Zosi Smart App Live camera

How to access public surveillance cameras

In this article, I talk about how to access public surveillance cameras.Nowadays, there are thousands of public surveillance cameras online on the Internet. People are very interested in getting access to them due to curiosity or thinking it’s possible to sneak into somebody else’s camera.Let’s talk a little bit about those cameras available on the Internet.Live Street […]

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Young woman entering code on keypad

Vivint Home Security Review

This article is a Vivint Home Security review.Vivint is a 20 years old company that offers security system equipment and monitoring services across the U.S. and Canada. With a base of 1.4 million customers, Vivint is a serious ADT competitor.If you are interested in an inexpensive security system, Vivint is the way to go. Many […]

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Woman pressing alarm panel buttons

How adt security system works

If you are willing to install an alarm system to protect your home, you may consider some well-known security companies such as ADT, Vivint, Simplisafe, and Frontpoint.In this article, I talk about how the ADT security system works.You can visit the ADT portal to figure out what system is better for you, then just place your order and […]

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ONVIF test tool for smartphone shows camera

Do I need Internet for a security system?

In this article, I answer the question “Do I need Internet for a security system?”I know. The simple answer is NO; you don’t need an Internet connection in order to have a security system working. However, there are some details and pros and cons of having security cameras that are not connected to the Internet. […]

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woman thinking about ADT system

Will ADT work without Internet?

People who have a security system in place or are considering signing a contract to have one are always the question: “Will ADT work without Internet? “The answer is, yes, the ADT system works even when your Internet is down.But there are some limitations, keep reading to understand more…What ADT service is provided without Internet?ADT uses […]

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ADT monitoring centers map

Where is ADT monitoring located?

If you have an ADT security system installed in your home, you may wonder where ADT monitoring is located? Well, my friend, that depends on where you live.How many monitoring centers does ADT have?ADT is one of the companies with more monitoring centers in the US. In 2021 ADT has 12 monitoring centers around the […]

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Premise Pro 5500 Keypad

What ADT system do I have ? (quick identification)

Sometimes you need to talk about your alarm systems, but you find yourself asking the question, “What ADT system do I have?” Well, if that’s your case, don’t look any further because, in this article, you will learn how to identify it.Quick connect (Lynx System)You can identify the Quick Connect Keypad if there’s no flip […]

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Samsung DVR password

Samsung DVR Default Password and Reset Process

Are you looking for the Samsung DVR default password ?Well, my friend, you are in the right place. I worked as a Samsung security camera engineer and helped lots of people reset the DVR and access the device.Samsung manufactures different lines of equipment, and sometimes you can’t use a default password. Please read this article […]

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Disable UPnP in the Hikvision NVR

Hikvision error code 380070 failed to search the video (solved)

In this article, I talk about the Hikvision error code 380070 (failed to search video), which occurs due to a communication problem between the device (camera, DVR or NVR) and the Hik-connect server.You usually see this error while trying to playback the video after getting an alert in your smartphone, which is using the Hik-connect service.There’s a […]

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LTS recovery software

LTS Default Password for cameras and recorders

The LTS default password for cameras and recorders varies, you can try one of the following combinations (works only if the the password was not changed).UsernamePassword Default IP addressadmin admin you changed the camera’s password but don’t remember it anymore, the best way to recover it is by contacting the device vendor […]

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