Zosi view cameras offline (solved)

If you have your Zosi view cameras offline I have the solution you are looking for.

In this article, I talk about the problem with the Zosi View not connecting to the cameras that are installed on your Digital Video Recording (DVR).

I had this problem myself when I was trying to view the cameras via Zosi App.

Let's talk about the solution to this problem...

The Zosi camera offline message

There are different reasons to have the Zosi  view app showing the offline message.

Usually, the problem is related to network connection or user ID and password.

The picture below shows an example of this issue.

Zosi View Camera Offline Message

As you can see, the message shows up below when I click in one of the cameras that are connected to the NVR I'm using. (Zosi H.265 8CH NVR)

In this case, I could get the NVR connected to the Zosi View App, but it just shows the "Camera is Offline" message which means the problem is not related to the network because the communication between the app and the NVR is OK. 

So, what's wrong here? 

And the answer is very simple... I should use a different app for this NVR.

In fact, I could get everything running using the Zosi Smart App for Android.

That's it. If you are using a Zosi NVR, read the other article here in the blog.

But if this is not your case and you have a DVR, let's try something different.

The Zosi "connecting failed" message

If your Zosi View App shows the message "Connecting failed" just like the image below, you can check your network or username and password combination.

Zosi View connection failed

I believe the correct message should be "Connection failed" but anyway, you need to solve the problem and I think you really don't care about the grammar, right? 🙂

The first thing you can do is check the device network.

In the DVR just click Main Menu >> Information >> Network.

Make sure the network status is "Connected", otherwise it won't work.

Zosi DVR Network Status

Just in case something is wrong here, open the network setup menu to fix it.

By fixing the network, everything should work correctly.

When everything is OK with the network you should see something like this.

Zosi View Msg Ready

The "Connecting failed" message just changes to "Ready".

Now you can just tap the (+) signal to load the cameras.

Zosi View 4 cameras OK


If you are trying to fix the Zosi view cameras offline problem, usually the first approach (using the Zosi Smart App) is the way to go.

But if some reason you have a DVR that only works with the Zosi View App and still get some error related to the network, check everything you can on the DVR network menu and even double-check the cable connections and your router.

There are rare situations where some firewall in the router is the problem.

I hope this information is useful to help you. Please share this article...