Dahua Smart PSS Start Guide (Step-by-step)

New to Smart PSS? Don’t worry; this guide will give you an insider look at what it is, what it can do, and how you can use it. 

What is Smart PSS?

It is a management software that allows users to monitor, backup, and playback their camera’s footage using a computer. It is a Dahua brand software that is available for all their Dahua logo and OEM version devices.

Dahua SmartPSS

If you would like to know if your camera qualifies, check out the Dahua OEM list article to find out!

The Smart PSS runs on a computer and works for both Windows and Mac, making it highly versatile. You can opt to check your security camera through the recorder, but by using Smart PSS, you will get extra convenient features.

Smart PSS Starting Guide

Below you will learn a bit about the basic features and functions of the Smart PSS software. I’ll be covering how to install it, add a new device to the program, export recordings and play footage. Overall, you will have a quick starting guide on how to utilize Smart PSS.

Installation Process

After you download the software, double-click on the file to launch the installer and follow the on-screen prompts to set it up, you will be asked to provide a password and answer some security questions.

These login procedures will allow you to reset your password if you ever forget it. They also keep unauthorized users from gaining access to your camera and serve as a password for both your Dahua cameras and recorder.

Once the installation process has finished, the Smart PSS software will launch and require the admin’s password that you created in the previous step.

For easy access, you can also place the software as a shortcut on your desktop for quick access.

Dahua Smart PSS Password

Adding Dahua Recorder to Smart PSS

You can add various devices to your software, including recorders like DVRs or NVRs and standalone cameras like IP ones.

By adding them to your software, you will be able to monitor your entire system from one computer. These systems and devices can be added using the local IP address. 

Nevertheless, you can opt to add them remotely by utilizing the external IP address of your security system or even your DDNS hostname if you have one.

To add a device to your Smart PSS, open up “Devices” under the “Main Menu.”

Dahua SmartPSS devices

Now, you have two separate ways in which you can add your Dahua recorder into the software, including the IP Address or the device’s serial number (SN). 

If you are unsure of your IP address, it is better to use the SN. Furthermore, you can find and add your local IP address by utilizing the auto-search option.

Dahua Device Log In

You will need to use the same login details as you use for your Dahua camera and recorder’s interface in the software. 

If you are unaware of the login credentials, you will have to speak to a customer service representative from your seller. Once you add in the device by inputting the credentials, then clicking “Add” to save the device in the software.

Let’s learn a little about each of the text boxes found under the “Manual Add” section and what they mean.

“Device Name”

Under this section, choose a reference name for your recorder. Something such as “Your Name Recorder” or “My Home.”

“Method To Add”

Choose whether you will add it through the “Serial Number” or the “IP Address.”

“SN or IP/Domain”

Enter either the Serial Number or the IP Address for your Dahua device. Usually, you can find the SN on the sticker placed on your recorder or in the settings.

“Group Name”

Use this to group multiple sites into one for a more manageable playback.

“User Name”

Add the username for your account, the one you use to log in. This will be the username used to access the recorder.


The password for your recorder’s account. Once you add a recorder, it should show the status as “online.” You might have to troubleshoot if the status is not set to online.

Offline– Locked

If your device shows it as “Offline Locked,” then it means that your device had too many failed attempts at logins. This can also mean that your password is incorrect or its connection to the recorder is not working.

So double-check that you are using the correct password.

Offline– Invalid Username/Password

This means that the SN or the IP Address is not connecting; thus, you have to verify that the recorder’s status is online. Also, look at the cables to ensure they are all connected.

Dahua Smart PSS online camera

Live View through Smart PSS

After adding your devices, select the “+” icon located at the top left. Then you can select Live View on the “Operation” section.

Dahua SmartPSS - Live View Button

If you click on the arrow, you will expand the recorder and see the list of available cameras. Then you can click and drag each channel to load into the live viewing. You can also double-click.

Notice that the Smart PSS can add also Amcrest cameras (since they have the same hardware).

Dahua SmartPSS Live View

To open into fullscreen, click twice on the channel to view the camera fully. Double-click again to revert back to the slipt channel display.

Playback Footage 

By using the Smart PSS software, you can playback any video stored in the recorder. Start by going into the “Main Menu” then “Playback,” which is located under the “Search” tab.

Dahua Smart PSS Playback

On the left, choose the cameras you want to playback and the date/time you’re searching for.

Dahua Smart PSS Search

Backing Up Videos

After you select the timeframe, select “Search.” After it is complete, click on “Play” to start the playback process.

If you choose multiple cameras at the same time, turn on the “SYNC” feature to play them simultaneously.

You are able to click on the scissors icon as footage plays back to pre-select one-hour footage from the timeline.

You can change the start and end times by dragging the red box. After selecting the wanted time, click on the scissor icon to clip the footage.

Then you will see a prompt appear on the screen and will be asked where you want to save the exported file.

Dahua Smart PSS - Search

Final Thoughts

The Smart PSS software is a new way to playback and monitor footage between all your cameras.

Adding the cameras into the software can be simple, and the process is straightforward. This camera managing software can be useful for checking on your home and its surroundings.

Remember that whether you are a team Mac (iOS) or Windows, you can join in the fun and privilege of having the Smart PSS software.