Swann DVR not sending email alerts (solved)

In this article, I discuss the issues related to the Swann DVR not sending email alerts. most of the time this is related to simple configuration, let's talk about it...

Swann DVR

Different problems can prevent your Swann DVR from sending emails, the most common one is related to the Gmail account but it's also possible that the network or email settings are not correct in your device.

Let's discuss the different solutions for this problem, starting with the Gmail one...

The Gmail account problem

To solve this problem you need to make sure the email setting for Gmail is correct and the server security allows the use of "less security apps

When your Swann DVR tries to authenticate itself on the Gmail server there's a security routine that recognizes the device as a non-trusted connection so the use of the email services is immediately denied by the server.

The solution is very easy, you just need to log in to the Gmail account and change the security configuration. I have an article that explains everything in detail, please read "IP camera settings for Gmail." 

Network configuration

If you already have your Swann DVR up and running but can't have remote access to it via a computer or mobile, probably the network configuration is not correct or something is missing and you need to fix it.

Open the DVR network menu and make sure the information related to the IP address, Subnet mask, gateway, and DDNs are all filled in and correct.

If the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) option is enabled, the Internet router gives the DVR all the information it needs to connect to the network.

The picture below shows an example of such a network configuration.

Swann Network configuration

As you can see, all the information is filled in and the DHCP is enabled.

Make sure that's your case, and please also check if the network cable is properly connected to the DVR and the router.

Enable the alerts

If the network settings and email settings are OK but the DVR still can't send emails alerts, chances are this option is not enabled in the alarm menu.

Open the "Alarm" menu and mark the "Enable" checkbox.

Also, make sure the "motion detection is enabled".

See the picture below for more details...

Swann DVR enable alerts

And that's should solve the problem.

Enable the alerts

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The Swann DVR not sending email alerts issue is usually related to the miss-configuration or security settings and that's very easy to fix.

Just follow the instructions from this article and if the problem is not solved, please visit the Swann website and ask for help.

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