Nest outdoor IQ review

This review will tell you everything you need to know before buying the Nest Outdoor IQ Camera. I will go over how it performs, what are its features and is it truly worth it overall.

Nest claims that "Rain or shine" you will have your house secure. You can find this camera in the Amazon store at a reasonable price...

So, let's get onto the list of features it brings. There will be explanations on every feature throughout the post.

Nest outdoor IQ Features

  • Person alerts
  • Supersight
  • Familiar faces
  • HD Two-way audio
  • An app that is compatible with multiple devices
  • 1080HD videos
  • Night vision
  • Simple set up
  • Weatherproof
  • Zoom in details
  • Cloud storage available
  • Alerts
  • Daytime HDR
  • Nest aware is available
  • Creating and sharing clips
  • Person alerts
  • Activity zones
  • Sharable live stream


First off, the resolution has to be talked about. It is a 1080 HD picture, which means details will be high and the image will look incredible.

Cameras can have HD imaging, but with plastic lenses, the quality of the image goes down. With Nest, you get a full glass lens.

So, you will truly get the best resolution, no matter if it is day or night.

Field of vision

Nest also has a 130-degree wide-angle that allows you to see a broad area all at once. 

Covering a wider area means you do not have to buy so many cameras for one spot.

Apart from letting you see small details, it even works in the dark. Yep, you read that right. You get to see in great detail in the dark!

With the night view, the camera uses infrared light to illuminate the space so you can have a clear view even if it is dark.

This is very helpful to prevent burglaries and keep anyone away from your home. If needed the video footage can also be shared.


With the so names "supersight" Nest says you can zoom in and still have a clear and detailed picture.

Which is definitively a feature you want to be able to identify anyone or anything.

Nest makes this possible because his camera comes with a 4K sensor and with HDR, apart from that it also has intelligent imaging.

When you mix all of these you end up having Supersight. "It’s a sharp new way to look after home!" Claims Nest.


Along with the already amazing video quality, the Nest outdoor IQ camera also offers 12 times zoom in giving you the ability to look closer.

This is thanks to its 4k sensor that allows images to be nice and detailed even when something is far away.

Images have a tendency to get distorted when you stretch them, and they might become blurry, and be unrecognizable.

Which is not what you want at all! But the Nest outdoor gives you the ability to zoom in up to 12 times and keep the image from becoming distorted.

This feature is great to recognize people, objects, or just overall get a look into whatever you want in the camera's 130-degree angle!

Close up tracking

If a person is recognized, the camera automatically zooms in on them and tracks where they are going.

This is extremely useful at catching burglars or just to know who stopped by your house.

Distance covered

Nest claims that "Nest Cam IQ can detect a person up to 50 feet away, then alert you with a photo of who's there. "

This keeps you alerted, safe, and helps you have no worries in mind. Apart from that 50 feet is a big area to cover.

Daytime HDR

With this feature, you are sure to get the best lighting. That camera combines multiple 4k pictures to keep lightening just right.

This way it will not get too dark or too light. Another way to look at it is that every second it takes multiple pictures. One with more light exposure and one without.

It then combines them and then you have a perfect exposure to light. And it does this constantly. How incredible is that?

HD two way audio

With HD two way audio, you can talk with anyone that comes close to the camera. You can hear them and talk back.

This can be useful whether you are scaring off a burglar, saying "hi" to your kids when they are on the front door, or even to tell the mailman he can leave the package on the front door.

The best part is that you can use this anywhere as long as you have your Nest app and a connection to the internet.

Being able to have two-way communication is very useful as you can talk back and forth.

The microphone and speaker are powerful enough to pick up and communicate sound back and forth between both sides which makes this camera that much better.


Though the camera is not completely waterproof, and should be cared for. It claims to be able to "Stand watch 24/7. Rain or shine."

This is a great feature for anyone that wants to place it where it can rain, though it might make the life expectancy of the camera shorter.

Again, the company claims it is weatherproof, but it does not say water can not damage the camera. So be cautious.

I would not recommend to place it somewhere that will get a lot of rain or is exposed to the weather at all. This will help your camera have a longer life.

This model is also has a weatherproof IP66 rating and a tamper-resistant design.



The Nest app is compatible with IOS, Android, and can even be accessed through a computer. Which helps out when it comes to checking your live feed.

Nest has really thought about compatibility and incorporated a wide variety of electronics in the mix.

Other devices

The Nest Outdoor camera is also compatible with devices like Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

You can tell Google to play the live view on the screen if you own the Chromecast that connects to your TV. 

Similarly, Alexa has the Fire TV stick that can be used for the same purpose.

With the display models, such as the Echo Show, and the Google Nest hub you can watch the live stream from the mini screen.

Apart from those, Nest is also compatible with other devices of the same brand, such as the previously mentioned Nest hub.

Lastly, it is also able to connect and work with Hue appliances. With compatibilities like this, you can play around with various devices!

Person recognition

With or without nest aware, the outdoor IQ can recognize whether a person is a stranger or someone you know.

This is useful to know when someone you do not know is around your house. And allows you to skip unneeded alerts when it is just your kids coming home.

Nest aware

Regardless of the plan or cost, they all allow you to have the familiar face recognition, intelligent alerts, activity zones and clips, and time-lapses.

As for the prices they offer, they have different plans set at different prices, that is up to you as how many days you want the recordings to stay stored for.

The first plan includes 5 days of continuous recording, the cost is $5 a month, however, if you pay for the year, Nest will give you a discount of $10.

So, instead of paying $60 you will pay $50 for the year. While getting all the other amenities that come with the plan.

The second plan gives you a 10-day history of continuous recordings which costs $10 a month.

However, if you pay for the year it will cost you $100 a year.

This gives you the chance to save $20 if you pay yearly, which is also a smart idea as you do not need to worry about any monthly payments.

If you want the biggest plan, Nest has a 30-day video history that continuously records video. It is the pricier plan, coming in at $30 a month.

It costs $300 a year instead of $360, saving you $60 a year, which is pretty good for a yearly plan, considering what it includes.

Nest outdoor IQ Alerts

The Nest camera listens in for any crashes, or loud sounds. Since you cannot always be watching the live video, it warns you if it picks up any suspicious sounds.

If you miss an alert for whatever reason, you can see photos from the last 3 hours of activity in the app to find out what is going on.

If it does pick up a boom, crash or the sound of something breaking it will send you an email or alert with an image of the event, so you can quickly know where it is.

Nest thoroughly thought about what to include in their camera. This feature is extremely useful especially since it could mean a burglar is breaking in or your child fell.

This is quick, easy and efficient. This way you know what is going on and you only need a few seconds to figure it out so it will not take tie out of your day.


When it comes to mounting, you only have one option with this particular camera. However, the mounting it comes with has a 360-degree axis.

Meaning you can attach it and move it around as you please.

You mount the plate into your wall and then attach the camera. You can then move it around until you find the perfect spot.

Nest has made it quick and easy, but this is the only way to mount your camera without extra purchases.


This specific model only comes in the color white, which can be easy to blend in the house.

You can buy skin covers for the camera in various colors like brown, gray, black and beige.


The camera is not prepared for more extreme weather since it is an outdoor camera.

 Therefore, it can handle a bit of temperature.

The Nest Cam Indoor can handle -40° to 133°F. Which is a pretty good range of temperatures.


This camera only weighs 20 oz and measures 5.0 inches in height, 3.7 inches in width, and 3.7 inches in length.

The cable measures 25 ft in length.

How to choose the right spot for your camera

Avoid direct sunlight

The spot you choose should not be exposed to direct sunlight which can make the camera overheat.

Nest camera is made to operate between -20 to 133 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it gets hotter or colder it might affect how the camera functions.

Keep in range of your router

If the connection is lost, your live video will also stop and you will not be able to access it.

Thick walls can end up reducing the strength of your WiFi. So keep in mind that your camera will be outside.

Try streaming video on the spot you will mount your camera to make sure you will have a good enough connection before mounting it.

Consider the surroundings

Things like the porch light, plants or window reflections can mess up the camera, and also affect exposure.

If a glare can be seen, adjusting the camera so the horizon cannot be seen should fix it.

Place it high

Your camera should be reasonably high to get a good look at your area. Nest recommends about 7-10 feet off the ground.

It should also be tilted down, and close enough to be able to see someone's face and be able to talk to them using the mic.

While mounting the camera, check the streaming to make sure you are seeing what you should see.


If you misplace your how-to guide do not worry. You can always find it online and follow the instructions.

What comes in the box?

When you purchase one Nest outdoor camera you will get:

  • Nest Cam IQ outdoor camera
  • Wall plate
  • Outdoor power cable
  • Indoor power adapter
  • Hex key
  • Screws
  • Cable clips
  • Wall anchors
  • Installation guide

Setting up

What you will need (According to Nest)

  • A good WiFi with at least 2 Mbps upload speed
  • A phone or tablet ( iOS 8 or later or Android 4 or later)
  • A power outlet
  • A Nest account
  • A Phillips screwdriver

You may also need 

  • Additional assistance
  • A ladder
  • A drill

What if I do not have an outlet?

If you do not have a plug outside, you can plug Nest Cam Outdoor into an indoor outlet.

This, however, might take a few extra steps. You will most likely need to drill into the exterior wall and know where pipes and wires are.

That can be a bit of a headache, so if you need any help, Nest offers installation services.

Starting set up

Turning it on

Begin by turning the camera indoors to make sure it works and to begin the connection with the WiFi.

Turn it on by connecting the camera with the cable to the outlet and look for a blue light that indicates that it turned on.

Nest account

Download the app and create an account, or log in with your existing account.

Tap the settings icon in the top-right corner of the app home screen. To begin the pairing process.

Then tap “Add product,” choose Nest Cam and follow the steps showed on the screen.

Once paired, you can unplug the camera and continue to the next step.

Bring your camera outside

​Plug it into the outlet you want to use outside. Then you should wait for a green light that indicates that the camera is on.

The camera will reconnect to your WiFi network automatically. This may take a minute or two. From this point on keep the camera connected to the outlet.

Check the live stream

Before mounting the camera up on the wall, log in to the app and make sure that the camera is connected correctly and streaming fine.

If you cannot see anything, move the camera around to find a spot in which the camera has a connection to the WiFi and can stream.

Mounting the camera

First, you have to screw the plate onto your wall. This is easier if you drill the holes onto the wall first.

If the wall is made of a material like brick or stone, you may need to use the included wall anchors to hold the screws. Then place the magnet onto the plate.

Finishing off

To finish off, mount the camera and secure the cables in place. Then enjoy your brand new camera.