Can My Parents Install a Security Camera in My Room?

Today, many children (and even parents) are questioning the legality of installing a security camera in the children’s bedroom. Children, specifically, are questioning this move, as they feel as if they are deprived of privacy.

Teenager in her room

So, to answer this question, continue reading as we present the possible scenarios for this topic.

Is It Legal for Parents to Install Security Cameras in the Children’s Room?

There are two scenarios we need to consider to answer this question: If it is legal or not. Well, it all depends on the age of the children.

Installing security cameras in children’s room is LEGAL if:

  •  Children are aged 18 years old and below. Children of this age are considered as minor and dependents. Therefore, elaborate privacy laws are not applicable to them. Hence giving parents the rights to install the cameras in any rooms they like. Except for bathrooms, toilets, changing room, etc.
  • Baby monitor cams may also be installed and are considered legal. The purpose of this is for parents to check if the children are being taken cared of b the babysitter. However, they need to get the consent of the babysitter first. Also, there are strict laws governing audio recording. Take note that audio recording is prohibited except when the person involved agrees to it.
  • Children below 4 years old are to be monitored constantly. Therefore, it is legal for parents to install baby monitors to keep track of their children’s activities. These devices may be installed in their bedrooms, in the living room, kitchen, etc.
  • There are legitimate reasons. Therefore making it legal for parents to install security cameras in their own house, including children's room, and the kitchen. This applies to households with mentally or physically disabled children or those who have been seriously injured. In this situation, it is legal for parents to install security cameras in their homes, especially in the child’s bedroom for monitoring purposes. Therefore ensuring the child’s safety.

Therefore, to the question of the legality of installing security cameras in children’s bedroom, the answer is yes, it is legal, provided it meets the conditions mentioned above.

Installing Security Cameras in Children’s Bedroom is ILLEGAL if:

  • It is illegal for parents to install a hidden spy camera in the room of a young adult. Meaning, children over 18 years old. At this age, children are now covered by the elaborate privacy laws. Therefore, the installation of such devices violates their privacy.
  • Parents taking photographs of their children undressed using hidden cameras. Is definitely illegal. Likewise, landlords, roommates, and neighbors CANNOT install security cameras in places where a person has reasons for privacy.
  • A camera is placed in the bathroom, toilet, changing room, etc. by the parent or guardian to spy on a kid. It is an invasion of privacy. This act can be considered as a prosecutable and punishable felony.

What to Do if Your Parents Installed a Security Camera in Your Bedroom

Most parents do things o their children because they care. They want their children to be safe and grow up to be good people, good citizens.

Therefore, if you happen to know that your parents have installed a hidden security camera in your bedroom, do not be angry.

You will be offended, yes, as you might feel that your privacy has been invaded. But be level headed about it first. Calm down and find out what the reasons are why your parents did such a thing.

Who knows, your parents may have valid reasons for doing this. Among the typical reasons parents have are:

  • They want to make sure that you are doing your school work and not just goofing around watching TV or playing your favorite computer games.
  • Your parents might suspect that you are into drugs, smoking, alcohol, or anything they might think could endanger your life.
  • As typical parents, they just want their children to be safe. As simple as that.
  • However, there are parents who use it for illegal purposes. The most common reason is child pornography. If this is the case, seek help from the right people. Meaning, go to local authorities and report the incident, or anybody authorized to deal with such situations.

To clear things up, regarding the installation of security cameras in your bedroom, you can try these tips:

Talk to your parents about the camera in your room

Try talking to your parents. Tell them how you feel about that thing called a security camera sitting in a corner and spying on you. Be honest about how you feel and nicely ask them if they can remove the security camera from your room. 

mother talking with teenage daughter about the security camera

However, if the reason why your parents installed the camera is that you do not your homework and other school stuff, then probably you can make a compromise. 

You can promise them to do all your schoolwork and not do anything dangerous. If they see you are sincere and are to be trusted, then you can have your way. But never betray the trust your parents give you. You might not be so lucky next time.

Involve relatives. Yes, there are those “stubborn” parents who do not listen to reason. And probably they have cause not to.

If your parents do not listen to you, then maybe you can ask other relatives like your grandparents, for example, to mediate and help you explain to your parents and make them understand your dilemma.

Your relatives can probably do a better job persuading your parents to remove the security camera from your bedroom.

Talk to a counselor 

Talk to a counselor. You can try talking to a counselor and get some helpful advice from someone without any connections to your parents.

teenager talking with counselor about the security cameras

This way, you will get an unbiased opinion. This is the best move to make if you are not that comfortable with talking to your parents directly.

At least the counselor can give you sound advice on how to approach them and tackle the situation. There are cases when you may get a low-cost or even free consultation. However, it depends on where you live.

Move to your own place

Move out of your parent’s’ house. This is applicable to those over 18 years old. If your parents do not compromise and refuse to remove the security camera from your bedroom, then maybe you should try moving to another place.

An apartment probably, or move in with a friend or colleague. In extremely worse situations, though, where parents film their children for illegal purposes, it would be best to run away from home and seek help from proper authorities

Hopefully, the tips given above can help you answer those questions which persistently creeps into your mind, especially if you have parents who are spying on you.


Parents must be very careful before installing security cameras in the children's room because this can cause a lot of legal and behavioral issues.

I suggest having a conversation to find the best solution for the case.

It's not a good idea to limit kid privacy unless it's really necessary.

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