Add Zosi IP camera to the NVR using the matching code

This article shows how to add a Zosi IP camera to the NVR using matching code.

If you can't see the image from your camera and want to add it to the NVR, this method can help you; It's pretty quick and straightforward.

When the message "no video" shows up on the NVR, you can fix it using this matching code setup.

The steps to add a Zosi IP camera to the NVR using matching code.

  • Plug the camera into the NVR PoE port;
  • Power the system on;
  • Right-click the mouse and select "Video Manage";
  • Select the channel with the "Network unreachable" information;
  • Click the "Delete" button;
  • Click "Refresh" to look for the IP cameras;
  • Click" Match Code";
  • Click "Yes" to confirm.
  • Wait for the NVR to find and add the IP cameras;
  • Check if the NVR displays the "Connect success" message;
  • Open the live view interface to check if everything is OK.
  • After these steps, you may see everything working.

    The following pictures show the "matching code" process in detail.

    - Use a UTP cable to connect the IP camera to the NVR

    Depending on the model you are using, the PoE port in the NVR sends power to the camera, so you don't need to connect a power supply to the camera.

    Zosi camera connected to an NVR

    Zosi IP camera connected to the NVR (source: Zosi website)

    - Right-click with the mouse to bring the floating menu

    The "Video Manage" menu allows you to configure the camera via matching code.

    Zosi Video Manage

     (source: Zosi website)

    - This is Video Manage windows you may use.

    Select the camera (as shown in the red rectangle) and click the "Delete" button. After that, just click the "Refresh" button and then click "Match Code".

    Zosi Video Manage Interface

     (source: Zosi website)

    - Confirm the changes you want to make

    Click the "Yes" button to confirm the changes.

    Confirm the configuration

    - Check the camera status

    You may see the “Connect success” status for the camera.

    Connect success message

    And you are done.

    It's not that complicated, is it?

    I hope this article can help you.

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