Wyze Cam connected to the laptop via USB

Can security cameras be used as webcams ?

Recently, a lot of people started asking me the question, “Can security cameras be used as webcams?” So, I decided to write an article about the topic.Yes, it’s possible to use security cameras as webcams, and there are different ways to accomplish this task, depending on the camera model and resource available.Let’s start talking about […]

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contractor installing a security camera system

Security Camera Installation Tips

In the advent days of CCTVs, security cameras were mostly found in banks and retail stores. Today, they are everywhere-at restaurants, gas stations, mini storages, traffic intersections, and almost every location you can think of.Developing technologies such as cloud computing and the internet have facilitated the rapid growth of security cameras by increasing their efficiency […]

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sneaky scared robber ready to steal something at night

Security Camera Night Vision: Settings for Day & Night Mode

Security cameras offer a plethora of benefits, all designed to enhance your safety and convenience. Do you know they can provide you with a live feed on your mobile phone, too? Monitoring your home inside and out offers unmatched peace-of-mind knowing you can see your kids either inside or outside while you’re away or in another part […]

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Keep your CCTV camera from fogging up

How to Stop CCTV Camera from Fogging up

When you place a camera outside, it is exposed to the weather. Which can blur your video and might cause damage. Let’s look at how you can stop your CCTV camera from fogging up.How it startsBefore jumping in and talking about how to stop a CCTV camera from fogging up, we can first understand why […]

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Camera survailance

How to install security cameras on vinyl siding

Mountings for cameras allow you to have a quick and easy installation on almost every surface. But how about installing security cameras on vinyl siding?Type of cameraKeep in mind that you should invest in an outdoor camera, as they are tougher and made to take on some weather and dust. However, this does not mean […]

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install security cameras on brick

How to install security cameras on brick

Cameras are versatile; they can be installed on almost every surface imaginable. But is it possible to install security cameras on brick?Well, from drywall to cement to even metal. Cameras and their mountings have come so far. Nowadays, you can install and set up your cameras by yourself.But brick is not like every other surface. […]

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Protect Security Camera Wires

How to install security cameras under eaves

It is crucial to protect your security camera from the weather and the hot sunlight. Installing security cameras under eaves can be a great solution to further secure your camera from danger.Protect your camera by installing security cameras under eavesNot only will it help the camera blend in and conceal it, but it will also […]

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protect CCTV cameras from theft

How to protect CCTV cameras from theft

As a homeowner, having a CCTV camera to provide you safety can be crucial. However, you must protect CCTV cameras from theft and vandalism. Apart from the other factors that can damage or disable your camera. Keep in mind that your safety can be breached in multiple ways, as well as your camera. Let’s take a look […]

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How to Protect Security Camera Wires

How to protect security camera wires

In today’s world, cameras have become popular both in the residential and business area. However, your camera is not all that you must keep safe. So let’s look into different ways you can protect security camera wires.With the right installation, your wired camera should last you years, if you protect it correctly. They can provide […]

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connect your phone to a CCTV camera

Can I connect my phone to my CCTV camera?

When it comes to having your residence or business safe, being able to access the footage at any time can be extremely important. In this article, we will go over how to connect your phone to a CCTV camera.Being able to have your footage live can be useful in multiple ways. Whether you are a […]

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