Zosi H265 8 channel 5MP PoE NVR

ZOSI H.265+ 5MP NVR Review

In this article, I review the Zosi H.265+ 5MP 8-channel NVR Kit.As soon as I saw this product available, I got interested in test it out and write a complete review to help people understand the pros and cons of this product.Product PriceI must say that the price tag ($599.99) for this KIT is very […]

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Monitor shows the Blue Iris software

Blue Iris Software Review

This article is about Blue Iris Software review. If you are looking for a piece of software for security camera recording and monitoring, don’t look any further because  probably this software is the solution you are looking for.In a nutshell, what is very interesting about this software is the professional features that are available at […]

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Nest Outdoor Camera Review

Nest Outdoor Camera Review – Read before buying

​​​​In this review, I will be talking about the Nest Outdoor Camera, how it performs, what are its features and is it truly worth it overall.​​Nest claims that “Rain or shine” you will have your house secure. You can find this camera in the Amazon store at a reasonable price… Check the price at AmazonNest […]

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Zosi 360º panoramic camera review

ZOSI 360° Panoramic Camera Review

If you are looking for a panoramic security camera that is easy to install and setup, the Zosi 360º panoramic camera is a good and affordable solution.  Click here to check the price with discount I purchased this camera to test it out and write a review, so if you want to learn more about this […]

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NestCam Indoor VS NestCam IQ Indoor Review

Nest Indoor vs Nest Indoor IQ review

In this review, I compare the Nest Cam Indoor and the Nest Cam Indoor IQ.It is no secret that Nest has some amazing cameras on the market, but sometimes choosing between them does not only mean taking a look at the prices.Price, quality, features. They all need to be looked into and examined to know […]

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NestCam IQ Indoor

Nest cam IQ indoor review

​If you are looking for an easy to install a camera that will make your life easier I got just the thing for you. Just read this Nest cam IQ indoor review.I will go over the features of the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, so keep reading.If you have not read the other article about another […]

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Nest indoor camera review

Easy to install, great set of features and incredible prices for what you are getting. You are going to love the Nest indoor camera, so read all about it.You might think you need an electrician to pass cables through your walls, and someone to adjust all the cameras to a DVR.But it all gets easier […]

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Ring Spotlight Camera Review

Ring spotlight camera review

In this article, you will have a detailed explanation of all you need to know about the Ring Spotlight Camera. Then you can decide if it works for you.It is no secret that many of us do not understand all the fancy language camera technicians use. But you do not need all the knowledge they […]

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Arlo pro wireless security camera

Arlo Pro review (read before buying)

In this article, you will find a detailed Arlo Pro review to help you decide if this home security camera is the right choice. Keep reading…Source: Arlo.comLet’s face that not all of us are professionals security camera installers that know how to install dozens of cameras. So let’s focus on devices with an easy setup.Most […]

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The best wireless security cameras

Best wireless security cameras in 2019

You are planning to install a wireless security camera system on your property.However, with a lot of brands and in the market, it makes this simple task complicated and confusing and you don’t know which model to buy.For instance, find out which security camera has the best Wi-Fi connectivity.Wireless security cameras are selling like hotcakes. […]

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