device or with the Fire Stick TV, as shown below.Hikvision camera on Echo ShowI’ve tested this procedure with a Hikvision Mini PTZ DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 and an Echo Show 5, and it […]

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Hikvision Mini PTZ camera

Hikvision Mini PTZ review – 4MP IP camera (DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3)

This is article is a Hikvision Mini PTZ review.I have a DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 Hikvision camera that I’ve been testing for some time and now you can have all the information about this product in this review. Hikvision Mini PTZ (4MP)When I saw this product on the Amazon store, I couldn’t believe the tag price, and that’s I […]

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Hikvision the device is locked

Hikvision device is locked (solved)

In this article, I talk about the “the device is locked” message you may see while attempting to access your Hikvision IP camera or recorder (DVR/NVR) from a web browser or smartphone app. I have the solution to this problem; keep reading.You can fix this problem in less than 5 minutes.Why the message “the device […]

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Hikvision Live View Failed

Hikvision live view failed (solved)

If you got the message “live view failed” when trying to use the Google Chrome browser with your Hikvision camera, I have the solution for you.You can have this problem with the Hikvision live view not working due to non-original Hikvision cameras (OEM) or issues with plugins and browsers.There are different scenarios this problem shows […]

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Hikvision virtual keyboard

Hikvision DVR keyboard – how to change from lowercase to uppercase

If you want to change the Hikvision DVR keyboard from lowercase to uppercase, this article can help you. Just keep reading.The Hikvision DVR and NVR have a virtual on-screen keyboard, and sometimes you need to change the case it’s using to type capital letters.By default, the keyboard is in lowercase mode, but you can use […]

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Hikvision-notification via gmail - Advanced settings

Email notification on Hikvision DVR (how to set up)

I this article, I show you how to setup email notification on a Hikvision DVR.The process also works with Hikvision NVRs and IP cameras.Notifications are very useful to alert people when motion occurs, so the email notification is triggered when someone or something passes in front of the camera.You can use your corporate email or […]

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Hikvision DVR System Configuration

Hikvision error code 800 (solved)

The Hikvision error code 800 usually occurs when the iVMS-4200 software can’t handle the IP cameras’ data traffic.When using the software for live camera view or playback a message shows up as “Playback failed. Error code: HCNetSDK.dll[800]”.You can fix the error by adjusting the bandwidth to make sure the iVMS-4200 can deal with the traffic coming from […]

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Hikvision communication to the server failed solved

Hikvision communication to server failed (solved)

If you are trying to set up your Hikvision device and the message “Communication to Server Failed” shows up, probably the DNS configuration is not correct on the device and you need to fix it.Every device that connects to a network and communicates to the Internet needs to have some parameters correctly configured and a […]

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How to Enable DHCP on Hikvision DVR

How to enable DHCP on Hikvision DVR

Every device that connects to a network needs to have an IP address and surveillance devices are not different, so in this article, I show how to enable DHCP on Hikvision DVRs to get an IP address automatically.Don’t forget that it is important to have your local router ready to work with the DHCP service, […]

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Hikvision nomore cameras allowed message

Hikvision – No more IP camera allowed error (solved)

If your Hikvision NVR shows the message “No more IP camera allowed” probably is because the IP cameras are connected to a PoE switch and not directly to the unit. If that’s your case, keep reading to see the solution to the problem.If the NVR mistakenly identifies that more devices are connected to is, a […]

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