Zosi NVR won’t add camera (solved)

Everything is physically connected but the Zosi NVR won't add the camera.

I've been there and I had exactly the same problem so I'm here to help.

Zosi NVR missing channel 01

To add a new IP camera to the Zosi NVR you just need to connect it via UTP cable, get into the "IPC channel config" to do the proper setup.

I know, sometimes things don't work as expected and for some reason, the camera just doesn't show up in the menu or it's there but won't add to the NVR.

Let's talk about this problem and of course, see what's the solution...

Zosi camera network disconnected

When the Zosi NVR boots for the first time, it supposes to recognize and add all the cameras that are connected to its ports. But sometimes it won't happen.

In this example, I have 3 of the cameras that are correctly displayed but one of them is not showing up even if it's connected to the NVR and the LEDs are blinking.

Zosi NVR wont add camera

As you can see, the camera image is not displayed and it also doesn't show up in the NVR "IPC Channel Config" (where it suppose to).

The only message I see in the channels is "Zosi Network Disconnected" as shown in the first picture and that's annoying.

How to fix the Zosi network disconnected

Usually you just need to click the "Search" button to allow the NVR to look for the camera and then click the "Add" button to add the camera to the NVR.

Zosi NVR camera found

The image above shows that the camera with IP was found and it's not in the list below, that's the reason I know this is the missing one.

Now it's just a question of clicking the "Add" the camera to the NVR.

The image below shows the camera added to the NVR, it's also possible to see that the image is displaying in the back of the screen (behind the menu).

Zosi NVR 4 cameras added to the NVR

And that's it. Now the camera is added to the NVR and working fine.

NVR Troubleshooting

If you followed the instructions in this article but the NVR still won't add the camera, please check the following:

  • Is the UTP (network cable) correctly connected to the camera?
  • Are the LEDs in the back of the DVR blinking?
  • Are the LEDs in the camera connector blinking?
  • Is the UTP cable good?
  • Is the PoE port in the NVR working?

Sometimes a bad connection or bad cable could be the problem.

The maximum length of the UTP cable should be 100m.

Try to replace the UTP cable to see if the camera works. 

You can also try to connect the camera to the other PoE port.


If your Zosi camera can't connect to the NVR you need to try following the procedure described in this article before contacting the technical support.

As the last resort visit the Zosi technical support site and ask for help.

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