Zosi email setup (step-by-step)

The Zosi email setup is very important to receive alerts from the recorder.

In this article, I show how to configure the email alerts for the Zosi DVR or NVR.

Zosi NVR Motion Alarm-Email

The picture shows an email sent by the NVR to alert that motion was detected in the camera 01. This setup is very common in security devices.

Zosi DVR/NVR email setup

The setup is the same for Zosi DVRs or NVRs it works either way.

You just need to enable the email alert feature and configure the SMTP server that works for you. Don't worry, the configuration is very easy.

Gmail setup

Here I show how to set up A Zosi NVR to send email using my Gmail account.

It  also works with other accounts, you just need to follow the same principle.

Here's the information you need from your email account:

  • SMTP Server name
  • SMTP Port Number
  • Username
  • Password
  • Sender email address
  • Receiver email adress

You can just Google to find such information, here's the example:

  • smtp.gmail.com
  • 465
  • my-username
  • my-password
  • my-email@gmail.com
  • somebody@gmail.com

With such information you can easily set up the Zosi recorder.

So, here's the step-by-step email setup:

1. Right-click the NVR screen and click "Main Menu"

Zosi Floating Menu

2. Click the "Network Button"

Zosi NVR Network Button

3. Click the "Email button" on the left top

Email button

4. Fill all the information(discussed previously)

Zosi NVR Email SMTP server configuration

5. Click the "Test Button" and check if it works.

Zosi NVR test email sent

6. Open your email box and check the email

NVR SMTP test email

As you can see, I got the test email from the NVR.

The email brings the information about the test but there's no attached picture.

==> IMPORTANT: The Gmail SMTP server doesn't trust unknow devices so it's necessary to change the security settings in the Gmail account.

This is just a test to guarantee that the setup was successful, the next step is to configure the motion detection alert.

Motion detection setup

The Zosi NVR/DVR only send email when an event is detected.

You can use the motion detection to trigger the email alert.

Here's the step-by-step process to set up motion detection:

1. Click the "Motion " button to open the menu

Motion detection button

2. Click the "Setting" menu

Motion settings

3. Click the "Email" check box

Trigger Motion Detection Email

4. Open the "area settings" and select the area for motion detection.

Zosi NVR Motion Detection Area Selection

The area settings button is located at the the motion menu (see step 2.)

As you can see in the picture, it's possible to select the area you want to have the motion detection enabled (blue squares) and adjust the sensitivity.

In this example the sensitivity is set to 6 (see the menu at the botton) and it's also possible to see an icon that shows that the motion was detected (top left). 

The next step is to check your email inbox and see if you got the email...

Zosi NVR Motion Alarm-Email