Zosi DVR out of range error (solved)

The message "out of range" is displayed on the screen when the monitor or TV does not support the video resolution of your Zosi DVR or NVR. To fix this issue is necessary to change the video output configuration.

Every device that connects to a monitor may have the correct setting to avoid video output errors that are usually presented as a black screen with a "no signal" or "out of range" message, so this is not exclusive to the Zosi DVRs.

How to fix the problem

To fix the problem, use the VGA output to connect the DVR to another monitor or TV and open the menu to change the configuration.

Zosi DVR VGA and HDMI Output

Here are the steps to change the output resolution.

  1. Click on the Main Menu
  2. Click on Setup >> Basic >> Video output
  3. Change the resolution
  4. Click the "Apply" button  
Zosi DVR Floating Menu
Zosi DVR Main Menu
Zosi DVR video output menu

The default resolution is 1024 x 768 and usually works with most monitors and TVs with a VGA or HDMI input, but you can also try a higher one that is supported.

After changing the output resolution, the DVR/NVR should work fine, and you won't get the "out of range" message anymore.

If you don't have a VGA or HDMI monitor

Most DVRs and NVR have VGA and HDMI output to connect a monitor, but nowadays, most monitors and TV don't have a VGA input, and in that case, you need a converter to make things work.

I know you can use the DVR's HDMI output to connect directly to your monitor's HDMI input. Still, sometimes you need converters to deal with different situations, especially if you are a technician supporting customers.

I suggest you purchase a VGA to HDMI and also an HDMI to VGA converter just in case you need them to set up surveillance systems.


You can fix the Zosi "out of range" issue by changing the DVR video output resolution. This is a simple process that takes less than 2 minutes.

Be aware that sometimes an extra monitor or TV is necessary to go through the initial phase and reach the DVR configuration menu.

You can also visit the Zosi Website and ask for help.

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