Security camera behind glass

Will a security camera work behind glass?

A common question among users is “Will a security camera work behind glass?”The answer to that is not that simple and there’s a lot of things to consider.Sure, you can install a security camera behind glass or a window and you won’t note so much difference during the day. But at night everything is different.In […]

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Apartment Security Camera Laws In Clause

Apartment Security Camera Laws for Tenants

Being a landlord can be quite a job. However, you cannot be there to watch your tenants at all times. Thinking of installing security cameras? Well, let’s go over apartment security camera laws.Tenants can be hard to control. Though you might find some lovely ones, others might not pay rent on time, be loud and […]

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security cameras are allowed to record audio

Are security cameras allowed to record audio?

Whether you are visiting your neighbor, or just going on a trip to the store, cameras are watching you. But are they listening too? Find out if security cameras are allowed to record audio.Laws nowadays can range from certain situations and even be different in each state or country. And the line between it all […]

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stop your neighbors from stealing from you

How to stop your neighbors from stealing from you

It is no secret that when in your house you want privacy and safety. And the worst thing you can have is a nosy neighbor. So find out how you can stop your neighbors from stealing from you.What can count as stealing?Anything that is yours! Mail, packages, fruits, newspaper, garden gnomes. Your property is your […]

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Cancel a security camera contract

How to cancel a security camera contract

When you sign a contract, you don’t plan on breaking it. However, sometimes you need to and it can end up costing you. But you can learn to cancel a security camera contract without any penalty.Have you ever heard that it is easier to get into things than out of them? Well, contracts fall into […]

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no cheating because of security cameras in the classroom

Are security cameras allowed in the classroom?

Some argue that it invades privacy. Others want safety over their privacy. So, who is right? And are security cameras allowed in the classroom?As the population continues to grow, millions of kids awaken to go to school. With an abundance of kids, a teacher could only do so much. Having security cameras in the classroom […]

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Protect your house and reduce crime

Do home security cameras reduce crime ? 

You can not have eyes everywhere to look out for vandals and robbers. But can cameras? Do home security cameras reduce crime? Everyone wants to protect their property from being stolen or vandalized. There are many cameras spread throughout the country and the world.However, crime is something that cannot be eliminated entirely. So, understand that reduction […]

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Smile Sign

Are security cameras a HIPAA violation ?

Nowadays wherever you go a camera is watching your every move and this is one of the reasons people are asking “are security cameras a HIPAA violation ?”It doesn’t sound that bad knowing it is for our safety.But what happens when it crosses your privacy line?  Perhaps the  security cameras are a HIPAA violation depending […]

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Burglar trying to force a door

Top Tips To Prevent Burglars From Targeting Your Home

We all grew up believing that burglars only target fancy and luxurious villas. However, this is not always true. Even the quieter neighborhood can hide heartless and merciless criminals. There are many ways to protect our homes, but one may still wonder how burglars decide which homes to target.Even though no one can know what’s […]

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Security camera works without electricity

Does Security Camera Work Without Electricity?

People always ask me if security cameras work without electricity, so I see that is a common questions that deserves to be answered…The security and safety of our home, family, and property are essential to us.This is the reason why we install security cameras. The purpose of which is to monitor and be alerted if […]

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