Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 (error code 20) – Solved

Errors in cameras occur quite often. Luckily they are recipes for the solution. Let’s examine the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error.

This particular issue is caused by compatibility issues and shows up when more recent IP cameras try connecting to more outdated NVRs. The error can still appear whether you use PoE or a standard NVR.

At times, you might see the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error directly on your NVR’ s monitor. Even when your camera is working fine, an error can appear.

Thus, to fix it, this guide will show you a few troubleshooting tips and tricks you can try out yourself. These solutions include upgrading the firmware of your recorder, if possible, and resetting the camera to its default state.

Resetting the camera and then activating it through your NVR is a possibility we will discuss below; however, it may not work entirely for specific NVR models.

Dahua Conf.loginerrorNo-20 Error Solutions

Let’s look at some ways that you can solve this standard error!

Out with the old, in with the new

An excellent upgrade to your NVR can do wonders. As mentioned previously, connectivity is the main culprit for creating these issues. Thus, if your camera is new and your recorder is outdated, they might not be at the same level.

Due to miscommunication between the devices due to their software, the two might be unable to connect or communicate appropriately.

When you see the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error, the first step to take is updating your NVR’s firmware to keep it up to date. These updates can be received through the official Dahua website, or you might have to search for it from the seller you bought from.

You can either update directly from the website or connect a USB with the firmware on the NVR. By updating, you help make your NVR safer and remove bugs that might be causing these errors.

After the update, the NVR will reboot itself and return to its online status. The cameras should be available to monitor and no Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error should appear.

Unfortunately, if on the off chance that there is no new firmware update, you have two options. You can either upgrade your NVR to a newer model, which is recommended. Or you might have to use older cameras and downgrade the ones you have, which will probably cost you way more than a new NVR.

Resetting and activating

Another trigger of the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error can be passwords. In this case, the NVR is not able to access the camera using the password. If for any reason you need to reset Dahua NVR password, check out the article to learn how!

To solve the issue, you will need to reset the camera to its factory reset and activate it through the NVR. Therefore, both the recorder and camera will have identical passwords.

To perform a reset, you can manually use the reset button on the camera or reset it using the web browser interface and log in using the camera’s IP address.

There you will find a factory default resetting option in the settings that will revert the camera as if it was brand new. Post reset, you will need to activate the camera using your NVR.

Begin by plugging the camera into the back of your recorder and opening “Device Search.” This page will display the cameras that the recorder has discovered. Choose the camera with the white logo and click on “Initialize.”

A prompt will appear, asking if you want to use the same email and password of the NVR on the camera. Choose to set them both to the same email/password to have them both under the same credentials.

Dahua Initialize device

Now, reboot your recorder, and once it is online, the camera footage should show on your monitor. You might also have to activate and set up your camera because it was factory reset!

Manual Camera Input

There is the option to add your camera to the NVR manually. This should be done if the NVR cannot automatically add the camera itself or it creates errors for whatever reason. 

Open and locate the “Device/Remote” option and click on “Manual Add.” There you will add all the camera’s information, including username and password and the camera’s IP address.

Any other information should be left in its default setting. Once you are done inputting, click on “Add” to finalize and check if the camera’s status is online.

Using ONVIF to add cameras

If the above two options give you trouble, you might just find luck by adding the camera as if it were an ONVIF device. The Dahua NVRs and cameras should work seamlessly together through private protocol because they are the same brand.

Nevertheless, due to the circumstance of the old recorder and new cameras, the compatibility problem can be avoided altogether by adding the devices as if they were ONVIF.

To perform this function, open the “Device/Remote” and select “Add Manually.” Follow the steps provided by the prompt as pictured below. 

Manual Add

In the prompt, include the following:

  • Manufacturer- ONVIF
  • RTSP port- 554
  • HTTP port- 80

You will also be asked to provide a username and password. Lastly, select “OK” and wait as the camera turns on. You might have to reboot the NVR in order for the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error to disappear.

Compatibility Mode

There is a compatibility mode that must be enabled and can be done through the camera’s interface in a web browser. You can access this mode through the camera or the NVR.

Select “Registration” and then choose the “IE” icon that displays beside the camera that is experiencing the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error. Then a new page will emerge, and you will have to log in using the camera’s credentials.

Open “Settings,” then “System,” and from there, open “Safety.” Lastly, you should see the option “System Service.” Once you are there, enable the Compatibility mode by changing the default “Private Protocol Authentication Mode.”

The resolution is too high

Lastly, your camera’s resolution might just be too high for your NVR to process correctly. Hence, triggering the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error to occur.

If your NVR only supports 2MP and is bombarded with 4MP by your camera, then you might have to either invest in an NVR that can handle your incoming MPs or downgrade the camera’s resolution.

To match your camera’s resolution to the one supported by your NVR, open the Quick Menu on the Live View display page by clicking right on your mouse.

Then select the “Main Menu” and find the gear icon, click on it. You should open the “Recording” section and the “Recording” tab on the top panel.

Then continue lowering the resolution until an image appears. You can also reduce the camera’s frame rate or attempt some compression modes. The goal is to get the image back on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Though the Dahua conf.loginerrorNo-20 error can seem complicated; you can troubleshoot it from your home. But if your NVR cannot keep up with your Dahua camera‘s top resolution, it might be time to invest in a better alternative.