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Nest Themostat

Fix Nest Thermostat Disconnecting from WiFi

Can’t control your thermostat? Worry not. Let’s learn how to fix Nest Thermostat disconnecting from WiFi. Suppose your Nest thermostat is disconnecting from your WiFi network. In that case, it can be frustrating as it may prevent you from being able to control your thermostat remotely or receive essential updates.  You can try several steps […]

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Smart phone as a security camera

Turn Your Old Phone Into A Home Security Camera For Free

If you open your gadgets drawer you might find your old smartphones which you think are of no use in 2021. If your old phone is just a couple of generations old it doesn’t mean that it cannot be put to good use.Even the most-outdated phone is still a palm-sized device that is packed with […]

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DVR Boot Logo changer software

How to change the DVR boot logo (H.264)

You can change the DVR boot logo by replacing the original image with a new one. The process usually works with non-branded H.264 DVRs that work with XMeye.You can use the DVR boot logo change software to connect to the device and upload a .bmp or .jpeg file.In this article, there’s a link to download the […]

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Dog jumping fence

How to keep the neighbor’s dog out of your yard

Whether you like dogs or not, they like to explore everywhere. But sometimes you need to keep the neighbor’s dog out of your yard.Your yard should be your private space to go for a swim, get a tan or host a barbecue. And there are ways to keep dogs away.Troubles they bringThere are many reasons […]

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Car thief at night

How to catch a car vandal at night

People want to learn how to catch a car vandal at night but usually, that’s not easy.There are different ways to accomplish that task such as hire somebody to watch your car while it’s parked. But that’s not a cheap way to solve the problem.The good news is that you can use security cameras to […]

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How to stream security camera to Chromecast and TV

How to stream video from security camera to Chromecast

You can stream video from a security camera to Chromecast and watch the video on your TV. The process is very simple and I will show you how to do that.You can use the RTSP protocol to stream the video to any compatible device.Since various software and platforms work with such protocol you can use […]

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Checking control panel

A Guide on How to Perform Security System Maintenance

It’s crucial to learn how to perform security system maintenance because security systems require regular maintenance in order to provide your home with the protection it needs. So let’s talk about this topic.Perform a security system maintenance means inspecting the components carefully, replacing batteries when needed, and ensuring all the devices communicate well with each […]

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Can parents install security cameras in my room

Can My Parents Install a Security Camera in My Room?

Today, many children (and even parents) are questioning the legality of installing a security camera in the children’s bedroom. Children, specifically, are questioning this move, as they feel as if they are deprived of privacy.So, to answer this question, continue reading as we present the possible scenarios for this topic.Is It Legal for Parents to Install […]

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Sofware for security cameras recording

How to record security camera footage

Installing security cameras in your home and property ensure you that it will be safe and secure, so you need to learn how to record security camera footage.Image from the Blue Iris WebsiteSecurity camera recorders are important components of your home security,They are indispensable as they are responsible for saving the footage of your security camera […]

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security camera condensation

How to Prevent Security Camera Condensation

When installing security systems, you need to consider the weather and learn how to prevent security camera condensation. That’s the main topic of this article.Don’t worry if you have this problem, it usually affects security camera lenses, therefore obstructing and blurring images, but it’s not hard to fix that.Security camera condensation affects your safetyCondensation is […]

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