Solioum S600 camera

5 Advantages of Commercial Security Systems

You’ve put a lot in your business, and you’ve developed its assets and notoriety to be all that it tends to be. It’s a sensible subsequent stage to consider executing or updating a commercial security framework to safeguard your organization and its resources. Obviously, you need to ensure your profit from speculation is worth the […]

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Amcrest PTZ Auto Focus OK

Amcrest PTZ Auto Focus Hunting [Solved]

This article explains how to fix the Amcrest PTZ autofocus hunting.If you are here, chances are you are trying to use the camera’s zoom, but the autofocus doesn’t work correctly when zooming too much into the target.Don’t worry. This is not a problem with the camera but just an adjustment.The Amcrest PTZ autofocus issue [not […]

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Amcrest camera on AngelCam

How to Add Amcrest camera to Angelcam (via port forwarding)

In this article, I explain how to add an Amcrest camera to Angelcam.I tested the setup with an Amcrest 4MP PTZ camera model IP4M-1063EW-AI and it worked as expected. The process is simple and takes about 5 minutes.Follow these steps to add your camera to the Angelcam platform:Check if your camera works in the local […]

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Amcrest camera added to ACS

How to Add Amcrest Cameras to Axis Camera Station (using ONVIF)

This article explains how to add Amcrest cameras to the Axis Camera Station.The integration is done via the ONVIF protocol available in the Amcrest camera.I’ve tested the Amcrest IP4M-1063EW-AI and the camera was succesfully added.Add Amcrest cameras to Axis Camera StationBe aware that ACS is the short name for the Axis Camera Station software.To make our […]

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Amcrest 4MP PTZ camera detail

Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ Review (IP4M-1063EW-AI)

This is a review of the Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ PoE+ camera.The camera model is IP4M-1063EW-AI. It’s available on the Amazon store.Amcrest sent me a camera sample. I’ve been testing it for some time to share the results and my opinion about this product. So, please keep reading…  Best Price for the Amcrest IP4M-1063EW-AI ==> This […]

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How to record Axis cameras stream

In this article, I explain how to record Axis cameras stream.There are different ways to accomplish this task and I will go over some of them.Let’s get started…How to record video stream from Axis camerasIf you have an Axis camera you just need a storage system to keep the recordings.Since the video signal is digital, […]

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Type of security camera

Type of security or CCTV camera for home

What kind of CCTV camera to choose for your home? With the rise in the number of crimes and theft acts in today’s world, security is vital and cannot be compromised at any cost. Video surveillance has become extremely necessary for people running business or even for their home. Security cameras or CCTV cameras will assist and make you […]

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Guide to the Best Security Camera for Your RV or Camper

Guide to the Best Security Camera for Your RV or Camper Camping can be a relaxing experience. It’s an opportunity to unwind from the chaos of everyday life. This is the reason why the owners of RVs travel. They occasionally forget to take security measures. It’s not unusual for individuals to leave their vehicles or […]

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Enhace CCTV footage

How to enhance CCTV images

One of the main issues with identifying suspects on CCTV footage is that often the image quality is too low for identification. In this case, you need an AI  image upscaler to solve this problem. This post is about how to use the Istanto AI image enhancer to enhance the photo quality of CCTV footage.How […]

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mobile security cameras

9 Smart Home Security Tips in 2022

Source: Pixabay The convenience and benefits offered by smart home devices are unrivaled. You can save on water and energy using smart devices like smart faucets and light bulbs.  Not to forget the cost gains due to increased efficiency. But, your smart heaven can turn into hell if hackers gain access. Recent research found that […]

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