Burglar trying to force a door

Top Tips To Prevent Burglars From Targeting Your Home

We all grew up believing that burglars only target fancy and luxurious villas. However, this is not always true. Even the quieter neighborhood can hide heartless and merciless criminals. There are many ways to protect our homes, but one may still wonder how burglars decide which homes to target.Even though no one can know what’s […]

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Security camera works without electricity

Does Security Camera Work Without Electricity?

People always ask me if security cameras work without electricity, so I see that is a common questions that deserves to be answered…The security and safety of our home, family, and property are essential to us.This is the reason why we install security cameras. The purpose of which is to monitor and be alerted if […]

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hacker with hoodie working with computers

How to view unsecured cameras live

You don’t need to be a hacker to view unsecured cameras live since they are easily available for free in some websites that everybody can have access to.Yes, I’m talking about IP security cameras or DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) that are installed on people’s home and connected to the Internet with live streaming. There are thousands […]

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Insecam hacked cameras

What is Insecam (hacked cameras)

If you are looking for online security cameras with a live transmission, probably you have the answer for the question, “what is Insecam” since it’s easier to find a lot of security cameras with a live stream available in this platform. Or perhaps you still don’t know what Insecam is, either way, in this article I […]

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Security tips for Small Businesses Infographic

Security tips for small businesses

Security tips for small businesses are pretty valuable since most entrepreneurs can’t afford the risk of losing data, or important assets. If that’s your case, don’t look any further. In this article, I will list the most important tips you can put in practice to protect your small business. ==> By the end of this article, you […]

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Are security system worth the money

Are Security Systems Worth The Money?

Are security systems worth the money? This is a common question among people that are willing to buy a home security camera to protect themselves. Getting a home security system is just like buying a property. A parcel of land, a house, a car, it can be compared to that as it is considered as an […]

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Regional Home Break Ins

Are Home Security Cameras Effective?

Are Home Security Cameras Effective? They are known to help prevent crimes, however, to keep your peace of mind, let’s talk about this topic.In some cases, home security cameras are even helpful in solving crimes. But still, some people have questions lurking in their minds about the effectiveness of installing those devices in their property.It […]

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How to protect your home while on vacation

Protect your home while on vacation is crucial to have peace of mind and enjoy life with your family, so let’s dive in into the best home protection procedures.   How to protect your home 01 Lock the doors, windows and other entry pointsThis may sound obvious, but you really need to make sure everything […]

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How to hack HIkvision Camera

How to hack Hikvision camera (the easy way)

If you want to learn how to hack Hikvision camera, just read this blog post. By learning how this process works, you can better protect yourself.But remember that the idea behind this article is to warn you about the need to always upgrade your cameras and devices connected to the Internet. DISCLAIMER: This article intent […]

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How to hack CCTV camera

How to hack CCTV camera (for educational purpose)

Want to learn how to hack CCTV cameras? You are in the right place, but be aware that I’m writing this article to let you know what is possible to do and how you must protect your IP cameras to avoid them to be hacked. DISCLAIMER: I’m not responsible for any of your acts. You […]

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