How to change the DVR boot logo (H.264)

You can change the DVR boot logo by replacing the original image with a new one. 

The process usually works with non-branded H.264 DVRs that work with XMeye.

You can use the DVR boot logo change software to connect to the device and upload a .bmp or .jpeg file.

In this article, there's a link to download the software and a step-by-step process to replace the DVR logo, just keep reading...

Download the DVR boot logo changer software

As people don't know the official name of this software, usually they look for "DVR boot logo changer" or "DVR startup logo changer" but the software official name is Device Manager.

The software is Free and was tested on Windows 10.

I didn't have any problem during the installation.

Install the software

The software installation is very simple, just follow the steps:

Click "Next

DVR Device Manager Setup 02

Keep the directory and click "Next

DVR Device Manager Setup 03

Choose the option and click "Next

DVR Device Manager Setup 04

Make sure everything is OK and click "Next

DVR Device Manager Setup 05

Just click " Finish

DVR Device Manager Setup 06

How to change the DVR boot logo

Here are the steps to change the DVR boot logo:

  1. Open the Device Manager software
  2. Click the "Browser" button
  3. Choose the new logo
  4. Click the "Upgrade" button

See below the pictures with the details

DVR Boot Logo software browse

Click the button to look for your logo image.

Choose the bmp, jpeg or png file with your logo and click "Upgrade".

DVR Boot Logo software choose new logo
DVR Boot Logo software upgrade

For the new logo, use a BMP, jpeg, or png file.

The size image dimensions must be 800 x 600 pixels.

The DVR will automatically reboot after the logo changing and you will be able to see the new splash screen. Pretty cool, huh?


Just in case you have some trouble while trying to change the DVR logo check the following:

  • Are the DVR and PC in the same network?
  • Is the DVR using the correct IP on the network range?
  • The image format is correct (BMP, jpeg, or png)?
  • Is the image dimension correct (800x600)?

The software doesn't work with all DVRs models.

It's usually used on the cheap H.264 Network DVRs that work with XMeye .

Just test it out to see if it works for you.

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