Open Hard Drive

Can a DVR work without a hard drive?

In this article, I will discuss whether or not a DVR can work without a hard drive.When it comes to cameras and security systems, finding the right video system and storage for you is crucial. A lot of points such as location, space, budget, and type of camera come into play.Surveillance videos need to be […]

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Hikvision Mini PTZ camera low light black and white

Security camera stuck in black and white (how to fix)

In this article, you will learn how to fix a camera that is stuck in black and white.The innovation of technology has come a long way into the fantastic things we are able to use nowadays. And one of them is seeing at night.Why do security cameras record in black and white at night?By using […]

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How to tell if a security camera has audio

How to tell if a security camera has audio

Nowadays, no one ever knocks anymore. We all ring doorbells and even talk to the people inside, even without them opening the door. In this article, I will go over how to tell if a security camera has audio.Why having audio in cameras is beneficialWhether you have a camera inside or outside or even have […]

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Swann DVR

What is hybrid DVR?

I’ve been asking the question, “what is hybrid DVR?” from people who want to understand what is the best recorder for security cameras.A hybrid DVR is a Digital Video Recorder that converts different types of analog video inputs such as CVBS, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD to digital signals to record them to a hard drive and stream the live […]

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Zosi Smart App Live camera

How to access public surveillance cameras

In this article, I talk about how to access public surveillance cameras.Nowadays, there are thousands of public surveillance cameras online on the Internet. People are very interested in getting access to them due to curiosity or thinking it’s possible to sneak into somebody else’s camera.Let’s talk a little bit about those cameras available on the Internet.Live Street […]

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ONVIF test tool for smartphone shows camera

Do I need Internet for a security system?

In this article, I answer the question “Do I need Internet for a security system?”I know. The simple answer is NO; you don’t need an Internet connection in order to have a security system working. However, there are some details and pros and cons of having security cameras that are not connected to the Internet. […]

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Tiny Cam App with four cameras

How to view CCTV footage on mobile phone (Android and iOS)

Let’s talk about how to view CCTV footage on mobile phones (Android/iPhone).The process varies slightly depending on the type of camera, DVR, or NVR you have. Still, in most cases, different security systems manufacturers follow similar ways to search for and export footage from recorders, cloud and micro SD cards.In this article, I explain what […]

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Had disc

DVR deleted data recovery (quick solution)

In this article, I talk about DVR deleted data recovery.If you accidentally deleted your security footage and want to have it back, a DVR data recovery software can help you accomplish this task.Let’s take a look at how to do this.Ways to Recover Deleted Recordings from a DVRThere are different methods to recover the deleted […]

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SADP screen forgot password

How to Reset LTS DVR Password [Easy Step-by-Step Methods]

In this article, I show how to reset the LTS DVR password.If you lost or forgot the password for an LTS recorder (DVR or NVR), here, you can find different ways to reset the device and solve the problem.Let me help you go through the process…Ways to reset the LTS DVR/NVR passwordHere are the ways […]

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Security camera behind glass reflection

Anti glare film for security camera (does it work?)

Are you looking for a anti glare film for security camera?If you are, chances are you have your camera installed close to a window or to lights that are causing some weird reflection on the camera lens, right?Yup, you have a problem with glare, so let’s discuss anti-glare films and the better way to deal […]

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