How to Integrate Your Gaming PC with Home Surveillance CCTV

Suppose you are deep into your gaming zone with headphones on. The sound of a knock on the door or someone breaking into your home is impossible to hear. Well, you need a home surveillance CCTV system. Simply install and incorporate cameras into your existing gaming PC setup to make your home secure.

Protecting your gaming setup and improving alertness about the surroundings can put a lot of gamers’ minds at ease. Gaming is a strict business. You must put in skill and concentration to take your game account to new heights. Selling your Apex Legends or Fortnite account can earn you decent bucks, but it requires attention.

A simple task such as ordering a pizza can engage your mind in constantly hearing the doorbell or ringing phone.  A gamer can easily avoid constant loss of concentration through overlay video of a camera. To learn more about integrating your gaming PC with CCTV, read on!

Integrating Gaming PC with CCTV

Let’s start with the basics. We will use an offline setup for gamers to emphasize the concept of a closed-circuit system. In addition, we will mention methods gamers can use to broadcast their camera feed to the internet. It will make it accessible from anywhere in the world. To start the integration process, you will need a set of items. Let’s move step-by-step:

Step 1: Choose the Right CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras come in various shapes, sizes, and technical capabilities. We typically recommend an IP CCTV camera for gamers in a home configuration. It will provide a crisp video with details ideal for a small-scale setup. There are wireless versions of IP CCTV cameras, but they are prone to interference, which can cause stuttering video or audio. In a surveillance setup, having a wired connection alongside an on-camera SD card recording is the best option.

Connecting an IP CCTV camera with the internet and offline setup is easy. They can provide up to 4K resolution depending on the requirement. Furthermore, users can opt for a camera with a microphone to receive live audio. They only need a RJ45 ethernet connection for data and a power source. However, you will not need two cables running throughout the house for the camera. A single RJ45 cable will suffice. We will explain how to achieve that in the next step.

Step 2: Collecting Necessary CCTV Surveillance Items

After you decide which camera is best for your setup, we can move on to the other items. Here is a list of things for a home surveillance CCTV setup:

  • Cameras: The number of cameras will depend on the number of places you want to perform surveillance. It will serve as a basis for the items next in line.
  • PoE Switch: After deciding the number of cameras, you need a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch. It will serve as the basis for providing power and transmitting your video to the gaming PC. Usually, people set it up near the computer, and its ports should equal the number of cameras plus one port for computer/router connection.
  • PoE Injector and Splitter: A typical IP CCTV camera requires coaxial power and network cable. A PoE injector and splitter will convert a simple ethernet cable to a coaxial power cable and data transmitting connection. Just ensure that they are IEEE 802.3at/aft compatible.
  • Ethernet Cable: The whole system communicates using the ethernet cable. Calculate the distance between the camera and the PoE switch after routing. There are various categories of ethernet cable available. Their price depends on the quality. We recommend using a Cat5e for its price/performance ratio. Anything above the Cat5e grade is also compatible.

**Note: A typical setup will have a line running underneath the carpet alongside the edges of the wall. Make sure to take proper measurements.

  • Router: You will need a router to connect the complete setup to the internet and ensure your PC remains connected. If you are an online gamer, then you own one. We will explain how to connect all the pieces and make them start working.

Step 3: Camera Placement

Strategically placing your camera is essential. Ensure it is not easily accessible, and you can route the wire hidden away from eyesight. Following are some of the areas where you can place your camera for surveillance:

  • Front Door Entrance
  • Back Door Entrance
  • Vulnerable Windows
  • Garage
  • Drive Way
  • Hallway
  • Common Rooms

The areas might not relate to your setup, but be sure to cover maximum entrances. Observe where you can mount the camera for complete and precise coverage.

Step 4: Complete the CCTV Setup

Let’s start connecting all the puzzles. Before we mount the camera in their respective location, check connections and equipment healthiness by performing a test. Complete the following process to complete your CCTC setup.

  1. Connect your PoE switch to the power outlet and ensure the lights are on.
  2. Now connect the ethernet cable in one of the ports of the PoE switch and connect the other end to a PoE injector and splitter.
  3. Now take a camera and connect its wires with the PoE injector and splitter. Your camera will now have power.
  4. Take a new ethernet cable, insert it into one of the ports on the PoE switch, and connect the other end with the computer router. Make sure you plug in your gaming PC to the same router.
  5. Download and install the software from the camera manufacturer’s website. Follow the instruction to access your camera live feed.
  6. You have successfully tested your equipment if you can see the live feed.
  7. As the last step, install your CCTV cameras at their designated location, route the cable, and complete the setup.

Step 5: Start Monitoring CCTV with Gaming PC

Now that you have connected all your equipment let’s obtain the live video feed from your cameras and place an overlay on your favorite game. You will need a decent graphics card and Windows or MacOS computer.

  1. We will be using the VLC media player. Download and install the latest version. It is free to use.
  2. You will be accessing the camera through its IP address. It is usually written and provided by the manufacturer. Check the website or instruction manual.
  3. Start VLC media player.
  4. Navigate to Media > Open Network Stream
  5. Now type the address to your camera with the following settings


  • Note that in the address given above, the camera username is (admin), the password is (a1B2c4), and the IP address is ( Everything else will remain the same.
  • After you enter, you will start streaming your IP CCTV camera.
  • Now, right-click on the live stream, navigate to view, and always click on top.
  • Right-click on the live stream and navigate to view. Now click minimal interface.
  • Now you will have a constant stream on top of all your games.

Note: To view your surveillance streams live from anywhere around the world. Follow the camera manufacturer’s guidelines to enable the online setup. The process is easy to follow once you connect the PC to the internet router.


There are tons of benefits of having a live stream over your gaming sessions. It improves spatial awareness and helps gamers concentrate on their gaming ventures. The gaming industry has reached a whopping $385 billion and still growing. It is logical to find your share within the broad field. A home surveillance CCTV can provide the comfort of security for gamers. What better than having a live view of your surroundings while gaming?

The process is easy, and anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can put a system together. To save time, you can order a pre-configured setup from an online website to immediately set up your surveillance. At last, we hope you find value in our article. So set up your watch and get gaming!