Where are Amcrest cameras manufactured?

In this article, I answer the question "Where are Amcrest cameras manufactured?"

Since this brand is largely available in the market, more people are concerned with the product origin and quality, so let's talk about this topic.

Amcrest cameras are manufactured in China

Yes, Amcrest cameras are manufactured in China.

I believe you already had an idea that this would be the case, right?

Amcrest team sent me a Night Color 4-MP PoE camera to test and review. As you can see in the picture below the box shows the information "Assembled in China".

Amcrest Cameras Assembled in China

I believe they use "Assembled" as a fancy word for manufactured, since the camera itself comes with a label where is written "Made in China".

So, the question could be "where are Amcrest cameras made" or "Where are Amcrest cameras manufactured?" and the the answer is still the same... They are made, manufacured or assembled in China as most of the electronic products.

Amcrest Made In China

Most of the products (including iPhone) are manufactured in China, so that's not a primary concern unless you plan to use Amcrest cameras on a U.S. government facility, which is not allowed due to some restrictions.