Wasserstein Floodlight

Wasserstein Floodlight review (Compatible with Ring )

This article is a review of the Wasserstein Floodlight with charger.The device has a PIR sensor to detect motion and provides 2000 lumens of light to help a security camera capture videos on low-light conditions.You can use it to work with Ring cameras or as a Ring Spotlight alternative.I received a product sample in my […]

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Cutting camera wires

Do cameras work with cut wires?

Cameras are our superheroes, but they all have their Kryptonite. Let’s go over whether or not cameras work with cut wires.This type of action happens all the time, so be careful.What wire cutting accomplishesThe cutting of the wires can disable a CCTV camera, but that is not true for all cameras!Truth is that the cutting of […]

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Robbery looping still images in CCTV cameras

How do you loop still images in a CCTV camera?

Ever want to live out your Hollywood dreams? Let’s learn about looping still images in CCTV cameras. Warning: This post is strictly for educational purposes.  So how do you loop still images in a CCTV camera? And is it even possible to be done? Well, it is not impossible. But it does require a lot of […]

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Hacked wired CCTV camera

Can a wired CCTV camera get hacked?

No one wants an intruder in their home. But you might have one and not know about it. Let’s go over a hacked wired CCTV camera.Wired camerasBefore we jump into hacked wired CCTV cameras, let’s first talk about what wired cameras are.Cables run from the camera to a DVR to store footage and record. Therefore, […]

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Is it possible to design a jammer to disable a camera?

Whether you’re worried about burglars, or you want to test out a theory. Is it possible to design a jammer that can stop a camera from recording?Disable vs. JammingWell, to stop or disable a CCTV camera is not the same as jamming or pausing the footage. So what is the difference?DisableTo disable a camera you might […]

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Man checking phone

How can I pause a CCTV camera?

We all are already constantly watched in public, and sometimes at home we need a break too. But taking down cameras isn’t the best way. Let’s learn how to pause a CCTV camera.First you should be aware that pausing is not the same as disabling a CCTV camera. Therefore, you should understand the differencePausing vs. […]

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Security camera behind glass

Will a security camera work behind glass?

A common question among users is “Will a security camera work behind glass?”The answer to that is not that simple and there’s a lot of things to consider.Sure, you can install a security camera behind glass or a window and you won’t note so much difference during the day. But at night everything is different.In […]

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Apartment Security Camera Laws In Clause

Apartment Security Camera Laws for Tenants

Being a landlord can be quite a job. However, you cannot be there to watch your tenants at all times. Thinking of installing security cameras? Well, let’s go over apartment security camera laws.Tenants can be hard to control. Though you might find some lovely ones, others might not pay rent on time, be loud and […]

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Spying camera

Are security cameras allowed to record audio?

Whether you are visiting your neighbor, or just going on a trip to the store, cameras are watching you. But are they listening too? Find out if security cameras are allowed to record audio.Laws nowadays can range from certain situations and even be different in each state or country. And the line between it all […]

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stop your neighbors from stealing from you

How to stop your neighbors from stealing from you

It is no secret that when in your house you want privacy and safety. And the worst thing you can have is a nosy neighbor. So find out how you can stop your neighbors from stealing from you.What can count as stealing?Anything that is yours! Mail, packages, fruits, newspaper, garden gnomes. Your property is your […]

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