Amcrest Face Detection

How to enable face detection on Amcrest cameras [with real example]

Want to enable face detection on Amcrest cameras ?I have an Amcrest 4MP PTZ model IP4M-1063EW-AI with the face detection working via a web browser. It even shows the details about myself.Amcrest camera with face detectionAs you can see, the camera detects my face, creates some thumbnails and shows information about gender, age, expression, glass, […]

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Amcrest camera reset button

How to reset Amcrest PTZ camera (IP4M-1063EW-AI)

In this article, I explain how to reset an Amcrest PTZ camera IP4M-1063EW-AI.If you don’t remember the camera’s password and need to reset it to factory default follow the steps in this article. It usually takes less than 5 minutes.Let’s get started.How to reset the Amcrest PTZ cameraTo reset the Amcrest PTZ camera you just […]

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Amcrest PTZ Auto Focus OK

Amcrest PTZ Auto Focus Hunting [Solved]

This article explains how to fix the Amcrest PTZ autofocus hunting.If you are here, chances are you are trying to use the camera’s zoom, but the autofocus doesn’t work correctly when zooming too much into the target.Don’t worry. This is not a problem with the camera but just an adjustment.The Amcrest PTZ autofocus issue [not […]

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Amcrest camera on AngelCam

How to Add Amcrest camera to Angelcam (via port forwarding)

In this article, I explain how to add an Amcrest camera to Angelcam.I tested the setup with an Amcrest 4MP PTZ camera model IP4M-1063EW-AI and it worked as expected. The process is simple and takes about 5 minutes.Follow these steps to add your camera to the Angelcam platform:Check if your camera works in the local […]

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Amcrest camera added to ACS

How to Add Amcrest Cameras to Axis Camera Station (using ONVIF)

This article explains how to add Amcrest cameras to the Axis Camera Station.The integration is done via the ONVIF protocol available in the Amcrest camera.I’ve tested the Amcrest IP4M-1063EW-AI and the camera was succesfully added.Add Amcrest cameras to Axis Camera StationBe aware that ACS is the short name for the Axis Camera Station software.To make our […]

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Amcrest 4MP PTZ

Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ Review (IP4M-1063EW-AI)

This is a review of the Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ PoE+ camera.The camera model is IP4M-1063EW-AI. It’s available on the Amazon store.Amcrest sent me a camera sample. I’ve been testing it for some time to share the results and my opinion about this product. So, please keep reading…  Best Price for the Amcrest IP4M-1063EW-AI ==> This […]

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Amcrest Motion Detection Area

How To Set up Motion Detection on Amcrest Cameras

Let’s see how to setup motion detection on Amcrest cameras.Motion detection is crucial for most security cameras, and you may use this feature to save bandwidth, storage space and facilitate the search for recorded events.Let’s take a look at how to accomplish this task.Amcrest camera motion detection setupFollow the steps below to configure motion detection […]

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Amcrest Made In China

Where are Amcrest cameras manufactured?

In this article, I answer the question “Where are Amcrest cameras manufactured?”Since this brand is largely available in the market, more people are concerned with the product origin and quality, so let’s talk about this topic.Amcrest cameras are manufactured in ChinaYes, Amcrest cameras are manufactured in China.I believe you already had an idea that this […]

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Amcrest Manual Recording

Amcrest Camera: How to manually record to a SD card

This article shows how to configure an Amcrest camera to record to an SD card manually. The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes. Make sure you use a micro SD card that is compatible with your camera. Configure the SD card manual recordingHere are the steps to configure the Amcrest SD card […]

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Amcrest Camera Web Interface Upgrading Message

How to update Amcrest camera firmware

In this video, I explain how to update Amcrest camera firmware.The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes.With the update, it’s possible to fix known issues and also activate new features. How To Upgrade the FirmwareTo upgrade the firmware, use a web browser and follow the steps below:Download the upgrade file (link below);Login to […]

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