Best Online CCTV Video Editing Software

The world today is much more conscious about security. CCTVs are a powerful surveillance tool used by individuals and organizations to keep a tab on their security. Over the years, CCTVs have grown to be more than just another viewing device, and people are using the footage in various social experiments or to prove a point.

Best Editing CCTV software

Such scenarios may require one to edit CCTV footage. The editing may range from removing noise from the sound to color correcting the images. In some situations, you may want to add texts to the clip so that the onlooker is aware of the context.

Irrespective of your editing needs, you need to realize that not all video editing software is suitable for your CCTV footages. To help you make the right pick, we have a list of the top seven tools that you can use for editing your footage.

EaseUS Video Editor

CCTV cameras are not very strong on the color levels and may need color correction. With the EaseUs Video editor, you can make such corrections in a matter of minutes. Further, there is the provision of slowing down your videos, zooming into them, or cropping them as per your need.

The EaseUS video editor lets you free the frame to the videos, split or merge them. While presenting CCTV footage, voice narration forms an integral part of the editing, and this can be seamlessly carried out in this tool. The icing on the cake is the fact that this tool allows you to convert your CCTV footage from one form to another.

Windows Video Editor

Most CCTV video editing is basic editing, and the Windows video editor should work fine. The Windows video editor is preloaded, and you do not have to go through the hassle of installing or subscribing to any tool.

The tool is simple to use and allows you to change the pace of your videos, add 3D effects, and work on basic video editing. The only hiccup of the Windows Video Editor is the fact that it does not support all video formats, and you do not have the luxury of pro-level video editing.

HitFilm Express

If you want to edit your CCTV footage to a professional level, then HitFilm Express is a fine choice. You will have more than 400 effects, VFX, and a host of other options available. We recommend the usage of this tool for people who have prior video editing experience in this field.

The simple interface ensures that you do not have any problem navigating to the unlimited tracks and transitions of the app. This is a powerful tool, but you need to be aware that not all the features of the tool are free. Hence, while editing your CCTV footage, you need to plan a roadmap and make appropriate payments before you begin your work.


Apple users have a default video editing tool that you can use to complete all your CCTV video editing needs. It is a free app that allows you to remove unnecessary clips from your footage, speed it up or adjust the audio part of the footage. iMovie is an ideal tool for beginners as it seamlessly integrates with the Mac operating system and allows you to import files from iTunes.

iMovie is one of the few video editing tools to support 4K CCTV videos and offers drag and drop support on the same. While this is a simple video editing tool that is ideal for beginners, the tool has some advanced video editing features that help you get professional quality edits. With experience, you can use the tool to achieve precision-level video editing.

Adobe Spark

For users who are keen on using an online tool for editing their CCTV footage, Adobe Spark is one of the best options in the market today. The tool has several professional layouts and lets you add text, music, transitions, and other special video effects to the video.

Adobe Spark A signature product from Adobe, the tool ensures that there is minimal load time. The tool has all the video editing features that one can need for their CCTV footage, and it seamlessly integrates with free video editing software, providing users with a comprehensive suite of creative tools.


If you want to trim your videos or add a wide frame to them, Lightworks is an ideal choice for Mac users. Lightworks gives you access to innumerable royalty-free media to your CCTV footages. You can import your videos to different formats.

As this is a histogram tool it is a perfect choice for making your CCTV videos compatible with the different platforms. The only shortcoming of the app is the fact that there is no content analyzer, and you do not have the luxury of project sharing. Also, the free version offers limited features, and you need to pay the subscription to make the most of this app.


Blender is a Mac tool that is known for 3D animation design. However, this tool is an excellent choice for CCTV video editing. You can load your videos, export, and enhance them. It is a complete video editing package, and you complete the 3D maker as well as the video editor from one point.

The interface of Blender can be tailored with Python, and you can have it in a form that is the most convenient for you. While this may seem too overwhelming for beginners, the fact is that this tool gives you a lot of creative liberty. If you can spend some time learning how to maneuver through the app, you can create high-quality CCTV edits in a matter of minutes.

In the coming days, we expect CCTV penetration to run deeper in society. As of today, there are 770 million CCTV cameras in use. This figure is expected to rise and that will open the doors to new opportunities in the use of CCTV footages.

That way, there will be greater demand for CCTV video editing. Deciding on which video editing tool works for you will give you an upper hand in utilizing the power of CCTVs.