enable https

How To Enable HTTPS Access on your IP Camera

IP or Internet Protocol Cameras are essential for corporations to ensure that things are running smoothly. IP cameras are used for surveillance. They receive and send video footage over an IP network. But, for them to work optimally, they need some protection. They need to have HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure encryption to maintain […]

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PTZ controller SPC 2000

How to use joystick with PTZ cameras

Let’s take a look at how to use a USB joystick with PTZ cameras.I have a generic PTZ joystick and an Axis P5624-E MKII camera, so I can show you how they work together. It’s not just theory, but the real deal 🙂Connect the Joystick to the PCTo control a PTZ camera via a USB joystick, […]

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Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe While Traveling

  (Source:Pixabay) Traveling is something that most people do very frequently all over the world for a variety of reasons. It could be to visit a relative who lives on the other side of the country, taking a brief vacation, for work, among other things. And when traveling, ensuring that your home and family are […]

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Professional installing

Should You Install Your Own Security Cameras In A Rental?

The relationship between landlord and tenant is a complicated one. While there are rules regarding both landlord and tenant rights, the laws differ from state to state and are often difficult to implement.In an ideal world, you would get along great with your very accommodating landlord. But if you struggle to see eye to eye, […]

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Wondering how an encoder works

How does a video encoder for CCTV work?

In this article, I answer the question, “How does a video encoder for CCTV work?” If you want to learn about this topic, just keep reading.If you are looking for information on how a video encoder works, chances are you still use analog cameras or have a project to update an analog CCTV system, right?So, […]

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Axis camera network statistics via SNMP

How to monitor IP cameras via SNMP

In this article, I explain how to monitor an IP camera via SNMP.By enabling and using this protocol in the device, it’s possible to get all sorts of information such as Uptime, Network Traffic, Storage Status, Temperature, etc.Axis IP camera monitored via SNMPThe SNMP protocol is very popular among IT professionals.I used to have it implemented in dozens of […]

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Axis camera on TV

How to watch IP cameras on TV (7 ways)

In this article, I explain how to watch IP cameras on TV.Yes, this is an IP camera on my TV (using Firestick)It doesn’t matter if you have a standard or a smart TV; either way, it works.There are different ways to have an IP camera streaming video to a TV. It’s just a question to […]

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Analog security camera on TV

How to watch analog security cameras on TV (5 different methods)

In this article, I teach you how to watch analog security cameras on TV.TV with a high-resolution analog camera (TVI)Of course, there are many different ways to do that, and it all depends on the type of cameras, recorders, TV, and other available devices.You can watch analog cameras on your standard or smart TV. Let’s […]

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Internet Speed

How Does Internet Speed Affect the Security System?

There’s no denying the fact, the internet has emerged as a popular commodity in every household across the globe. The Internet is responsible for how data travels from one location to the next and how quickly people can get in touch with each other. A few years back, nobody had even thought that the internet would […]

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image settings

How to delete security camera footage

In today’s article, we will go over different ways to delete security camera footage.Plenty of people think deleting footage is hard. But, on the other hand, some believe it is easy, like in the movies. Well, which one is it?  Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes. If you wish to delete footage, it should be […]

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