Amcrest camera on AngelCam

How to Add Amcrest camera to Angelcam (via port forwarding)

In this article, I explain how to add an Amcrest camera to Angelcam.I tested the setup with an Amcrest 4MP PTZ camera model IP4M-1063EW-AI and it worked as expected. The process is simple and takes about 5 minutes.Follow these steps to add your camera to the Angelcam platform:Check if your camera works in the local […]

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How to Recover Deleted Files and Photos from SD Card for Free

This post teaches you how to recover deleted files, photos, videos, etc. from an SD card or camera memory card in a free and easy way.Where do deleted SD card files go?How to recover deleted photos from camera SD card?Photos disappeared from camera SD card?SD card or memory card helps you store photos, videos, and […]

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Open Hard Drive

Does a CCTV system work without a hard disk?

Does a CCTV system work without a hard disk drive (HDD)?This article answers this question and explains the reasons for using HDDs.Here’s a quick answer; Yes, a CCTV system works without a hard disk drive if you use alternative ways to record the footage, such as micro SD cards or cloud storage servers located on […]

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FTP server for IP camera

FTP server for IP camera (easy setup)

Let’s set up an FTP server for IP camera. You can use a trial version to test it out!In this article, I show how to configure a security camera to send files to an FTP server on the Internet. The process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.You can see the configuration for […]

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Angelcam Alternatives

Angelcam pricing and alternatives

This article is about Angelcam pricing and a quick comparison to the competition.Security camera cloud storage cost is always a concern, so I’ve tested the Angelcam platform and I now I decided to compare it with 3 other similar services.If you are looking for Angelcam alternatives, here you can find useful information to make up your mind […]

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Wyze Cam V2 Micro SD card

Wyze Cam V2 SD card size and type (which one is better for you ?)

It’s very important to use a micro SD card that is appropriate for your Wyze Cam V2. In this article, I will explain which one is better for your camera.Wyze Cam V2 supports micro SD cards up to 32GB formatted with the FAT32 file system. It’s recommended to use Class 10 cards to have a […]

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Camera name

Angelcam DVR setup ( Quick and Easy )

In this article, you are going to learn how  to connect a DVR to Angelcam.The Angelcam DVR setup is a simple process that takes about 5 minutes…Follow these steps to set up a DVR to work with the Angelcam platform:Check if your DVR supports the H.264 codec and RTSP encoding;Test the local video streaming with […]

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CCTV storage calculation

CCTV Storage Calculation with Formula and Examples (step-by-step)

Storage calculation is very important for CCTV projects. I bet you want to learn how to calculate bandwidth and storage for your IP cameras and recorder devices, so you can estimate how much hard drive is necessary to record your CCTV footage. So it’s time to learn, just keep reading…  Got a question about CCTV storage?Yeah, […]

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Storage for CCTV

How much bandwidth is necessary for CCTV

The amount of bandwidth used by a CCTV camera is directly proportional to the video quality. The higher the quality, the higher the transmission bandwidth and also the need for storage space.I will talk about the factors that influence image quality and the use of bandwidth for transmission and amount of storage necessary for CCTV:Factors […]

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Memory Card for CCTV Cameras

Memory Card for CCTV

Most of the modern IP security cameras have a memory card slot. This is very interesting because the camera can record on the same type of card used in regular photo cameras, but it is important to understand exactly what is the best CCTV camera memory card type that can be used on your IP […]

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