Zosi NVR not booting up (solved)

If you have a Zosi NVR not booting up and getting stuck on the Zosi Screen this article can help you to solve the problem, just keep reading...

Zosi NVR Stuck on Boot Screen

When the NVR gets stuck during the boot process, the problem is usually related to a faulty hard disk (HDD) or some issue with the device's firmware. 

The fast way to solve the problem is by replacing the hard drive by a homologate one and updating the NVR firmware to the latest available version.

Let's take a look at the details...

Boot problem due to the hard drive

If the NVR is using a defective hard drive or a non-homologate model, a problem can occur during the boot process, so it's recommended to use a hard drive such as the Seagate Skyhawk or  Western Digital Purple.

If your NVR gets stuck on the Zosi screen (as shown below), you are probably facing such an issue and it's annoying when the screen stays there forever, right? 🙂

Zosi Boot Screen

Plese read the article "Zosi Recommended HDD for DVRs and NVRs"  where I've discussed the use of such HDDs for surveillance recorders.

How to fix the problem

You can test if the HDD is the problem during the boot, here's how:

  1. Turn off the NVR and open it up
  2. Disconnect the HDD SATA cable
  3. Turn on the NVR and check if the problem is gone

Most of the time the problem is related to the HDD and if the NVR doesn't detect it anymore it won't get stuck on the boot and you will have access to the device again so you can see a message that the HDD is not installed.

The picture below shows the screen with the missing HDD message.

Zosi Disk Lost Screen

As you can see there's a message that says "Disk Lost".

it's not the most accurate grammar but you got the idea, right?

Now you just need to replace the HDD with a homologated model.

Extra steps

If your NVR is back to life, check if there's a new firmware and update it.

It's always recommended to keep the device updated.

I hope this can help you if you need extra help, visit the Zosi website.

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