Luxriot bandwidth

Luxriot Evo VMS: How to save IP cameras bandwidth

When you design a surveillance camera project it’s necessary to take the IP camera bandwidth requirements into consideration and that’s where the use of a professional VMS such as the Luxriot can help you to manage your resources.IP cameras can work with more than one video stream and that’s very useful to manage the bandwidth […]

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Hikvision DVR wont display channel

Hikvision DVR won’t display channels (solved)

Sometimes you have to figure out what’s wrong with a DVR that you even didn’t configure yourself. So it’s better to be prepared to fix different types of problems, like channels that don’t display on the screen for no apparent reason.In this article, I explain how to fix the issue with the Hikvision DVR that […]

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How to add ONVIF IP camera to Hikvision DVR

How to add an ONVIF IP camera to a Hikvision DVR

A Hikvision DVR can record and manage analog cameras, however, some of these devices have a hybrid technology and can work with both, analog and IP cameras.Depending on the model you have, could be possible to mix different types of cameras. In this article, I explain how to add an ONVIF IP camera to a […]

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Free VMS Luxriot EVO

Free VMS software (Luxriot EVO)

If you are looking for a Free VMS to manage and record your IP cameras, chances are you are going to like the one I’m going to talk about in this article.I know some people that visit this blog are familiar with professional CCTV terms, but other visitors may not. So Let me quickly explain […]

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IP camera default password list

IP camera default password list (2019)

Sometimes you have an IP camera just in front of you but have no idea how to get access to it just because you lost the default password.Believe me, I’ve been there and I know exactly how frustrating it is to see the message “invalid password” on the screen when trying to login into the […]

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The ONVIF profile T

ONVIF Protocol: Profile T (Advanced Video Streaming)

The ONVIF profile T was created to address advanced video stream capabilities which include motion detection, video analytics, and H.265 CODE support.The standard was published in July 2017 as a release candidate which means the protocol was not stable and well-tested yet. ==> If you don’t know what ONVIF is, please read the article: How […]

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what is WDR

What is WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for CCTV cameras

Before buying a CCTV camera, you need to make sure it is good enough for your application and sometimes the WDR cameras have the technology you need.But first it’s important to understand how this technology works and that’s where I can help you because in this article I answer  the question “what is WDR?”(The concept […]

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IP camera live on YouTube

Free software to stream IP camera to YouTube Live (easy setup)

There are different ways to transmit IP cameras to YouTube Live.But people love Free Stuff, so in this article, I explain how to use Free software to stream an IP camera directly to YouTube. Believe me, it’s very easy…By the end of this article, you will have your IP camera transmitting live. The YouTube Live […]

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Onvif Device Manager Review and Download

ONVIF Device Manager Review and Download (Test IP Cameras)

If you want to test your IP camera to make sure it is compatible with ONVIF just use the ONVIF Device Manager. It’s FREE software (you can find it here).Read this article to get the software running like the picture below. What is ONVIF Device Manager?ONVIF Device Manager is a FREE software used to test […]

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Reset Zosi DVR via Telnet

Zosi DVR password reset (via Telnet)

If you already tried the Zosi DVR password reset procedure using the SPD App software but the Super Password didn’t work. I have another way you can try to solve the problem. It requires a little bit of work but it takes only 5 minutes.To recover the Zozi DVR password you just need to reset […]

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