Zosi recommended HDD for DVRs and NVRs

If you have a Zosi DVR or NVR, certainly you want to know what is the Zosi recommended HDD, right?  That's a wise decision 😉

Zosi Recommended HDD

I hope that's the case because it's necessary to use the correct hard drive to avoid issues such as the DVR rebooting by itself or not recording the footage correctly.

It doesn't matter the brand, every recorder (DVR or NVR) need to use an especial hard drive and that's also true for Zosi devices.

So, let's take a look at what HDD Zosi recommends...

The best HDD for Zosi DVRs and NVRs

Zosi doesn't have an official HDD recommendation list as it happens with other manufacturers, but the company keeps everything simple and just recommends Seagate Skyhawk and Western Digital Purple hard drives.

Those are HDDs for video surveillance devices and are designed to work 24/7 recording high-resolution videos without failure.

Don't even think about using inexpensive hard drives that are designed for computers, they are usually good devices manufactured by big companies like Samsung for example, but PC HDDs are not suitable for surveillance devices.

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To date, the maximum capacity of the HDDs for Zosi DVR is 6TB which is good enough for most case-scenarios and you can find such hard drive in the market.

The same principles apply to other brands (just in case you have another one).

So, keep simple and use those hard drives to avoid problems.

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I hope this information about Zosi recommended HDD can help you.

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