Solioum S600 camera

5 Advantages of Commercial Security Systems

You’ve put a lot in your business, and you’ve developed its assets and notoriety to be all that it tends to be. It’s a sensible subsequent stage to consider executing or updating a commercial security framework to safeguard your organization and its resources. Obviously, you need to ensure your profit from speculation is worth the […]

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Type of security camera

Type of security or CCTV camera for home

What kind of CCTV camera to choose for your home? With the rise in the number of crimes and theft acts in today’s world, security is vital and cannot be compromised at any cost. Video surveillance has become extremely necessary for people running business or even for their home. Security cameras or CCTV cameras will assist and make you […]

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Guide to the Best Security Camera for Your RV or Camper

Guide to the Best Security Camera for Your RV or Camper Camping can be a relaxing experience. It’s an opportunity to unwind from the chaos of everyday life. This is the reason why the owners of RVs travel. They occasionally forget to take security measures. It’s not unusual for individuals to leave their vehicles or […]

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Enhace CCTV footage

How to enhance CCTV images

One of the main issues with identifying suspects on CCTV footage is that often the image quality is too low for identification. In this case, you need an AI  image upscaler to solve this problem. This post is about how to use the Istanto AI image enhancer to enhance the photo quality of CCTV footage.How […]

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mobile security cameras

9 Smart Home Security Tips in 2022

Source: Pixabay The convenience and benefits offered by smart home devices are unrivaled. You can save on water and energy using smart devices like smart faucets and light bulbs.  Not to forget the cost gains due to increased efficiency. But, your smart heaven can turn into hell if hackers gain access. Recent research found that […]

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Camera in a car 24x7

Why Putting a 24-Hour Camera in Your Car is Easier Said Than Done

Car monitoring has come a long way, but it isn’t exactly the point where we can have a camera in our cars that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll come right out of the gate by saying that a 24-hour security camera in a vehicle would involve a power supply that […]

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security camera for business

Top 7 Benefits of CCTV Cameras for your Business

If you’ve ever been involved in a fruitless search for missing items in your business place, then you know it’s downright painful. Of course, they were stolen, things don’t just disappear, and that search was because you’ve got no CCTV  to monitor things around. Most of the time, money is missing. But in a worst […]

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What is IFTTT & How Do You Use it for Your Home Security?

With numerous technological advancements, the number of digital threats has already increased. Still, with the latest digital solutions, it is possible to keep your sensitive information, tangible and intangible property safe. Besides, some digital solutions are way better to deal with common threats like thefts and burglaries. Many owners of smart homes have already felt […]

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enable https

How To Enable HTTPS Access on your IP Camera

IP or Internet Protocol Cameras are essential for corporations to ensure that things are running smoothly. IP cameras are used for surveillance. They receive and send video footage over an IP network. But, for them to work optimally, they need some protection. They need to have HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure encryption to maintain […]

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PTZ controller SPC 2000

How to use joystick with PTZ cameras

Let’s take a look at how to use a USB joystick with PTZ cameras.I have a generic PTZ joystick and an Axis P5624-E MKII camera, so I can show you how they work together. It’s not just theory, but the real deal 🙂Connect the Joystick to the PCTo control a PTZ camera via a USB joystick, […]

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