Zosi DVR password reset (step-by-step)

The Zosi DVR password reset it’s a simple process that takes only 5 minutes.

To reset the Zosi DVR password, locate the QR code of the DVR, download the Zosi password generator app, scan the QR code to generate a super password, and use it to log in to the DVR. After the login, you can change the password and use a new one.

In this article, I will show you step-by-step how to reset the Zosi DVR for a lost password. Just get your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

Zosi DVR

I could reset the Zosi DVR myself, so here you can find a real example of this procedure. Please keep reading.

The Zosi DVR models

This reset procedure works for the following Zosi DVR models:

4-Channel DVRs

ZR04PN;  ZR04PM;  ZR04RN;  ZR04RM;  ZR04FN;  ZR04FM; ZR04LN;  ZR04LM.

8-Channel DVRs


16-Channel DVRs

16QK; 16LK; ZR16ZK; ZR16JK.

How to reset Zosi DVR password

To reset the Zosi DVR password, make sure the firmware version is V1.2.1 or above and follow the steps below:

1. Identify the DVR model;

2. Download and install the SPD App;

3. Use the App to scan the QR Code (or type the DVR ID);

4. Reboot the DVR and create a new password.

-> Read the next sections for the step-by-step details…

How to identify the Zosi DVR model

You need to make sure your DVR is one of the listed above, so just take a look at the label located under your device (see picture below).

Zosi DVR model

The picture above shows the model: ZR08AN that is on the list.

Download and install the SPD App

To reset the Zosi DVR, you need to use a mobile App called SPD which will generate a Super Password. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download it.

SPD App for Zosi DVR Reset

Just look for SPD and choose the one you see in the picture above.

==> WARNING: If you can’t find this app on the Android PlayStore, please read the article SPD tool to reset Zosi DVR.

Scan the QR Code or type the DVR ID

The next step is to scan the QR code located in the DVR label (usually at the top).


Open the SPD App and choose the way you want to Input the DVR ID, the first option is START SCAN QRCODE, and the second one is MANUAL INPUT.

Zosi DVR SPD App

Just press the button “START SCAN QRCODE”  and give permission to the App to open the mobile camera when asked, then point the camera to the QR Code. 

Zosi DVR Password Reset Scan QR Code

The SPD App will read the QR code and generate a Super Password.

Zosi DVR Password Reset Super Password
Super Password for the Zosi DVR

In the DVR login screen, input the username admin and the Super Password that was created by the SPD App and press the login button.

Zosi DVR Login screen

Next time you reboot the DVR, the username will be admin with a blank password.

(no password, just hit the login button).

Create a new password for the Zosi DVR

It’s very important to create a new password to protect your device.

Open the User Management and input a new password that is strong enough (it is recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols).

(leave the Old Password field the way it is… just input the New Password twice)

Zosi User Management
Change the password for the Zosi DVR

And that’s all. You just executed the Zosi DVR password reset successfully.

Video: How to reset Zosi DVR using the SPD App

Here’s the video on how to reset the Zosi password using the SPD App.

Quick video shows how to reset the Zosi Password

Most common problems with the Zosi DVR reset

Sometimes the SPD App can’t read the label because it’s damaged or something else happens. In this case, just choose the option MANUAL INPUT and input the DVR ID manually. It also can be found in the DVR label.

How to reset other DVR models

There are thousands of DVRs in the market, and sometimes you have to try different procedures to reset the device and recover from a lost password.

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Technical support

If you still can’t solve your problem and recover the password for your DVR, I suggest you call the Zosi Technical support team (assuming obviously that you are using some of their DVRs or NVRs).

You can find the support web page at https://support.zositech.com.

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