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6 Things You Need to Review CCTV Recordings

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV allows you remote surveillance of your premises. They incorporate the use of monitors and cameras to get recordings.Souce: PixabayYou can also see what is happening in real-time, depending on the system you have set up. All the footage comes from security cameras you will install on the premises.CCTV cameras act […]

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Dark and Bright Area

Light compensation for security cameras (WDR, BLC and HLC)

In this article, I talk about Light Compensation for security cameras.The most popular technologies discussed in the articles are BLC, WDR, and HLC.You can find a clear explanation of the topic with good application examples.By the end of the article, you can watch videos where I explain more about the  BLC, HCL, and WDR features for professional security cameras.Why use light […]

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Face recognition

The difference between face detection and recognition

In this article, we will go over the difference between face detection and recognition.Nowadays, cameras have become evolved enough to have detection features, alarms, turn on lights, and see in the dark. Though some might think that the terms detection and recognition are interchangeable, that is not entirely true. The difference between face detection and face recognition.There […]

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Hikvision Mini PTZ camera 4MP DS 2DE2A404IW-DE3

How to tell if a security camera is fake

In this article, you will learn how to tell if a security camera is fake.Just a couple of years ago, phony safety cameras were common. They were installed simply to drive people away. Could they still be out there?People were installing these fake cameras to scare criminals away and make their properties appear protected. There are […]

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burglar breaking in

Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Be Safe Without Home Monitoring

While the technology has gotten better, home monitoring systems are nothing new. In fact, alarm systems and CCTV have been a favored method of many to protect their valuables and their family from harm. Here are five big reasons you shouldn’t go without a home monitoring system.Allows For Protection Of Gas And Fire Problems When You’re […]

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Wyze Cam connected to the laptop via USB

Can security cameras be used as webcams ?

Recently, a lot of people started asking me the question, “Can security cameras be used as webcams?” So, I decided to write an article about the topic.Yes, it’s possible to use security cameras as webcams, and there are different ways to accomplish this task, depending on the camera model and resource available.Let’s start talking about […]

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contractor installing a security camera system

Security Camera Installation Tips

In the advent days of CCTVs, security cameras were mostly found in banks and retail stores. Today, they are everywhere-at restaurants, gas stations, mini storages, traffic intersections, and almost every location you can think of.Developing technologies such as cloud computing and the internet have facilitated the rapid growth of security cameras by increasing their efficiency […]

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sneaky scared robber ready to steal something at night

Security Camera Night Vision: Settings for Day & Night Mode

Security cameras offer a plethora of benefits, all designed to enhance your safety and convenience. Do you know they can provide you with a live feed on your mobile phone, too? Monitoring your home inside and out offers unmatched peace-of-mind knowing you can see your kids either inside or outside while you’re away or in another part […]

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Keep your CCTV camera from fogging up

How to Stop CCTV Camera from Fogging up

When you place a camera outside, it is exposed to the weather. Which can blur your video and might cause damage. Let’s look at how you can stop your CCTV camera from fogging up.How it startsBefore jumping in and talking about how to stop a CCTV camera from fogging up, we can first understand why […]

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Camera survailance

How to install security cameras on vinyl siding

Mountings for cameras allow you to have a quick and easy installation on almost every surface. But how about installing security cameras on vinyl siding?Type of cameraKeep in mind that you should invest in an outdoor camera, as they are tougher and made to take on some weather and dust. However, this does not mean […]

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