Zosi DVR out of range issue

Zosi DVR out of range error (solved)

The message “out of range” is displayed on the screen when the monitor or TV does not support the video resolution of your Zosi DVR or NVR. To fix this issue is necessary to change the video output configuration.Every device that connects to a monitor may have the correct setting to avoid video output errors […]

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Micro SD card

Foscam camera cannot recognize micro SD card

It happens all the time, people want to have the video recorded directly into the security camera, but something goes wrong with the card. If your Foscam camera cannot recognize the micro SD card, this article can help you out.Here’s a quick answer to this question.If your Foscam camera cannot recognize the micro SD card, make […]

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Wyze Cam Night Vision Not Working

Wyze cam night vision not working (solved)

If the Wyze cam night vision is not working, you can have some hard time trying to identify what’s happening in a dark place, so it’s essential to make sure this feature is working fine, and I will help you that problem.The Wyze Cam has some infrared LEDs that turn on during the nighttime to […]

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Foscan NVR

How to Reset Foscam NVR (Quick Steps)

In this article, I show how to reset Foscam NVR to the factory default settings. If you lost the password and can’t log in, this procedure solves the problem.To reset the Foscam NVR press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds to load the default settings. The device reboots itself, and after a few […]

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Foscam camera

Foscam failed to connect error (solved)

If you’re getting the “failed to connect” error when trying to use the Foscam App, here I have the solution to solve the problem. Keep reading.When the error occurs, the message that usually shows up in the mobile app is “Failed to connect, please try again” indicating that the communication between the devices is not working […]

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woman making announcement with megaphone

Do security cameras record audio?

Security cameras record videos all the time, and I believe people are aware of that. But sometimes we need to listen to what’s happening close to the camera, which raises the question “Do security camera record audio?” The answer is, yes, security cameras can record audio if a microphone/audio input is available, and the video recorder […]

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Can security cameras see in the dark

Can cameras record when off?

If the power goes out, what happens to your camera? Can cameras record when off?Primarily you should understand the difference between a disabled camera and a camera that is off.This article does not apply to broken cameras with cut wires or cameras that were shut down manually or removed from their place.Today we will go […]

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Angelcam multiple cameras

How to View Multiple Wyze Cameras at once (Real Scenario – No fluff)

If you have more than one Wyze Cam, perhaps you’ve been thinking about how to view multiple Wyze Cameras on a single screen using some software.There’s no fluff in this article; you can have access to information that will help you to get your cameras working in the software just like the one in the […]

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Yi camera

Yi error codes list

If you have a Yi camera is important to understand what the error codes mean before starting the troubleshooting process and that’s why I have a Yi error codes list to help you out.These small smart Yi cameras are very popular because they are small, inexpensive, and easy to set up but sometimes you can […]

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How to reset Owl DVR

How to reset the Night Owl DVR password

In this article, I show how to reset the Night Owl DVR password.If you lost the DVR password and locked yourself out of the DVR this information can help you out, so just keep reading…The step by step to reset the Owl DVRYou need to use an email account to receive the secure code that […]

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