Swann DVR Setup (the best guide)

In this article, I talk about the Swann DVR setup.

Swann DVR with 4 cameras

If you have a Swann DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and want to understand how properly connect the cables and set up the cameras, you've come to the right place.

I'm assuming you have a Swann DVR Kit  such as the SWDVK-845804WL-US or similar models that come with everything you need for the installation.

The Swann DVR Kit

When you purchase your Swann DVR Kit on Amazon or any other store, you get a box with everything inside as shown in the picture below.

Swann installation kit

source: swann.com

As you can see, the kit brings the cameras, recorder, cables, power supply, anchors, screws and even some stickers to place around your premises.

Perhaps you just got a surveillance kit with more cameras, anyway, the setup process is similar to most of the models that are sold by this manufacturer.

The installation diagram

To better understand how the surveillance camera work I created a diagram that clearly shows the devices connected in a local network.

Swann installation diagram

As you can see, there are 4 cameras connected to the DVR via the coaxial cables that come within the surveillance kit. The power is sent to the camera by using the cable power supply that connects to the electric cable.

This is an example of the final installation where you can watch the live video stream on a computer/laptop or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

The camera installation

To install the cameras, look for the best location and just use anchors and screws that come in the kit. The picture below shows an example of an installed camera.

Swann camera installed

source: swann.com

Connect the coaxial and electric cable to the camera and the other side to the DVR. Since the connectors are unique, there's no way to get it wrong.

Use the HDMI (or VGA) cable to connect the DVR to a monitor.

Swann DVR connected to monitor

source: swann.com

Use the USB port to connect the mouse that is used for the configuration.

DVR set up

Connect the DVR to the power supply, power it on, and follow the setup wizard. The process is very easy and can be finished in less than 5 minutes.

Here are the steps for the DVR's setup.

  1. Chose the DVR's language
  2. Select the video format (NTSC/PAL)
  3. Select the resolution you want to use
  4. Look for your local timezone
  5. Select the date and time format
Setup menu
Setup menu PAL NTSC
Setup menu resolution
Setup menu Timezone

And it's done. Now you have your DVR is up and running.

Recording configuration

The DVR starts recording the video after the initial setup is finished but if you want to have more control over the quality you can open the "recording" menu and changing the "encode" configuration.

DVR resolution configuration

The principles remain the same, just change the parameters, and you are done.

Swann DVR recording

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The Swann DVR setup is very easy and intuitive.

Anybody can set up the recorder in a matter of minutes by using the wizard.

Just in case you need extra help, visit the Swann website.

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