Download Dahua HTTPS certificate

Install HTTPS Certificate on Dahua cameras

Do you know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? That “S” can make a big difference. So let’s take a look and learn how to install an HTTPS certificate on Dahua. Specific installations need to use an HTTPS protocol to encrypt the data as it goes between the web browser and the recorder/camera. Install an […]

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Choose the correct format fo -Dahua cameras

Dahua Invalid Camera Format Message – Solved

The Dahua “Invalid Camera Format” error can pop up on your screen when you connect a camera to a Dahua recorder. Let’s troubleshoot it. You might also receive an “Invalid Camera Video Standard” error message. They are the same thing and can be solved through the same steps. This particular error happens when using a […]

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Dahua camera with White Light

Turn Off the White Light in Dahua Cameras – Quick solution

Users tend to want to turn off the white light in Dahua cameras. Let’s learn how below. Most of the time, users want to disable the light because the area where the camera is placed is already being lit up. Therefore, there is no need for the camera’s light. On the opposite end of the […]

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Dahua Reset Password questions

Change the Password Security Questions on a Dahua Recorder

Security questions are a common security barrier on websites or bank accounts. This article will discuss how to modify your password security question on a Dahua recorder. If you forget your password one day, security questions are used to allow you to change your password. These questions can range widely, from your mother’s maiden name […]

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Dahua SmartPSS

Dahua Smart PSS Start Guide (Step-by-step)

New to Smart PSS? Don’t worry; this guide will give you an insider look at what it is, what it can do, and how you can use it.  What is Smart PSS? It is a management software that allows users to monitor, backup, and playback their camera’s footage using a computer. It is a Dahua […]

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Manual Add

Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 (error code 20) – Solved

Errors in cameras occur quite often. Luckily they are recipes for the solution. Let’s examine the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error. This particular issue is caused by compatibility issues and shows up when more recent IP cameras try connecting to more outdated NVRs. The error can still appear whether you use PoE or a standard NVR. At […]

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Dahua Live

Hide cameras on a Dahua NVR when it is logged out

Want to hide Dahua cameras on NVR? If you utilize a Dahua recorder, you can deter others from viewing the camera when no user is logged in. Let’s learn how! All this requires you to have is your Dahua recorder, and it makes no difference whether it is the brand name or a third-party OEM. […]

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Dahua Enable Audio

Enable Audio Recording on Dahua cameras DVRs and NVRs

A handful of Dahua IP cameras can record audio. This article teaches how to enable audio recording on Dahua cameras or recorders (DVR/NVR). These Dahua cameras can record through their built-in microphone that picks up audio from their surroundings. This is great for users who do not want to run an external microphone separately. Nevertheless, […]

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WiFi Password

Use a WiFi adapter to turn your NVR into a WiFi device

Can a WiFi adaptor be used to turn NVR into a WiFi device? Let’s find out. Yes, it is possible. You can tune regular everyday NVRs into a WiFi NVR by using an affordable USB WiFi Adapter and connecting it to the back of the recorder. This can be an impressively simple solution that only […]

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Add devices in-Dahua Recorder

Dahua IP Camera Initialization

Need to manually start your camera before using it? This guide will cover Dahua IP camera initialization. The instructions you will find below apply to the Dahua logo and OEM version of the devices. Check out the Dahua OEM list article on our website to find out if your camera applies. Dahua IP camera initialization– […]

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