How to keep the neighbor’s dog out of your yard

Whether you like dogs or not, they like to explore everywhere. But sometimes you need to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard.

How to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard

Your yard should be your private space to go for a swim, get a tan or host a barbecue. And there are ways to keep dogs away.

Troubles they bring

There are many reasons not to want someone else's dog into your yard. It is not just because you are an animal hater or something.


A lawn is not a bathroom, and your neighbor's dog might not understand that very well. However, it might affect your life and even health.

Apart from the fact that you need to pick up the mess, its a type of pollutant. And what they attract, is not pretty either.

All the nutrients from their trip to the bathroom are left on your grass. The more nutrients in the soil the better plants grow.

However, in your yard, it might be a bad thing. With extra nutrients, the area will turn dark green and grow tall. Leaving your lawn uneven.

And if left for long periods of time, the spots can then turn into brown all over your lawn. Not only will it lead to your lawn becoming different colors, but some spots will grow faster too.

Bring your friends

Your neighbor's dog managed to invite a bunch of unwanted visitors to a party on your lawn! Who are they, you ask?

Well, a dog's bathroom trip can attract pests and bacteria quickly. As well as the transmitting of germs if the dog has a disease.🤢

It can attract flies and maggots and other unwanted pests to your lawn. And breaking up the party is not that easy.

Even when the dropping is removed, the bacteria can remain. Therefore, can spread, and even transmit diseases to you, your family, or your pets.

So, next time it happens to you, make sure you thoroughly clean the area, just to make sure.


As we have seen, the bacteria can infect humans and other animals. When kids or your pets are playing in the yard they might come into contact with the bacteria.

Therefore, you should be careful with your kid and make sure everyone washes their hand properly. It is an easy precaution you can take to keep kids safe!

Your pets

Protect your pets and keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard

Having a dog mark their territory on your lawn can lead your pet to do it too. Apart from the diseases they can catch from the bacteria.

Additionally, dogs can be aggressive towards one another and even fight due to territory. 

Therefore, your neighbor's dog can end up costing you a bill at the vets as well.

Set the example

Now you understand why and how it can have a serious effect on your life. Apart from being annoying to deal with.

However, before we tell other people what to do or how they should act, we must first do them. So, do not be a hypocrite.

Does your dog go to the bathroom on the neighbor's lawn? Well, if yes then you are not setting a good example either.

Do not accuse your neighbor's dog of something your dog also does. These tips will help you keep your dog out of the neighbor's yard.

These tips could also be suggested to your neighbor to show them how to control their pets in the correct way.

On a leash

Just like small children, dogs are active and adore exploring. If you let them out of your sight, they might disappear.

Though some places require dogs to be in a leash so the owner can control them, it is not required everywhere.

However, in other places, dogs often run around free and it could lead to using a neighbor's lawn as a bathroom.

Keeping your dog on a leash is not a bad thing. You can keep them from chasing after something, picking a fight with another dog or even running into the street.

So before you leave the house, just pick up the leash and clip it in. That way not only are you setting the example, but you are also showing your dog that your neighbor's lawn is not a bathroom.

Allowing them to run around free without supervision can lead them to make bad choices and do what they please.

It is important to always accompany them and train them where they can and cannot go potty.


Training dog

Like humans, dogs learn by having feedback. They understand the tone of your voice and assume that they did something good or bad.

For example, if your dog breaks something, and you scream at them, they will now associate breaking as bad. Therefore, keeping them from doing it again.

The same goes for good things. t is not what you are saying. It is the tone you use that lets them know that they have done something wrong.

However, training a dog might require some patience. But you must understand that going to the bathroom on your neighbor's lawn for them is marking their territory.

They are attempting to claim the space for themselves, and leave their smell there. Yet, you can still help it stop by training them to go in specific spots and they will eventually leave your neighbor's yard in peace.

Pick it up

When walking your dog, you must be responsible enough to bring multiple bags to pick up after them as it is your job too.

Keeping a pack on the leash, or leaving some in your bag can come in handy. Many people that do not bring enough will hardly go home and return to clean it up. 

They will just move on with their day and leave it there. Therefore, you should always be the example, and keep yourself from being a hypocrite.

It is your dog, so clean up after it. Then you can expect other people to clean up after theirs.

Additionally, to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard you must understand that the problem is not just the dog.

Whose fault?

Keep in mind that it is not just the dog's fault. It is the owners too. But knowing how to fix the situation can be extremely helpful.

Some people may get upset to the point of killing, or poisoning the dog. This can cause you to face charges and even jail time due to animal cruelty.

Using your words, and other methods are certainly the best solutions in this case. And there are many solutions to this problem.

However, let's first go in-depth on whether this is an actual legal issue or it merely requires a neighborhood meeting to solve.

Is it legal?

Dog jumping fence

Keep in mind that the legalities will fall upon your neighbor and not their dog. And the answer depends on where you live.

States and regions usually have differing views when it comes to issues such as these. And the way they address the problems can vary greatly too.

States such as Maryland and Virginia have an "Animal control regulation". Meaning that pet owners must keep their animals in a leash or restrained in public places.

Therefore, it is the owner's job and responsibility to keep their dogs from doing their business in someone's yard.

Other countries have fines for owners that allow their dogs to trespass and use their neighbor's property as a lawn.

These regulations were put in place to restrict owners from allowing their pets to roam free and do as they wish.

Since a dog cannot understand why they cannot claim that territory, the owners must be the ones that hold them back and keep them from crossing the line.

To find the regulation for your area or town you can check government websites, local authorities like the police or attorneys for legal advice.

Keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard

There are plenty of solutions to this problem. And they should be tried in order, therefore keeping things civil until they get out of hand.

Warning Signs

Just like before a dog bites he barks, gives your neighbor a little shove and shows him a warning sign.

Having a sign on your lawn that says "clean up after your dog" or "no trespassing" can help them feel guilty, therefore, keeping them from doing it again.

This is an easy way to effectively show you do not enjoy what they have been doing and allowing their dog to get away with.

Showing your dislike to their actions will keep them more cautious when walking around with their dog in front of your lawn.

Negotiate face-to-face

talk to your neighbor to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard

Knocking on the door aggressively and cursing them out isn't the way to go here. However, calmly explaining the situation can do the job.

Most neighbors will be sorry and keep their dogs from doing it again. However, that is not a guarantee.

When dealing with a neighbor, find a good time. Meaning, do not talk to them when they look like they are in a hurry.

Or when they are pulling out of the driveway as they might have somewhere to be. But be polite and thoughtful.

How to speak to your neighbor

For instance, offer to help them with their groceries.  Instead of harassing them after work as they are probably exhausted.

Chose a weekend instead of a weekday. Avoid doing it at lunch or dinner time as you might interrupt their eating hours.

In short, choose a good day and hour when they are home and avoid doing it in a public place such as a church or a grocery store.

When you found the perfect chance to speak to your neighbor, so not just jump onto the subject. Use this as an opportunity to seem polite and come across as mature.

Ask about their hobbies and life. Move the conversation along and squeeze in there the issue of the dog.

Explain how it is not the first time it has happened and it had begun to be a reoccurring issue. During all of this, make sure you are polite and do not use foul language.

If the issue of the dog is not just on your lawn, add in the fact that other people are annoyed by the situation too.


Additionally, you should also show them proof that it was their dog. Mainly because with so many people in a neighborhood, the chances are high of, multiple people having a pup.


A great way to present proof is having a surveillance camera to capture the dog's act. Therefore you can show it to the owner, proving it is their dog.

Cameras like the Nest outdoor or Nest outdoor IQ are reliable and get the job done when it comes to capturing high-quality images.

Day or night you will have a clear, detailed picture of what happened. Therefore, having footage to show to your neighbor.


Keeping a little book to write down the time and date of the dog's visit can eventually help keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard.

This will also give you an idea of how frequently it happens and gives you proof to show to authorities later on if needed.

It is also a way to show your neighbor that it has become a reoccurring problem and hopefully they will put an end to it.

After presenting proof you should also give them solutions. Such as a bag holder on the leash, or other simple things.

This way your feelings could be expressed and the problem does not cause tension or conflict. Resolving the problem quickly by talking.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

Believe me when I say that you are not alone. Thousands of homeowners have this problem, so you are not the only one desperately wanting to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard.

Having a neighborhood watch can solve the problem by showing the dog's owner that multiple people are affected by their dog.

Organizing meetings and sharing experiences can show you that you are not alone and the issue goes beyond you and your neighbor.

Agree to help each other by filming when you catch the dog in the act to have evidence of the happening.

By organizing meetings you are able to join people with the same issue to find solutions for it. Therefore, settling the neighborhood dispute.

Doggy Bags

Whether you contact your city to provide the bags, or you and the neighborhood watch chip in, having them there keeps the conflict away.

Providing everyone with rolls of doggy bags can help keep the street clean and normalize any issues that were there before.

 Therefore, giving a big problem a simple and effective solution!

Deter the dog

To keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard, you might have to deal with the dog and not the neighbor.

Using simple methods you can keep the dog away from your lawn for good, and take advantage of nature while you are at it.

To deter dogs you might use things that you already own in your household such as the watering system. 

When their dog is about to do their business in your lawn, activate the sprinklers. It can startle them and keep them from wanting to go into your lawn again.

Other methods could be using a hose to lightly spray them away, certain smells that are repulsive to them, mothballs, and plants.

When using plants make sure it is not going to hurt the dog. That is not the goal. Cactus and other succulents can seriously hurt them.

However, due to the smell of some plants, dogs will not come near your lawn. These include citrus and other deterring plants.


Dog behing fence

Though this might have to come out of your pocket, fixing or installing a fence can solve your problem and the dog will not be able to come into your lawn.

However, it can be quite frustrating that you will have to pay for the mess of someone's dog. Therefore, you can attempt to come up with an agreement.

Maybe they will pay for all of it, or at least 50-50. Keep in mind that it is not fair for you to take money out of your pocket to fix the issue their dog is causing.

Coming up with a deal to fix the fence, therefore ending your problems could be the way to go!

Animal Control Authorities

After so many tries, you might feel like giving up. However, your lawn is your space. And their dog is invading your property.

Contacting the animal control authorities might be the best solution to your problem if it got this far.

You can report the happenings over an email or a quick call to the station. And explain your issue and what you have tried doing to solve it.

They will usually ask you questions such as what neighborhood, are you the only one that experiences this problem, and how often it happens.

You can also mention that you have proof from the cameras and a logbook that dates the frequency of the dog's visit to your lawn.

The animal authorities will then attempt to keep an eye out in your neighborhood and might even give your neighbor a quick visit too.

If after all of this, you still have an issue and do not how to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard, it could be time to take a drastic measure.


Legal action to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard

This is the most drastic measure you can take against your neighbor and should be hard to reach after so many methods to come to a solution.

However, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard, you might have to take legal action.

You can sue them if their dog comes in the garden without permission which by now already happened multiple times.

If they caused damages to your property or other pets/individuals, the pet owner is responsible for the cost of repair or medical bills.

This might be your only option if you already got this far. Do not hesitate to contact your attorneys for advice.

Do remember that you must present your evidence, which could be your camera's footage, logbook or even witnesses of other neighbors in the court.

Hopefully, suing your neighbor could be the solution to all of your issues and the dog stays away!

The bottom line

Having your neighbor's dog walking in uninvited is never fun to deal with, especially when he confuses your lawn for a bathroom.

But you have seen various methods to keep the neighbor's dog out of your yard that are effective and will keep the dog far away.

Let us know if you have ever caught a dog in your security camera footage! 🐶