Hik connect Offline on Mobile Phone

Troubleshooting Hik Connect Offline Issue on Mobile Phones

A common problem faced by users of Hik Connect – the offline status on mobile phones. This issue can be frustrating, especially when the camera seems to be working fine locally but fails to connect to the Hik Connect service. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the detailed steps provided in the video to understand and resolve the problem.

Understanding the Issue:

The Hik Connect app on the mobile phone displays an offline status, despite the camera functioning correctly when accessed via a web browser on a computer. The presenter emphasizes the importance of the camera having access to the internet for Hik Connect to work seamlessly.

Identifying the Cause:

To diagnose the issue, the presenter walks through the network setup, pointing out that the camera is connected to a switch, which, in turn, is linked to a computer, a Hikvision NVR, and a router providing internet access. The critical revelation is that the camera lacks the default gateway information, preventing it from connecting to the internet.

Solution Steps:

  1. Accessing Camera Settings: Access the camera settings via a web browser.
  2. Network Configuration: In the network settings, the presenter highlights the DHCP option and its role in obtaining an IP address from the router. The missing default gateway is identified as the culprit behind the offline status.
  3. Setting Default Gateway: Manually entering the correct default gateway (router’s IP address) resolves the issue. The presenter demonstrates this step and emphasizes the importance of ensuring the camera has proper internet access configuration.
  4. DNS Configuration: The presenter recommends configuring DNS settings, providing commonly used DNS server addresses ( and This ensures proper communication with the internet.
  5. Verifying Changes: A crucial step involves testing the configuration to ensure no IP conflicts and saving the changes. The camera then reboots to apply the new settings.
  6. Hik Connect Configuration: The video touches on the importance of configuring the camera for Hik Connect. This includes selecting Hik Connect in the platform access settings, entering the correct server IP, ensuring an online status, and verifying the verification code.

Video: Hik connect Offline on Mobile Phone


The video successfully guides users through troubleshooting the Hik Connect offline issue on mobile phones. By addressing network configuration settings, the presenter enables users to enjoy seamless connectivity and live streaming through the Hik Connect app. Following the steps outlined in the video ensures a comprehensive resolution to the problem.