Amcrest account has been locked (Quick Fix)

If you get the message "The Account Has Been Locked" or the message "Account is blacklisted"in your Amcrest DVR or NVR, here there's a quick solution for you.

This a common problem among users and I've seen that happen several times.

Amcrest DVR

The problem is related to too many attempts to login with the wrong password.

Let's see how to fix this problem...

Why the DVR/NVR account is locked?

The DVR/NVR is just trying to protect itself from unauthorized access and that's the reason it temporarily blocks the account if the person is trying to hack it.

This a good way to protect the device from people that keep trying to guess what the password is, after several attempts they can't try again and have to wait.

The quick solution for this problem

To fix the problem you can just wait for 30 to 60 minutes to have the DVR read again for the authentication or as a quick fix just reboot the device.

Amcrest the accont is locked

Amcrest DVR: The accont is locked

This time varies depending on the DVR/NVR model and the way you tried to use the username/password, anyway, it's a question of time to try again.

You can just read the message on the device screen to see what it says.

Other issues that can lock the account

If you have tried to solve the problem by rebooting the DVR/NVR and still gets the message saying the recorder is locked, it's time to check something else.

Chances are you have other devices in the network trying to log in to the device.

A computer running the Amcrest Surveillance Pro or a mobile running the Amcrest View Pro App could be trying to send the wrong username/password combination to the  DVR or NVR and that's the reason the account is being locked.

See the diagram below with the illustration of this problem.

Amcrest DVR Wrong Password

As soon as you reboot the DVR/NVR, the computer or mobile devices send the wrong password to the device, which causes the error again and again.

To fix this problem, just isolate the DVR/NVR from the network and reboot it, then it's necessary to change the username/password to the same one the devices are trying to use or do the opposite and change the device's configuration.

And that's the solution for the Amcrest locked account. Simple, huh? 😉

Of you need extra help, please visit the Amcrest website.

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