How to connect Swann DVR to Internet

Want to learn how to connect Swann DVR to Internet?

Let's talk about this topic and understand how you can get it done.

You can connect your Swann DVR to the Internet and have remote access to it using a web browser, software, or smartphone. It's just a question of having the correct configuration.

The Swann network diagram

It's important to understand how to connect your Swann DVR to your network.

Here's a diagram that shows an example of the DVR physical connections.

Swann DVR network diagram

As you can see in the diagram, there's a DVR and a laptop connected to a router that gives access to the Internet. You just need to connect the UTP (network) and power cables and do a step-by-step setup.

Just login into the DVR and open the main menu for the configuration.

Swann DVR Network configuration

The first step to connect your Swann DVR to the Internet is to give it an IP address.

The DVR can automatically get an IP address from the router, or you can manually configure it. The first option is the default one.

The picture below shows Swann's DVR network menu.

Swann DVR Network Menu

As you can see, the DHCP is enabled in this DVR.

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which means your router can give an IP address to the DVR as long as this option is enabled.

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And that's it. Now you have your Swann DVR ready to connect to the Internet. 

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