Fix Nest Thermostat Disconnecting from WiFi

Can’t control your thermostat? Worry not. Let’s learn how to fix Nest Thermostat disconnecting from WiFi.

Suppose your Nest thermostat is disconnecting from your WiFi network. In that case, it can be frustrating as it may prevent you from being able to control your thermostat remotely or receive essential updates. 

You can try several steps to troubleshoot the issue and get your Nest thermostat reconnected to your WiFi network. Various reasons could be behind this issue.

Steps To Fix Nest Thermostat Disconnecting From WiFi

Below is a list of troubleshooting tips and tricks you can use to fix the Nest Thermostat disconnecting from WiFi. We recommend you follow the list in order, as the first tips are the easiest to do and can solve your issue.

Updates, Updates, Updates

A simple fix is updating your device to its latest version. It is crucial to update your Nest thermostat regularly for several reasons–

First and foremost, updates often include important security patches that can protect your device from being hacked or compromised. You should also keep the Google Home app and your phone running on their latest update to keep any bugs out.

In addition, updates may include new features or improvements to existing features, which can make your Nest thermostat more convenient and efficient to use. 

For example, an update may add support for a new voice assistant or improve the performance of the thermostat’s energy-saving algorithms. 

Finally, updating your Nest thermostat can also help ensure that it is compatible with any new software or hardware you may add to your home network. By staying up-to-date, you can help to ensure that your Nest thermostat is always working at its best and providing the best possible user experience.

WiFi Connection

The second troubleshooting trick to fix Nest Thermostat disconnecting from WiFi is to make sure the connection is stable. Start by making sure your home’s WiFi is functioning.

Check if you are able to search for anything on your mobile devices using web browsers such as Google or Safari. If it does not work, then it’s likely that your local network is down.

Check your router’s cables and make sure nothing is unplugged. If it is working, you can move on to the next tip.

WiFi Distance

If your WiFi connection is working fine, it could be the distance between your router and your thermostat. The connection won’t reach your device if there is too much distance.

To fix this, you can move your router closer to your thermostat to reduce distance. If you cannot move your router, you can benefit by purchasing WiFi extenders that help spread your network’s signal.

Batteries Running Low

At times your Nest Thermostat may need its batteries replaced. Having batteries with low charge can keep the unit from connecting properly.

To fix it, remove your thermostat from the wall, exchange the old batteries for two new AA batteries, and return the thermostat to its place. You may want to invest in rechargeable AA batteries!

Restart Your Nest Thermostat

At this point, if you are still trying to fix Nest Thermostat disconnecting from WiFi, we recommend restarting it. Start by opening the “Options” icon, then open “Settings” and select the restart option. Choose yes to get it to restart.

You will see a “reset” selection as well. We will talk more about resetting your Nest Thermostat further down the article. Refrain from resetting your thermostat before restarting it.

Restarting your thermostat is usually sufficient to fix Nest Thermostat disconnecting from WiFi. After restarting, you might have to connect your Nest to the WiFi again if it does not do it automatically.

Restarting Your Router

Another way to fix Nest Thermostat disconnecting from WiFi is to restart your router. By doing so, your Nest Thermostat will have to re-establish a connection that can quickly resolve your issue.

Routers are all different, but to restart it, you generally need to unplug it from the outlet. Wait around a minute before plugging it back into the outlet.

The router will take a couple of minutes to reboot itself. Once it’s up and running, reconnect the WiFi to the Nest Thermostat. Check your WiFi connection by testing it out on your phone.

You can do so by opening web browsers and attempting to search for anything up. If your network is not working, then it could be an outside issue. 

You should contact your network provider at this point, as the issue could be on their end. There could also be a shortage which should only last a short time.

Reset Nest Thermostat

Open the settings menu and locate the cog icon. Then select “Reset” and wait as the thermostat resets itself.

Once the Nest thermostat has restarted, you will need to set it up again as if it were a new device. This includes selecting your preferred language, connecting to your WiFi network, and setting your preferred temperature and schedule. 

You can do this using the Nest app on your phone or by following the prompts on the thermostat itself. It’s important to note that resetting your Nest thermostat will erase all of your previous settings and schedules, so you will need to set them up again after the reset. 

However, resetting the device can sometimes fix issues that you may be experiencing with your thermostats, such as slow performance or connectivity problems.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if your Nest thermostat is disconnecting from your WiFi network, there are several steps you can try to troubleshoot the issue and get it reconnected. 

However, if the tips above do not fix your issue, consider reaching out to the manufacturer. Contact the Nest customer support team to receive technical assistance regarding your problem.