CCTV Troubleshooting

CCTV Camera Not Working: How to Fix It

CCTV camera not working is a common problem that can drive you crazy.By not working, it means it either has the no image issue, cannot view cams remotely, no videos, or it cannot play videos. Should you call a technician?Should you get somebody to fix it for you? Well, one thing is clear – you […]

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cctv security camera for surveillance

The importance of security systems

Security camera systems have gained popularity in today’s modern world, so in this article, I will talk about the importance of security systems  to protect properties and people you love. Just keep reading…With the high rate of crimes involving burglaries and break-ins, technology has found a way to keep our homes, properties, and our family […]

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EXIR camera

What is EXIR camera? (IR Technology)

The EXIR cameras are offered by Hikvision as the best solution for monitoring dark areas where is necessary to use infrared illumination. Bit if you are looking for information on such technology probably your questions is What is EXIR camera?In this article, I will explain what the EXIR camera is, and how the technology behind […]

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Amcrest HDCVI DVR Reset to Factory Default

How to reset the Amcrest HDCVI DVR password to factory default

If you lost the password and want to recover it, you are in luck. In this article, I will explain how to reset the Amcrest HDCVI DVR password to factory default.Please just make sure you are reading the correct article since there are different brands and models and this procedure applies to the high-definition model.I’m […]

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Security tips for Small Businesses Infographic

Security tips for small businesses

Security tips for small businesses are pretty valuable since most entrepreneurs can’t afford the risk of losing data, or important assets. If that’s your case, don’t look any further. In this article, I will list the most important tips you can put in practice to protect your small business. ==> By the end of this article, you […]

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Are security system worth the money

Are Security Systems Worth The Money?

Are security systems worth the money? This is a common question among people that are willing to buy a home security camera to protect themselves. Getting a home security system is just like buying a property. A parcel of land, a house, a car, it can be compared to that as it is considered as an […]

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Ring Spotlight Camera Review

Ring spotlight camera review

In this article, you will have a detailed explanation of all you need to know about the Ring Spotlight Camera. Then you can decide if it works for you.It is no secret that many of us do not understand all the fancy language camera technicians use. But you do not need all the knowledge they […]

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Regional Home Break Ins

Are Home Security Cameras Effective?

Are Home Security Cameras Effective? They are known to help prevent crimes, however, to keep your peace of mind, let’s talk about this topic.In some cases, home security cameras are even helpful in solving crimes. But still, some people have questions lurking in their minds about the effectiveness of installing those devices in their property.It […]

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Arlo pro wireless security camera

Arlo Pro review (read before buying)

In this article, you will find a detailed Arlo Pro review to help you decide if this home security camera is the right choice. Keep reading…Source: Arlo.comLet’s face that not all of us are professionals security camera installers that know how to install dozens of cameras. So let’s focus on devices with an easy setup.Most […]

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How to Reset Amcrest 960H DVR

How to reset Amcrest DVR password

In this article I explain how to reset the Amcrest DVR If you lost the password and don’t know how to login as administrator.It’s a simple process, you can execute the Amcrest 960h DVR factory reset in only a few minutes to restore the password.This reset procedure works for the Amcrest 960H DVR and takes it to […]

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