Zosi email alert setup (Quick and easy)

In this article, I show you the Zosi email alert setup for sending notifications.

Your Zosi DVR or NVR can send you emails just like the one below:

Zosi NVR Video Loss Email Alert

As you can see, the NVR sent me an alert about camera video loss.

This type of email alert is very important to let us know that something is wrong and our attention is required as soon as possible.

Let's see how the setup works...

Zosi DVR/NVR email alert setup

The email alert setup is the same for Zosi DVRs or NVRs.

It's necessary to configure the SMTP server. Let's see how to do that next.

Setup for the Gmail account

You can use your email account to allow the DVR  to send email alerts.

In this example I'm using a Gmail account, so the following information is needed.

  • SMTP Server name
  • SMTP Port Number
  • Username
  • Password
  • Sender email address
  • Receiver email adress

Here's the example for the Gmail service (I found the information on Googke):

  • smtp.gmail.com
  • 465
  • my-username
  • my-password
  • my-email@gmail.com
  • somebody@gmail.com

You just need to get into the recorder network menu to enter the information:

Here are the steps for the email setup:

1. Right-click the DVR/NVR main screen and click "Main Menu"

Zosi Floating Menu

2. Click the "Network Button"

Zosi NVR Network Button

3. Click the "Email button

Email button

4. Fill all the information for the SMTP server

Zosi NVR Email SMTP server configuration

5. Click the "Test Button" and check if it works.

Zosi NVR test email sent

6. Open your email box and check if you receveid the email.

NVR SMTP test email

As you can see, the NVR is sending the email correctly.

==> If you got a different message from Google about an insecure or non-trusted device trying to use your Gmail account, you need to change the security settings in your account. Don't worry, I have a solution for that...

If everything is OK and you can receive the email notification test from your DVR/NVR, you are ready for the next step. Let's dive into it.

Video loss email alert setup

You need to setup video loss on every channel of the DVR.

The process is very easy, you can click some checkboxes and you are done!

Here are the steps to enable video loss alert

1. Click the "Video Loss" button to open the menu

2. Click "Trigger" for the channel you want to have the alert enabled.

Zosi NVR Video Loss Trigger Menu

3. Click the "Email" check box

Trigger Motion Detection Email

And it's done. Now you can receive an alert when there's a video loss.

You need to repead the process for every single channel.

Testing the video loss email alert

Now it's time to test if everything is working fine.

You just need to pull the UTP cable from the DVR the way I'm doing in the picture below and the DVR will send a video loss alert to your email...

Pulling UTP cable from Zosi NVR

The process is the same if you are using a DVR, you just need to pull the coax cable.

If you check your email inbox you will be able to see the email alert.

Zosi NVR Video Loss Email Alert

This is pretty cool, huh?

Now you will know when something goes wrong.

And can have your DVR alerting you about motion detection.

If you want to do that read the article: Zosi email setup.

If you need extra help, visit the Zosi  technnical support website.

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.