Pros and cons as to why people object to CCTV cameras

Why do people object to CCTV cameras?

When it comes to your home, it is understandable to want and demand privacy. However, now more than ever, we don’t have privacy out of our homes. But why do people object to CCTV cameras?Pros vs. ConsWell, privacy is a delicate topic to discuss. Mainly because some may think privacy extends out of their homes, […]

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Multiple uses for CCTV cameras

What type of CCTV is best for surveillance?

Whether you are looking into purchasing a camera for your residence or business, you might have to look at multiple brands to find your perfect camera. But what type of CCTV is best for surveillance?Truth be told, this question can be taken on a personal level. The best camera is the camera that fits your […]

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no cheating because of security cameras in the classrooms are not cheap

Are there security cameras in movie theaters?

Who doesn’t love a good movie and a huge screen? But could you be watched as you are watching? Are there security cameras in movie theaters?From sneaking in foods to keep from purchasing the expensive snacks to putting your feet up when the lights are off. Or even the first move when going with your […]

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Can security cameras see in the dark

Can cameras record when off?

If the power goes out, what happens to your camera? Can cameras record when off?Primarily you should understand the difference between a disabled camera and a camera that is off.This article does not apply to broken cameras with cut wires or cameras that were shut down manually or removed from their place.Today we will go […]

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man installing a security camera system

What to look for in a camera set

Cameras come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But sometimes it can be tricky to know what to buy! Let’s dive at some things to have on your checklist when you look for a camera set.Type of cameraBefore even writing the checklist, you must know what cameras are available and their functions.There are many kinds […]

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IP camera connected to Ethernet cable

What are CCTV cameras used for?

When using security cameras, you might not know what you need depending on the circumstances. In this article, we will talk about the uses of CCTV cameras.Before we get into the uses of CCTV cameras, let’s first specify what a CCTV system is. It is a closed-circuit television.Meaning it can monitor properties both inside and […]

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CP Plus Firmware DVR Download

CP Plus DVR Firmware Update Download

Here you can find the CP Plus DVR firmware available for download. Just check the lists below:CP Plus DVR InstaOn FirmwareModelLinksCP-UAR-0400M1F, CP-UAR-0800M1F, CP-UAR-0400M1, CP-UAR-0800M1, CP-UAR-0801M1-R, CP-UAR-0804M1-A , CP-UAR-0401Q1-H, CP-UAR-0801Q1-H, CP-UAR-0401Q1-C, CP-UAR-0801Q1-C, CP-UAR-0400Q1, CP-UAR-0401Q1-R, CPUAR-0801Q1-R, CP-UAR-0404Q1-A, CP-UAR-0804Q1-AB, CP-UAR-0808Q1-V2, CPUAR-0401P1-C, CP-UAR-0400P1-E, CP-UAR-0401P1-R, CP-UAR-0401P1-V2, CPUAR-0404P1-ABDownloadCP-UAR-1600M1-B, CP-UAR-1600M1, CP-UAR-1600M1F, CP-UAR-1601M1, CPUAR-1604M1-A, CP-UAR-1601Q1-C, CP-UAR-1601Q1-H, CP-UAR-1601Q1-R, CPUAR-1604Q1-AB, CP-UAR-1616Q1-V2DownloadCP-UAR-0400Q1-B, CP-UAR-0404Q2-B, CP-UAR-0404Q2D-B, CP-UAR-0404Q8D-B, CP-UAR-0400P1, CP-UAR-0401P1, […]

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Jamming cameras is illegal

Can burglars jam your wireless security system?

Burglaries happen, however, the majority of the criminals are caught. Many of which were spotted by a camera! But can burglars jam your wireless security system and get access to your property?When installing a camera into your home or business, you have two main choices. Most businesses operate using CCTV cameras. These run wires from […]

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Hidden cameras

How can you disable a CCTV camera?

Sometimes people are not comfortable with someone spying them and look for ways to disable a security camera. So, let’s talk about this topic…You certainly want to disable a CCTV camera that is pointed at your bathroom or window that strips you of your privacy, right?It’s necessary to be careful, because sometimes what you are […]

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Cameras with infrared are one of the best CCTV camera brands in India

Why are there LEDs around a CCTV camera?

Ever wonder why a CCTV camera has LED lights? What is their purpose in the recording process? And are there different types of LED lights for camera?Cameras are just as blind as us. Therefore, they need a way to illuminate their surroundings when it is dark, so cameras are like our eyes!During the day, we […]

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