How to connect Swann DVR to Internet

How to connect Swann DVR to Internet

Want to learn how to connect Swann DVR to Internet?Let’s talk about this topic and understand how you can get it done.You can connect your Swann DVR to the Internet and have remote access to it using a web browser, software, or smartphone. It’s just a question of having the correct configuration.The Swann network diagramIt’s […]

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IP camera connected to a TV

How to connect Swann camera to TV

There are different ways to connect a Swann camera to a TV.The easiest way to connect the cameras to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and then connect this device to a TV using the correct cable.You can also use an app on your smart TV to display the video (more on that later).Let’s take a […]

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SwannView Link Parameters

How to view Swann cameras on PC

Let’s learn how to view Swann cameras on the PC using the SwannView Link software.The process is straightforward; you just need to download the software for Windows or MAC and follow the instructions in the article. Keep reading.The network diagramBefore installing the software, it’s essential to understand the physical connection between the devices in your […]

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Swann Wi-Fi Camera SWWHD-PTCAM reset button

How to reset Swann Wi-Fi camera SWWHD-PTCAM

In this article, I show how to reset the Swann Wi-Fi camera model SWWHD-PTCAM. This procedure is necessary to recover from a lost password.The Swann cameras are top-rated, inexpensive, and easy to set up, which is why thousands of users have one of its models at home. Still, sometimes it’s necessary to reset the camera […]

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Swan DVR

Swann DVR keeps rebooting

If your Swann DVR keeps rebooting without reason, I have the solution for you.Usually a DVR or NVR reboot itself because of HDD or power supply problems.Let’s see how to fix this problem…Why the DVR rebootsIf the hard drive is not homologated it can cause the DVR to act strange and reboot itself, the same is […]

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Connect Swann camera to Google Home

How to connect Swann cameras to Google Home

You can connect your Swann cameras to your Google Assistant in less than 5 minutes. Once this is done, you can use voice command to display the video stream on your TV or other Google device that has a displayLet’s see how it works…The requirementsTo use the Google Assistant with Swann you need to meet these requirements.Have a Swann […]

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Alexa works with Swann

How to connect Swann to Alexa

The question “Does Alexa work with Swann?” is very popular among Swann device users so I decided to write an article about this topic.The quick answer to this question is, yes, Alexa works with Swann devices and you can use voice commands to display the video stream from the cameras to devices such as Echo […]

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Swann DVR email not working

Swann DVR not sending email alerts (solved)

In this article, I discuss the issues related to the Swann DVR not sending email alerts. most of the time this is related to simple configuration, let’s talk about it…Different problems can prevent your Swann DVR from sending emails, the most common one is related to the Gmail account but it’s also possible that the network or […]

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Swann DVR connected to a monitor

Swann DVR Setup (the best guide)

In this article, I talk about the Swann DVR setup.If you have a Swann DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and want to understand how properly connect the cables and set up the cameras, you’ve come to the right place.I’m assuming you have a Swann DVR Kit  such as the SWDVK-845804WL-US or similar models that come with everything […]

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Audio for Swann DVR

Swann DVR audio set up (Quick and Easy)

In this article, I talk about Swann DVR audio set up so you can learn how to connect a microphone to your device to record audio and video at the same time.You can also use a speaker to playback some alert or warning message.Swann has different models of DVRs such as the DVRx-1500 and the Pro-Series HD but all […]

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