Hikvision-notification via gmail - Advanced settings

Email notification on Hikvision DVR (how to set up)

I this article, I show you how to setup email notification on a Hikvision DVR.The process also works with Hikvision NVRs and IP cameras.Notifications are very useful to alert people when motion occurs, so the email notification is triggered when someone or something passes in front of the camera.You can use your corporate email or […]

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man stressed over the wrong password

Dahua DVR – Invalid username or password error (solved)

This article is for you if you have a Dahua DVR, NVR, and got an “invalid username or password” error. Here I explain what can cause such error and how to fix it.Be aware that this error also occurs with Dahua OEM products.Here’s a list of devices that this article applies to.Activecam, Advidia, Amcrest, Ameta, […]

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Hikvision DVR System Configuration

Hikvision error code 800 (solved)

The Hikvision error code 800 usually occurs when the iVMS-4200 software can’t handle the IP cameras’ data traffic.When using the software for live camera view or playback a message shows up as “Playback failed. Error code: HCNetSDK.dll[800]”.You can fix the error by adjusting the bandwidth to make sure the iVMS-4200 can deal with the traffic coming from […]

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Wyze Cam connected to the laptop via USB

Can security cameras be used as webcams ?

Recently, a lot of people started asking me the question, “Can security cameras be used as webcams?” So, I decided to write an article about the topic.Yes, it’s possible to use security cameras as webcams, and there are different ways to accomplish this task, depending on the camera model and resource available.Let’s start talking about […]

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Honeywell reset button

How to reset a Honeywell camera to factory default (IPCAM-WL)

In this article, I show you how to reset a Honeywell camera to factory default settings. This is useful if you lost the camera’s password or want to start the setup all over again from scratch. The reset process takes less than 2 minutes.This article applies to the IPCAM-WL camera and similar models.The camera reset process (step-by-step)To […]

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contractor installing a security camera system

Security Camera Installation Tips

In the advent days of CCTVs, security cameras were mostly found in banks and retail stores. Today, they are everywhere-at restaurants, gas stations, mini storages, traffic intersections, and almost every location you can think of.Developing technologies such as cloud computing and the internet have facilitated the rapid growth of security cameras by increasing their efficiency […]

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sneaky scared robber ready to steal something at night

Security Camera Night Vision: Settings for Day & Night Mode

Security cameras offer a plethora of benefits, all designed to enhance your safety and convenience. Do you know they can provide you with a live feed on your mobile phone, too? Monitoring your home inside and out offers unmatched peace-of-mind knowing you can see your kids either inside or outside while you’re away or in another part […]

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Keep your CCTV camera from fogging up

How to Stop CCTV Camera from Fogging up

When you place a camera outside, it is exposed to the weather. Which can blur your video and might cause damage. Let’s look at how you can stop your CCTV camera from fogging up.How it startsBefore jumping in and talking about how to stop a CCTV camera from fogging up, we can first understand why […]

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Reolink Argus 3 front view

Reolink Argus 3 Review (Read before buy)

This article is a Reolink Argus 3 Review that shows the camera in detail.If you are looking for more information about this device, you are in the right place. I’ve been testing the Argus 3 for some weeks, and here you can find everything you need before deciding to pull your wallet and buy it. […]

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Camera survailance

How to install security cameras on vinyl siding

Mountings for cameras allow you to have a quick and easy installation on almost every surface. But how about installing security cameras on vinyl siding?Type of cameraKeep in mind that you should invest in an outdoor camera, as they are tougher and made to take on some weather and dust. However, this does not mean […]

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