Wyze Cam Error code 20

Wyze Cam error code 20 (solved)

You are using your Wyze app to watch your cameras, and all sudden, you get the message “Connection failed (error code :20)”. Let’s see how to fix this problem.The error randomly shows up in any Wyze Cam.How to fix the Wyze Cam Error code 20You need to check a few things to fix the problem; […]

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Hik-connect status offline solved

Hikvision Offline (0Xe0000105) error (solved)

Let’s see how to solve the Hikvision error Offline (Xe0000105) problem.The (Xe0000105) error shows up when the P2P platform (Hik-connect) is being used and you can quickly fix it by adjusting your network parameters.You may also see this error as Offline (0Xe0000104) or Offline (0Xe0000108).Let’s take a look at how to solve these connection issues.What causes […]

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Smart phone as a security camera

Turn Your Old Phone Into A Home Security Camera For Free

If you open your gadgets drawer you might find your old smartphones which you think are of no use in 2021. If your old phone is just a couple of generations old it doesn’t mean that it cannot be put to good use.Even the most-outdated phone is still a palm-sized device that is packed with […]

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Counting money

How to avoid paying cloud storage subscription for security cameras

Let’s learn how to avoid paying cloud storage subscription for security cameras.That sounds interesting, doesn’t it?If you are using smart cameras such as Wyze Cam, Ring, Yi Home, Blink, or other models such as Reolink and Amcrest chances are you are paying for a cloud subscription because that’s the model used by most of the camera manufacturers.You usually get […]

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Hikvision playback failed

Hikvision Playback Failed (Solved)

This article explains how to fix the error “Playback Failed” or “No Record File” on Hikvision devices. A message “No Match Record Files” usually also shows up.The issue is related to the HDD or micro SD card recording.How to fix the Hikvision Playback Failed errorHere are the steps to fix the Hikvision Playback Failed errorLog […]

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Amcrest Night-Color Camera on a darkparking loot

Color night vision security camera

Let’s talk about color night vision security cameras.If you need to have a security camera in a large dark area, this article can help you.I’m not talking about using infrared lights, which prevents you from capturing color images in the dark. What I want to show you is color footage at nighttime.The picture below shows an […]

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Dark and Bright Area

Light compensation for security cameras (WDR, BLC and HLC)

In this article, I talk about Light Compensation for security cameras.The most popular technologies discussed in the articles are BLC, WDR, and HLC.You can find a clear explanation of the topic with good application examples.By the end of the article, you can watch videos where I explain more about the  BLC, HCL, and WDR features for professional security cameras.Why use light […]

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Watching-CCTV Camera

How to Remotely Access a CCTV System Over the Internet

Remote monitoring offers tons of benefits to you. It allows you to check your cameras from wherever you are, alerting you in case there’s an issue. On top of that, they also enable you to monitor your cameras from any device you want. Image from PixabaySetting up the system also means you’ll no longer have to […]

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Amcrest Spotlight for Nightcolor Vision

Amcrest Night Color 4MP HD PoE camera review (IP4M-1046EW-AI)

This article is an Amcrest 4MP HD PoE Camera Review. The model is IP4M-1046EW-AI, an outdoor camera with AI (Artificial Intelligence).I’ve been testing the Amcrest camera for over a month, and now I want to share my opinion about the product to help you decide if it’s right for you. So keep reading… The picture below shows the camera installed […]

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Soliom Camera S100 installed Outdoor

Soliom S100 – Solar Battery Powered Camera Review

This article is a Soliom S100 Camera Review. The camera is designed to work outdoors and use its solar panel to charge the internal battery to keep it working for 365 days.I’ve been testing the Soliom S100 for some time, and now I want to share my opinion about the product to help you decide if it’s […]

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