Zosi DVR keeps rebooting

If your Zosi DVR keeps rebooting itself every day, you need to check some basic things that I describe in this article. 

Zosi H.265 PoE NVR

This is a common question among users because a DVR or NVR can have a lot of different issues and reboot with no apparent reason is one of them.

Let's see how to solve this problem...

Why a Zosi DVR reboots by itself

This random reboot behavior is usually related to the use of the wrong hard drive, not enough power supply, or defective hardware.

Let's break down the possible causes. 

Unsupported hard drive

If you are not using a hard drive that is homologated by the DVR manufacturer chances are that you will have some problem.

There are specific hard drives models that must be used with devices that record video 24/7 such as DVRs and NVRs, so you need to use them.

Some manufacturers like Seagate and Western Digital have an especial HDD line designed for surveillance devices, so make sure you use one of them if the manufacturer doesn't have a recommended HDD list.

As an example, the picture below shows a Zosi NVR I have in my office.

Zosi NVR with Seagate HDD

There's a 2TB Seagate Skyhawk HDD installed in this unit. 

Zosi doesn't have a recommended list but it recommends the brands I just described (Seagate and Western Digital), but be aware that there are specific HDDs that must be used such as the WD purple or Seagate Skywalk.

Not enough power

You know that every electronic device requires a minimum power to work with, right? And that's not different for DVRs and NVRs.

You need to make sure the power that leaves the outlet or the UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is enough to keep your DVR up and running. If it's not, the DVR can have some issues such as reboot itself.

So, if your Zosi DVR keeps rebooting often, just check the power supply everywhere and make sure it's also using its original power supply.

The picture below shows the Zosi original power supply.

Zosi NVR Power Supply

As you can see it's a 48V power supply that can work with up to 2A to power the device and the cameras.

==> IMPORTANT: This is just an example of a power supply for my NVR and that's the reason it uses 48V. If you have a DVR that would be different since most of the time DVR uses 12V. Be aware of that.

The Zosi engineers probably calculated this power supply to handle the NVR and the cameras (although I think it could come with a higher amperage).

If you have a DVR the current (A) consumed by the device is different because it doesn't need to power the cameras but it's recommended to use at a power supply with at least 2A, so just check the voltage (usually 12V) and the current (2A or more).


Every electronic device needs to work at a maximum temperature and if things get too hot the equipment can have a hard time working correctly.

The DVR can reboot itself if the temperature is too high, so it's better to have the temperature in the room under control.

Short circuit

If something connected to the device has a short circuit the DVR can reboot randomly. This problem may arise in the DVR or cameras.

To test if this is the case, disconnect all the cameras from the DVR and do the same with the HDD and wait for some time to see what happens.

I know this a try and error approach and hard to implement but most of the time it works and you can find the problem and isolate it.

You just need to connect the cameras one by one again and wait for a while to see it the DVR reboots or you can test the camera cable using a multimeter, either way you can get some result from the test.

Do the same process with the hard drive, since the DVR can at least boot up without HDD so you can test it out.

Firmware update

This is most unlikely but sometimes the firmware can cause some issues due to some glitch or incompatibility with the hardware.

Even if this is not usually the case, make sure you are using the last firmware on your device.

Hardware issues

Sometimes the unit is defective and you just need to replace it.

It's common sense trying to find the problem first before asking Zosi to replace the DVR but in the last case-scenario you just had to.

If your Zosi DVR is randomly rebooting and you already tried everything to fix it but without success, just ask for a replacement.


I hope this article can help you with the problem of DVR rebooting.

If you have any other concerns, please visit the Zosi Support website.

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