Wyze Cam working on Chromecast

Wyze Cam on Chromecast (step-by-step)

You can have your Wyze Cam on Chromecast and consequently on your TV.Some time ago this was not possible, but now it works.In this article, I explain how to show the Wyze Cam on Chromecast just by adding the camera to the Google Home mobile app. It’s pretty simple.It’s not the best solutionI noticed that […]

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Wyze Cam not responding to Alexa

Wyze camera not responding to Alexa

All of sudden you got your Wyze camera not responding to Alexa.You may be wondering why that happened since everything was working fine.Don’t worry, if your Wyze Cam isn’t responding to Alexa when you try to use devices such as Echo dot, Echo Show or Firestick I have a quick solution…Why the Wyze Camera is […]

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Is Wyze Cam Waterproof

Is Wyze Cam waterproof ? (warning)

Is Wyze Cam waterproof ?I bet this question came to your mind when you got your camera, right ?Unfortunately, the Wyze Cam is not waterproof because it was designed to work indoors and has no protection against water or dust from the outdoor environment. However, you can use a weatherproof case for your Wyze cam…That […]

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Wyze Cam to the Cloud

Wyze cam record to cloud

The Wyze cam record to cloud feature allows you to keep the data safe.I’m talking about the footage your camera captures every day and can be used as evidence if you have them safely stored.It’s really frustrating when you have a security camera installed at some important place but can’t find the footage when you […]

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Insert the Micro SD Card into the Wyze Cam

How to enable RTSP on Wyze Cam

You can enable RTSP on Wyze Cam to stream videos to other platforms.RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) is a standard protocol used on different devices to allow the control of sessions between endpoints.By using RTSP it’s possible to send video to the cloud or different recorders.In this article, I explain how to enable RTSP on Wyze Cam, […]

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How to Make the Wyze Cam Record Longer

How To Make Wyze Cam Record Longer

If you want to learn how to make Wyze Cam record longer, this article is for you.By default, the Wyze Cam records video in the cloud for only 12-seconds, which is frustrating because you don’t have all the footage you need to use evidence.To make things worst there’s a 5-minute cooldown which means the camera […]

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How to change the Wyze Cam-Wi-Fi

How to change Wyze Cam WiFi

If you want to learn how to change Wyze Cam Wifi to use it in another room or perhaps in another place, this article will help you out.The process is very simple, and you can have your Wyze Cam working with the new Wifi a matter of minutes. Here’s how to change the Wyze Cam WifiJust […]

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Wyze cam black and white mode

Why is wyze cam in black and white mode?

If your Wyze cam is in black and white mode probably there’s an easy fix.This type of camera uses infrared lights to see in the dark and when this happens, everything goes to black and white mode, so this is quite normal.If your Wyze Cam is just like the one on this picture, chances are […]

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Active baluns for CCTV

Video balun for CCTV (how it works)

You can use a video balun for CCTV to convert from one type of cable to another. This type of device is very common on video surveillance projects that use analog cameras and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). What is a balun ?A video balun is a device used to adapt the type of connection to allow […]

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How to stream security camera to Chromecast and TV

How to stream video from security camera to Chromecast

You can stream video from a security camera to Chromecast and watch the video on your TV. The process is very simple and I will show you how to do that.You can use the RTSP protocol to stream the video to any compatible device.Since various software and platforms work with such protocol you can use […]

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