How to catch a car vandal at night

People want to learn how to catch a car vandal at night but usually, that's not easy.

Car thief at night

There are different ways to accomplish that task such as hire somebody to watch your car while it's parked. But that's not a cheap way to solve the problem.

The good news is that you can use security cameras to catch somebody that is scratching, vandalizing or breaking into your car. That's cool, huh ?

Depending on the place your car is parked you can use a dash camera or an external model that shows everything that happens around.  Let's talk about that.

Using a dash cam to catch a thief or car vandal

You can use a dash cam to catch some thief that breaks into your car.

There are tons of different camera models available everywhere, but you need to be careful about which one is better to solve your specific problem.

Since most dash cameras are not designed to catch vandals you need to consider some important factors before buying one. 

The image below shows a camera with a 170º wide view angle and sensor with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) that that can handle different conditions of light.

A dash cam is used to watch what is just in front of your car and that brings serious limitations when trying to catch a vandal or a thief on the side of the car. 

If you point the dash cam the other way around it can only see what's inside of the car, which also brings some serious limitations to get some evidence.

OK, you can use two dash cameras to solve the problem or a model that has two cameras in a single unit such as the TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam.

There's also the problem with light if your car is parked on a dark area, chances are you won't have footage with enough quality to be used as evidence.

That's why you need to choose a model that works with low light conditions.

The same TOGUARD Dual Dash model has IR Night Vision which allows the camera to record everything that happens in the dark.

OK, one more important thing to consider to catch a car vandal or thief is image resolution/quality and that's what you get with a 4K resolution camera which can capture 4X the number of pixels of the previous model (which is 1080p).

I'm talking about using a camera such as the AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam that is also a model that has 2 lenses, IR night vision, GPS and Wi-Fi.

As you can see, there are different camera models at different tag prices.

You can just get the model that is affordable to you, but my suggestion is not cheap and invest in two good Dual Dash Cam and install one at the front and the other one at the back of the car.

With such an approach you can have the cameras recording the entire car and its surroundings in high resolution, so you certainly will catch the car thief/vandal.

Use a portable charger to record at night time

Alright, when your car is parked somewhere at night time there's no power for the camera unless you use an external battery or a charger.

That's my recommendation, you can use a portable charger that is able to keep your cameras running for long hours. There are inexpensive models out there.

Use external cameras to monitor your car

Sometimes a dash cam is not enough to catch somebody slashing the car tires or keying the door in a position that is the camera's angle of view.

Most cars are vandalized while parking on the driveway, parking lots, street, or carport areas. There are different solutions for all those situations.

If possible, install a high-resolution security camera with Infrared night vision pointing to the place the car is parked.

This is an interesting camera that is well-designed for surveillance and that's why it can help you to catch vandals with enough details even at night time.

I've seen some people using this model inside their cars to replace the dash cam.

Since the camera is manufactured by a professional and experienced team of engineers specialized in security cameras, it's a good idea to consider using it.


You can use a dashboard or battery-powered security cameras to monitor your car and catch a car vandal at night. It's up to you which model you can afford, but keep in mind that it's better to have something that really works to protect your car.

This is how to catch someone messing with your car.

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