Zosi Smart App for Android (quick setup)

You can install the Zosi Smart App for Android to manage your IP cameras.

The software setup is very simple and you can learn how to do it in this article.

Zosi Smart App Live camera

If you have Zosi Cameras, DVR or NVRs just keep reading to learn more...

Zosi Smart App download and setup

There's no cost for the Zosi Smart App for Android. It's 100% Free.

You don't need any technical experience to set it up.


You can download the Zosi Smart App in the Google Play Store.

Zosi Smart App installation

Just follow the standard app installation process and open it up.

Zosi Smart App Splash Screen

This is the App splash screen, if you see it that means you got the right one.


For the Zosi Smar App setup is necessary to create an account.

You just need to use your email and create a password.

See below the step-by-step to set up the app...

1. Create your Zosi account

Just click on "Register" to enter your email address and a password.

A code will be sent to your email for verification, use it, and click the button.

Zosi Smart app create account first step
Zosi Smart app create account 2nd step-compressor

2. Add a device to the Zosi Smart App

Click on the "Device icon" and then click the "+" sign to add a device.

Add Device
Add device symbol

You can use your mobile phone to scan the QR code that is located on the top of the DVR/NVR or open the menu "Information >> System" and shown below.

Select DVR
Scan the device ID

As you can see in the previous image, I just pointed my mobile phone to the device ID QR code and it was able to read it. This process is very fast.

3. Enter the device name to finish the setup

The next steps are simple, you just need to enter a name for the device and follow the instructions on the screen as shown below.

Zosi Smart App Device Name
Zosi Smart App Next Button

That's very easy, you just need to follow the step-by-step process.

After clicking some buttons you have your device added to the App.

Zosi Smart App percentage
Zosi Smart App setup done

And it's done! Now you can watch your Zosi IP cameras remotely.

This is pretty cool, isn't it? 😉

Here's the final result....

Zosi Smart App Live camera

You can display all your cameras at the same time or pick one by one.

This installation is very easy, but if you need extra help visit the Zosi Website.


You can use the Zosi Smart App for Android to have remote access to your Zosi cameras and display all of them on your mobile phone.

Just make sure you use the correct device ID during the setup or use the QR code to guarantee nothing was typed incorrectly.

I hope this article can help you out. Please share it with your friends.

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