How to connect Swann camera to TV

There are different ways to connect a Swann camera to a TV.

The easiest way to connect the cameras to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and then connect this device to a TV using the correct cable.

IP camera connected to a TV

You can also use an app on your smart TV to display the video (more on that later).

Let's take a look at the most popular ways (using cables).

Connect the Swann camera to a TV via cables

You can use BNC, VGA ou HDMI cables to connect the camera to a TV.

Connection via BNC cable

As long as you have your Swann cameras connected to a DVR, it's easy to display the video on the TV. Just use a BNC to RCA cable, as shown below. 

Swan camera connected to DVR via BNC cable

Swann DVR connected to a TV via BNC to RCA cable. Source

The cable comes with the Swann kit; just use it to connect to the RCA AV input.

After connecting the cable to the TV, select the AV input to see the live video.

Connection via VGA or HDMI cable

Depending on the DVR model, you should see a VGA or HDMI output.

You can use a cable to connect your Swann DVR to the TV, as shown below.

Swann camera connected to DVR via VGA cable

Swann DVR connected to a TV via VGA cable. Source

Select the VGA input on your TV and you should see the video.

Connection via Smart TV

You can add your Swann IP camera to a smart TV with Roku or Fire Stick.

Use an App such as Tiny Cam or IP camera viewer to display the video on the TV.

The picture below shows an example of an IP camera on a Roku TV.

Camera connected to a Roku TV

You can also use a fire stick on a TV with a HDMI input.


You can connect your Swann analog cameras to a TV using a DVR and cables or connect an IP camera  via an App installed on the TV. 

It's easier to use a DVR and cables direct to the TV, but if you have an IP camera and want to use the App, please read the related articles.

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