Hide cameras on a Dahua NVR when it is logged out

Want to hide Dahua cameras on NVR? If you utilize a Dahua recorder, you can deter others from viewing the camera when no user is logged in. Let’s learn how!

All this requires you to have is your Dahua recorder, and it makes no difference whether it is the brand name or a third-party OEM. Most of the time, anyone can view the monitor when they are logged out of the NVR.

This shouldn’t be a huge issue, as playback cannot be controlled. Yet, it can give you peace of mind to configure the settings and hide Dahua cameras on NVR when you are logged in. If you need the Dahua DVR online viewer software, check out the article!

Below you will find step-by-step instructions that can apply to any Dahua recorders. Yes, even the ones sold by third-party companies or OEMs. The examples we used will show the interface of a Dahua recorder, both a newer and older version.

Hide Dahua cameras on NVR when you log out

In short, to hide Dahua cameras on NVR, you will have to find an option hidden under the “Monitor Channel” option located in “General Settings” on your NVR.

Older recorder interface

To locate the settings, enter the “Main Menu,” if you are prompted to enter a password, do so. Then open “Settings,” then “System.” Lastly, open the “General” option.

You should then see a “Monitor Channel(s)” button next to the “Auto Logout” section under settings.

On the following page, enable the tickboxes for the channels that you want to leave open and viewable when you are not logged in. If you wish to hide Dahua cameras on NVR, then untick all the options.

Now when you log out using the Main Menu, only the selected channels from the step above will show up. The rest of the cameras will be hidden and require the user to log in with a password to access the cameras.

Newer recorder interface

You will generally follow the same steps as above. Begin by logging into your account using your credentials. Enter the “Main Menu,” then “System.” After that, open the “General” tab and “General” once again.

Once you select “Monitor Channel(s),” just as with the old interface, you will be presented with a list of your current channels, pick and choose, using the tick boxes, which one will be available for viewing when no user is logged in.

After choosing, click “Apply” to save your changes. Now when you are not logged on, your Dahua cameras will be hidden on NVR.

Configuring users to certain channels

At times there is no need to hide Dahua cameras on NVR. Instead, you can choose to assign different channels to specific users. 

This works wonders for businesses that have a power hierarchy. As the boss, you can have access to all cameras, but maybe you want your manager only to access the view of the store and not your office.

Can that be done? Absolutely! With a quick visit to your recorder’s settings, you won’t have to hide Dahua cameras on NVR; just assign them.

Limiting playback on Dahua cameras

This option allows administrating users (you) to select which users can review and playback footage when logged on with their personal credentials.

To achieve this, log on with your credentials and open the “Main Menu.” Then click on “Account,” here, you will find a modifying pencil icon next to all the users. Choose the user you want to modify.

Select the “Search” tab and enable all the cameras the user can have access to. By giving them access, they can play back footage from that camera.

Dahua NVR Search

You can also limit the cameras to Live View mode, meaning that the user cannot see previous footage and can only watch the camera live. To do this, click on the “Live” tab and select the cameras the user can only view live.

If you want to limit how much the users can mess around with the Menu, you can also do that under the “System” tab. Enable or disable, using the tick boxes, what your users can or cannot access.

For instance, you can keep them from accessing the settings or changing any previously chosen options. 

Whether you try them on the old or newer interface, these steps will work. You can limit other users’ playback settings, among other things like Live and System settings.

Final Thoughts

It is not all the time that you need to hide Dahua cameras on NVR. Instead, you can always adjust the settings, especially in a business environment.

This function can be highly versatile and used in businesses and homes. Nevertheless, it is better to only have the admin be the only one to access settings to reduce the chances of misclicks or tampering.