Wyze Cam Error 0 Solved

Wyze error code 0 (solved)

The Wyze error code 0 shows up when the Wyze Cam App is having some problem connecting to the camera usually due to a slow or unstable Internet link.This problem is very common on devices running iOS such as iPhones and iPads when they are using a low bandwidth Internet link or mobile data.Users have […]

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Lorex Account is blacklisted

Lorex account is blacklisted (solved)

The Account is blacklisted error message shows up on a Lorex app because you tried to use the wrong username and password to many times.This a smart way to protect the system against unauthorized users that are trying to guess the credentials, so if you are a Lorex device such as a DVR, NVR, or […]

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Lorex Username error message

Lorex username error message (solved)

If your Lorex device shows a username error message when you are trying to login to your account, you need to check the credential you are using.How to solve the username error problemYou just need to check if the username and password you created for your account are correct. There are some potential problems related […]

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Lorex play error screen

Lorex – Play error, click to refresh (solved)

The message “Play error, click to refresh” shows up in a Lorex when you are trying to watch live video on the Lorex Home App. Let’s see how to solve this issue.This issue is usually related to a miss-communication between the Lorex Wi-Fi camera and the app on your mobile phone or tablet.How to solve […]

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senior man kissing senior woman

Best Security Camera for Seniors

According to the FBI, the rate of burglaries and other property crimes has decreased nearly every year since the 1990s. Since surveillance systems help to reduce crimes I decided to write about the best security camera for seniors.In almost ten years, the number of property crimes in American dropped by over 20% from 2008 to 2017. […]

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Wyze Cam As Baby Monitor

Wyze Cam as a baby monitor

You can use a Wyze Cam as a baby monitor to keep watching your cute child as a fraction of the price of regular cameras available in the market.For only $25 you can purchase the Wyze Cam V2 or Wyze Pan from Amazon and install it yourself in the baby’s room, it’s pretty easy.You can read the Wyze Camera review for more details, but as […]

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Hikvision communication to the server failed solved

Hikvision communication to server failed (solved)

If you are trying to set up your Hikvision device and the message “Communication to Server Failed” shows up, probably the DNS configuration is not correct on the device and you need to fix it.Every device that connects to a network and communicates to the Internet needs to have some parameters correctly configured and a […]

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Cutting camera wires

Do cameras work with cut wires?

Cameras are our superheroes, but they all have their Kryptonite. Let’s go over whether or not cameras work with cut wires.This type of action happens all the time, so be careful.What wire cutting accomplishesThe cutting of the wires can disable a CCTV camera, but that is not true for all cameras!Truth is that the cutting of […]

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man installing a security camera system

What to look for in a camera set

Cameras come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But sometimes it can be tricky to know what to buy! Let’s dive at some things to have on your checklist when you look for a camera set.Type of cameraBefore even writing the checklist, you must know what cameras are available and their functions.There are many kinds […]

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How to Enable DHCP on Hikvision DVR

How to enable DHCP on Hikvision DVR

Every device that connects to a network needs to have an IP address and surveillance devices are not different, so in this article, I show how to enable DHCP on Hikvision DVRs to get an IP address automatically.Don’t forget that it is important to have your local router ready to work with the DHCP service, […]

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