Loocam 1080p Wire-Free camera review

This article is about the Loocam 1080p Wire-Free camera review. 

It's a smart camera that uses an internal rechargeable battery and does not depend on an external power supply connected all the time.

You can have the camera streaming  directly to your mobile phone App.

The picture below shows the Loocam camera I received for (not sponsored) review.

Loocam 1080p Wire Free camera

Loocam 1080p wire-free camera

I've been testing this camera for weeks, and I want to share my opinion about the product to help you decide if it's right for you. Let's get started.

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Loocam wire-free camera overview

The Loocam wire-free camera an IP65 wireless security camera for home and small business applications. It has night vision and an internal 6700mAh rechargeable battery, night vision, human detection, two-way audio, and smart warning.

The camera uses a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection to transmit its data to the network, thus allowing remote access via the Internet using a smartphone App. 

Loocam camera

You can insert a micro SD card to record the footage locally and also send the video stream to a cloud server to keep the data safe (paid service).

My first impression of the Loocam camera

Yes, my first impression was good because I could set up the camera in a matter of minutes by just using a smartphone and following the instructions.

The video quality is great, and the night vision and audio work pretty well.

What is on the box

The Loocam camera comes in a beautiful box that brings the installation accessories and the quick guide. The picture below shows the content of the box.

Loocam camera what is the box

Loocam IP camera box content

Inside the box, there's the camera, a USB cable to power the camera (no power adapter available), anchors, screws, template, and mount for installation. There's also a camera's user guide and a needle to reset the camera.

The Loopcam camera details

The camera has an elegant design.

Loocam camera

In the front part, there's a lens, an ambient light sensor, and a LED that indicates when the camera is ON, a microphone, and the infrared LEDs.

The back part

There's a thread in the back part of the camera to connect the device, so it's possible to install the camera on a wall. There's also a connection for the USB cable, a slot for the Micro SD card, power, and a reset button.

Loocam camera back part

The SD card slot for loca recording

It's possible to insert a micro SD card for footage recording.

Loocam camera sd card slot

The camera features

Let's talk about the camera features.

Camera resolution

The Loocal camera captures images with 2MP (1080p) resolution, which is enough for most applications and allows you can zoom in to see the video's details.

The picture below shows an example of the camera quality.

Loocam Camera Quality

Loocam camera indoors

The camera resolution is good; however, the dynamic range is not good enough to capture important details when there's light contrast.

As you can see in the picture, the light from the balcony blinds the camera; however, this issue is very common for cameras with this price tag.

Night Vision

This camera works well at nighttime.

It uses infrared LEDs to capture images with great detail.

The picture below shows what the camera captured outdoors during the night.

Camera night vision

Loocam camera indoors (night vision)

As you can see, the image is super clear at night time when the camera Infrared lights turn on. I can even see the balcony.


The Loocam camera is weatherproof, so you can install it outdoor without a problem with rain. It's IP65 rated (it complies with the international standard).

Bi-directional (two-way) audio

The camera has a microphone and a speaker to allow bi-directional audio communication, so it's possible to hear the sounds around the camera and speak to someone close to it. The sound is loud and clear.

Push notification

The camera can send push notifications to the smartphone App.

The camera detects motion and triggers the notification.

SD Card Recording

It's possible to record the videos into micro SD cards.

I recommend you buy a class 10 micro SD card to avoid problems.

==> To learn more, read the article: Best SD cards for security cameras.

Cloud Recording

You can have the camera recording on the micro SD card and also in the cloud.

The footage stays safe into the cloud just in case something happens to your camera, and that's very good for security purposes.

You can use the App on your mobile phone to retrieve the videos.

Installation and setup

I set up the camera in less than 5minutes.

The setup process is super simple.

Once the camera is charged, I just downloaded the smartphone App and followed the instructions to read the QR code.

The picture below shows the process of pointing the smartphone to the camera.

Camera set up

After few steps, I got the camera up and running.

Alexa Integration

After the camera installation, Alexa automatically finds the device in the network; however, the camera didn't show up on my Echo Show and Fire TV.

When I ask Alexa to show the camera on my devices, it tries to display the camera, but instead, it only displays a message on the screen "Waiting for Meari," and then it gives up and says, "The camera is not responding."

The picture below shows the camera stuck in the Fire TV.

Alexa trying to display camera on the TV

Loocam camera on the Echo Show

The manufacturer informed me that the camera is not compatible with Alexa at the time. Perhaps a new firmware in the future could bring this feature to life.

The Pros and Cons of camera

OK, it's time to talk about the pros and cons of the Loocam camera.

Based on the tests I've done for this review, here are the results...


  • High-quality video recording
  • Weatherproof (IP65) 
  • Bi-directional audio
  • Micro SD and Cloud recording
  • Easy to set up
  • Night Vision 
  • Motion detection
  • Battery-powered
  • Inexpensive


  • The Alexa App is not working properly


The Loocam camera is a good product.

Besides the fact the camera does not have a good dynamic range, if you want an inexpensive wireless camera that is easy to set up, I suggest going for this one.

I hope this review can help you make up your mind and make the right decision.

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I'm not an Loocam employee, neither the company representative. 

I received the product from Loocam to evaluate and write a review about it, but I don't have any obligations to enforce the product advantages.

My opinion about the camera quality is based on my tests and analysis of the features, and I'm just giving the final verdict accordingly.

I do receive a small affiliate commission when people buy this product using the buttons available on this article, but there's no extra cost at all to the buyer.