How to Choose a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are very popular and parents are using them to keep the children safe, so I bet you want to do the same but don't know which baby monitor is better.

Don't worry, in this article, you will learn how to choose the best baby monitor.

Baby in the crib

Baby monitors are devices that allow you to watch or listen to your child remotely from a different room or even from the Internet. They use the best technology to send audio and video directly to a mobile phone, tablet, PC or a laptop.

Choosing the right baby monitor is not an easy task since there are too many options in the market, however, you can learn what are the basic features you should consider when shopping around for such a device.

Factors to consider when buying a baby monitor (safe always comes first)

The main job of a baby monitor is to keep the child safe and detect when the baby cries or do something that indicates that it's time for a feeding or changing the diaper. Remember that your main objective is to protect your cute baby.

Baby in danger

It's also very important to make sure the baby is safe and if this is your main concern, it's better to have a baby monitor with audio and video capabilities. 

But a baby monitor can do much more than that since the technology allows to have extra features so entertain the baby and even the parents.

How about watching your baby via a mobile phone, while he/she enjoys a nice song or hear your voice through the device speaker ? Pretty nice huh?

So, let's summarize this topic, the factors to consider when buying a baby monitor are: Safeness,  Reachability ,and Entertainment.

The best baby monitor

When shopping for the best baby monitor pay attention to the safeness first and consider buying the model that has a reliable audio and video transmission.

Audio quality 

Audio quality is crucial to make sure the baby is safe since you can hear everything that happens in the environment, so if the baby cries or something else happens you will be able to notice even if the camera is not pointing to the child.

audio waves

Look for a baby monitor that has a good microphone and a reliable transmission from the device to your computer or mobile. Make sure the audio is loud and clear enough to identify every sound in the room the baby is at.

Don't let other entertainment features get into the first place, remember always that your main concern is to keep your baby safe. Ask for the audio quality. 

Some baby monitors can even filter the background noise and focus on the baby sounds to make sure you can hear your child crying and asking for attention.

Video quality 

To make sure your child is safe you must have a baby monitor with good video quality, but don't take the vendor's word, just dig deeper when asking questions regarding the device quality, especially for different environmental conditions.

I've been working with professional security cameras for more than 15 years, so please trust me on that.... Camera video quality can vary a lot !

I recommend you to consider shopping for a reliable brand when shopping for a baby monitor since the video quality can vary drastically especially in a dark environment with a baby moving around. 

Look for devices with high-resolution such as Full HD or 4K. The resolution let you have more details on a big monitor which is very good when you are monitoring your baby from a computer or even a TV with a large screen. 

High-resolution is also good for digital zoom, so you can use your smartphone to zoom-in and still see the important details in the room, choose models which have 4K resolution as long as you don't sacrifice other features such the ability to see in the dark. 


It doesn't matter how good the audio and video quality are if you can't see it in your side, so be very careful when choosing a baby monitor that can transmit the audio and video to the place you are at.

Local transmission

Some baby monitor models work with local-only transmission which means they can send the audio and video stream to a receiver located nearby, the range can vary depending on the brand but 1,000 feet is the average maximum distance.

The model used for local transmission has a camera which works as the transmitter and should stay in the baby's room and a small monitor works as a receiver to allow you watching the baby from a different room.  

The picture below shows a baby monitor that works with a transmitter (camera) and a receiver (monitor) up to 900 ft. This is a very popular model on Amazon.

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Babysense video monitor

Remote transmission

If you want to monitor your child from home and also remotely from the Internet, just buy a Wi-Fi baby monitor that allows you to use a mobile app.

Usually, these type of device works very well if you pick a reliable model such as the Nanit Plus (click here to see more details on the Amazon store).

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Nanit Plus

When shopping for a baby monitor you will see Wi-Fi and Smart baby monitors, both can use a mobile app to let you have remote access to the camera but the smart model can cost more due to the extra monitoring features.  

Extra features

A baby monitor can have lullabies and other nice things for the baby entertainment and that's awesome, so choose a model which brings those features as long as they have the safeness and quality previously discussed in this article.


The best baby monitor for your child is the one that is safe and reliable.

Just buy a good one and don't go cheap since quality has its price.

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