Angelcam pricing and alternatives

This article is about Angelcam pricing and a quick comparison to the competition.

Security camera cloud storage cost is always a concern, so I've tested the Angelcam platform and I now I decided to compare it with 3 other similar services.

If you are looking for Angelcam alternatives, here you can find useful information to make up your mind and pick the one the is right for you.

The competitors are Videoloft, CameraFTP, CamCloud, Ivideon.

Let's start with a price comparison...

Security camera cloud storage cost

Here's a price table for the IP camera cloud recording platform.

The comparison is based on a single IP camera recording for 30 days with a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720)  and 5 FPS (frames per second).


Price / month

N. Days



USD 13.99




N/A *




USD 15




USD 15.73




USD 22



* The price for Videoloft is not disclosed here because of the agreement the company has with its partners, but I promise you that it is worth taking a look at this platform and its advantages (more on that later in this article).

The initial price for every platform is different at first, but with a customized option is possible to choose the plans according to this table.

Usually, you can have discounts for paying 1 year in advance. 

Camera cloud recording features

Most of the security camera cloud storage services can record continuously 24x7 or based on motion detection which saves space and time during the search.

Some companies claim that 90% of the IP cameras are compatible with their platform and that's usually true for all of them because modern IP cameras use the RTSP (Real-time Streaming Protocol) that is universal.

Depending on the platform it's possible to share the video with other people by sending a link to a website or by embedding code on a site or blog.

Audio recording is also available depending on the IP camera features.

Mobile App and notification is also something interesting to consider when choosing a security camera cloud storage platform.

Now let's talk about each platform...


Angelcam was founded in 2010 and since then is offering security camera cloud storage for IP cameras and other devices such as DVRs and NVRs.

It's possible to use different IP camera brands and practically there's no limitation as long as the device uses the RTSP protocol and it's not part of a closed system.

There's a list with 200+ brands that are compatible with Angelcam and usually the implementation is very easy as long as you have the device RTSP URL.

Here are some of the Angelcam features:

  • Supports 90% of IP camera brands;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • View from Desktop & Mobile App;
  • Instant alerts via email;
  • Connects cameras from different locations;
  • Secure cloud storage;
  • Playback and export videos;
  • Share video evidence;
  • Multi-view capabilities;
  • Device health check;
  • Unlimited amount of video clips;
  • Remote access sharing;
  • Unlimited Free live monitoring for cameras and doorbells.

The Angelcam platform is very easy and intuitive, you just need to select the type of device your want to connect (IP camera, DVR, NVR, or doorbell).

There are some camera brands such as Axis and Hikvision that are "Angelcam ready" which means they have direct compatibility with the native protocol.

It's also possible to upgrade the camera firmware to turn it into an "Angelcam ready" device or use the Angelbox as an intermediate device.

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Check those videos I've recorded during the tests with the Angelcam platform:

OK, I think it's enough information about the Angelcam platform, now let's talk about other ones...


This is an excellent alternative to Angelcam.

I've been testing this platform for some time, and I may say it's very good.

Videoloft was created in September 2019 as a professional division of the company Manything which created an app to monitor home back in 2012.

==> To learn more, read the article: Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance Review. You can sign up as a partner or as a customer (with a 5% discount).

You can use the Videoloft platform to connect to video surveillance devices and record everything in the cloud. It works very well with different brands. 

You can use the Videoloft platform to connect to video surveillance devices and record everything in the cloud. It works very well with different brands. 

At first, the platform is directly compatible with Hikvision devices. Still, you can also use a cloud adapter that is compatible with the ONVIF protocol, thus allowing you to use professional cameras such as Amcrest, Axis, Dahua, Wisenet, etc. 

  • Records up to 4K cameras;
  • Super easy to setup;
  • Supports most IP camera brands;
  • Sends alerts via email and push notification
  • Quick configuration;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • View from Desktop & Mobile App;
  • Edge storage (record on the cloud adapter SD card);
  • Device health check;
  • Send notification alerts;
  • Camera control (PTZ;.
  • Support to audio.

This is an excellent opportunity for system integrators that want to have recurring revenue. The Videoloft platform allows you to become a partner and offer cloud recording services to your customers under your brand.

I recommend you to try this platform and check what it has to offer.

Click the button below to sign up for Free trial (partners).


CamCloud was created with the idea of a do-it-yourself (DIY) cloud video surveillance solution. The idea is to have small businesses that can use the platform without the need of hiring technicians or installers.

The company's main goal is to eliminate complexity and allow the cameras to connect directly to the cloud platform for fast surveillance.

Here are some of the CamCloud's features:

  • Supports most IP camera brands;
  • Direct connection to the camera;
  • Plug and Play setup;
  • Quick configuration;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Cloud storage for up to 90 days;
  • View from Desktop & Mobile App;
  • Unlimited users connection; 
  • Edge storage (record on the camera SD card);
  • Device health check;
  • Camera control (PTZ).

Those are interesting features especially if you are running a small business and want to install and manage the cameras yourself.

Let's move on to the next one...


Camera FTP is a division of the DriveHQ which offers reliable cloud storage service, so it has the background to work with security camera cloud storage.

The company offers its services to homes and businesses that want to protect people, pets, and important assets at a fair price per camera.

What is really interesting about this platform is that it can work with video recording (which is the main topic of this article) and also FTP recording.

Just in case you want to use the FTP feature on your camera and send images to be stored in the server, the CameraFTP is a great solution.

Back to the security camera cloud storage platform, here are  its features:

  • Supports different IP camera brands;
  • Records up to 10 years;
  • Works with IP cameras and smartphones ;
  • Webcam as an IP camera;
  • Can use a PC as a recording system;
  • DVR cloud storage backup;
  • Large scale distributed system;
  • Connection for different users; 
  • Time-lapse;
  • Embed camera on a website;
  • Reseller program.
  • FTP service.

There's a huge advantage in using the FTP server feature because it's not necessary to understand port forwarding and configuration for DVR remote viewing, so you don't need any technical skills to configure your local router.

You can also use your smart device or webcam as a camera.

OK, it's time to talk about the next one...


Ivideon is a company with 10 years of development with customers in more than 130 countries. There are 15 data centers around the world to manage the traffic and store the data of 4 million users.

When talking about security camera cloud storage, this is a company you can trust.

The company offers the service for home and business with local or cloud storage and alert notification to different devices.

Here are some of the Ivideon's features:

  • Supports different IP camera brands;
  • Uses a local server for recording;
  • Works with iOS, Android Windows, Mac, and Linux ;
  • Smart notification (reduces false alerts);
  • Easy setup;
  • Event recording;
  • Partner program.

This platform is interesting because it can record the cameras locally in a PC-based DVR and send video to the cloud and that makes the system redundant.

You can also use firmware to upgrade the camera and make it compatible with the platform but that only works with specific brands listed on their site.


It's not easy to choose the perfect security camera cloud storage, and that's the reason I wrote this article based on the Angelcam pricing and the comparison with its competitors so you can have some alternatives.

I have more information about the Angelcam (as shown in the videos) just because I feel more comfortable using this platform and I've been testing if for quite some time with different camera brands such as Samsung, Hanwha Techwin, Intelbras, Tecvoz, Zosi and even consumer products such as the Wyze Cam.

I've testing different alternatives to Angelcam and Videoloft is the one I like the most because it's very easy to use and has an interesting partnership plan.

I hope the information in this article can help you to choose the best solution.

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