IP camera working in the Contacam Software

Contacam Review [Free IP camera software]

In this article, I review the Contacam Free IP camera software.The software is a good fit for people on a budget and who don’t want to expend money with Blue Iris but still use something simpler than Luxriot Evo.Yeah, the Contacam software is Free, but there are some cons (more on that later).Let’s dive into the details…Contacam works with webcams and IP […]

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Loocam camera

Loocam 1080p Wire-Free camera review

This article is about the Loocam 1080p Wire-Free camera review. It’s a smart camera that uses an internal rechargeable battery and does not depend on an external power supply connected all the time.You can have the camera streaming  directly to your mobile phone App.The picture below shows the Loocam camera I received for (not sponsored) review.Loocam 1080p […]

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Wyze cam network encryption type not supported

Wyze Cam Network Encryption Type Not Supported (solved)

In this article, I explain how to fix the “Network Encryption type not supported” error that shows up in the Wyze Cam when trying to connect to a network.Don’t worry; I will explain what the problem is and how to fix it.What causes the “Network Encryption type not supported” error message in the Wyze Cam?This […]

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Internet Explorer browser

Microsoft is retiring IE – what does that mean for CCTV

Most installers will be aware that commercial-grade IP CCTV systems require a plugin for full functionality via a web browser. Currently, the only one that supports this is Internet Explorer (IE). Whether you’re using Uniview, Hikvision, Dahua or a different manufacturer, this is going to affect your cameras.Whilst, this is indicative of the commercial CCTV manufacturing sector being […]

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How to Recover Deleted Files and Photos from SD Card for Free

This post teaches you how to recover deleted files, photos, videos, etc. from an SD card or camera memory card in a free and easy way.Where do deleted SD card files go?How to recover deleted photos from camera SD card?Photos disappeared from camera SD card?SD card or memory card helps you store photos, videos, and […]

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Security Camera Shows a Pink Image

Security Camera Shows a Pink Image (How To Fix)

Security cameras are not always perfect. They can break and malfunction at different points. However, if your security camera shows a pink image, you can find out how to fix it in this article.It is a common problem for security cameras to turn the whole image pink. This issue, in particular, turns the footage to […]

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Hikvision camera login menu

How To Change The Language of Hikvision Cameras

In this article, I explain how to change the language of Hikvision cameras.The procedure is very simple and takes less than 1 minute.Change the language on Hikvision camerasMost of the IP cameras have a menu that allows you to change the language. It’s usually located on the system menu or something similar.Language menu on IP […]

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PTZ camera

PTZ camera moves on its own (quick fix)

Does your PTZ camera moves on its own and drives you crazy?Yeah, that happened to me as well.I have a Hikvision Mini PTZ camera that suddenly started moving by itself, and I got scared at first, but later I realized what the problem was and how to fix it.Let’s take a look at the problem […]

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Hikvision Mini PTZ camera 4MP DS 2DE2A404IW-DE3

How to flip the image of a Hikvision PTZ camera (Mirror and Flip)

In this article I show how to flip the image of a Hikvision PTZ camera.Depending on the type of installation (indoors or outdoors), you may want to flip and mirror your camera’s image, and there’s a menu for that.I’ve tested this feature with my Hikvision Mini PTZ camera and it works.Hikvision Mini PTZ cameraLet’s take […]

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Why Using a VPN is the Most Secure Method of Accessing Your CCTV System on the Internet

Security cameras are becoming more mainstream in households than ever before.As before, they used to be utilized by corporations and offices only; the easy installment in surveillance technology has made it easier for homeowners to add these to charge their home security. What’s better is that you can easily view live footage from these cameras […]

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