Turn Your Old Phone Into A Home Security Camera For Free

If you open your gadgets drawer you might find your old smartphones which you think are of no use in 2021. If your old phone is just a couple of generations old it doesn’t mean that it cannot be put to good use.

Smart phone as a security camera

Even the most-outdated phone is still a palm-sized device that is packed with advanced sensory features. Instead of reselling it or throwing it away, why not repurpose your old device and turn it for free into a security camera?

Surprised to hear that?

There are hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android apps available which you can install on your old smartphone to turn into a security camera. You improve the functionality of it, you can add up some low-cost accessories for a better experience.

In this article we’ll walk you through some of the best options available, so let’s begin with Alfred.


If you’re looking for a unique advanced app that can quickly turn your old phone into a security asset, then Alfred should be your choice. It is an exceptionally well-designed one that is installed on two smartphones - your old phone which you’re using as a security camera and, one for controlling the viewing footage and camera settings.

Alfred software for security cameras

Apart from streaming footage, Alfred offers some other advanced features including, a siren feature, motion detection, two-way talking, and a low-light filter.

There is also a ‘trust circle’ feature that allows you to give access to your security cam to your trusted friends when required. If you want to monitor your whole house you can purchase the premium version of the app.

Well, there is a catch here, if you’re using an advanced feature phone as your security cam you’ll be able to take full advantage of top-notch features. A highly-outdated phone won’t work very efficiently.

AtHome Camera

AtHome is one of the most popular security apps that comes with plenty of useful features such as, night vision, two-way talking, and A.I. The AI feature is integrated to recognize moving objects.

At Home Camera

The 24-hours lapse mode facilitates you to view the camera recording of the last 24 hours, so if you feel something wrong you can quickly checkout for anything suspicious that has happened within 24 hours.

If your old phone’s sensors are in working order, it will automatically start to film if your phone’s sensor detects any vibrations.

Download the correct version of the app since there are two versions of the app available – for your old phone that you’re using as a security cam and the other version for your own phone that you’ll use for control.

Moreover, this app is for both android and iOS users.


Among hundreds of iOS security apps, Manything is a free security iOS app that can easily turn any apple device like iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad into a security cam. It is an app that connects to Wi-FI as well.

Manything App to turn phone into a security camera

You use your second iOS device to monitor and control the settings. This app not just turns your old iOS device into a security cam but also has an IFTTT channel that allows you to link your security cam to other connected devices.

For instance, if you have installed Philips Hue Lights in your home, you can automatically set them to turn on and off when the motion sensor detects any vibrations.

It’s a handy security tool that you can use to tighten your house security by keeping the burglars away.

Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor app is an incredibly versatile app that offers unlimited range via 3G, Wi-Fi or LTE and high-quality video. You can use it to monitor your baby or as a home security cam.

Cloud baby monitor app

It’s also compatible with Apple Watch, so no matter where you're, you'll always get nose or motion alerts on your wrist.

Moreover, it’s also compatible with your MacBook so if you’re at work, you can easily monitor your baby from your office.

How and where should you fix your new security camera?

Once you have installed the security camera app on your phone it's time to choose a particular spot to fix your security cam.

This is the most crucial step as you need to consider all those areas that are vulnerable. You can place cameras on the entrance and exit points or the place where you keep your valuables like cash, confidential documents, or jewelry.

You can also step up in your baby’s room so you can monitor your baby 24/7 without being around him/her.

If there are multiple phones laying around your house, you can set each of them to different spots.

Another most important factor which you need to consider is power. Since your phone will be monitoring 24/7 so the battery will keep dying. For this purpose you need to locate your phone somewhere near the power source.

However, placing your smartphone outside your house isn’t a good idea. It might get stolen so how to monitor the activities outside your house.

If you’re sitting on your couch and someone rings the bell, how can you check who is outside?

Well we have a solution for that.

Ring Peephole Cam is a smart video doorbell that can easily connect with your smartphone to check who is outside your house. You can connect your doorbell to your virtual assistant Alexa as well.

All in all, this smart video bell will be a good addition.

Final Thoughts

If you want to toss your old phone in the trash can or don’t want your phone to get rusty in your drawer, you can always repurpose it.

Simply download a security app in your old and quickly convert into a security cam or a portable baby monitor.

Always remember safety comes first.